Nefer say Nefer…..

Nefer Kane is born one day. She was very young. She grew up because she was forced to. She began to sculpt because it was easier for her than being a diver for the police. Therefore, she became an artist as a dollmaker because she reminded how funny it was to behead Barbie with a spoon when she was a kid. The scientists consider she is not dangerous ( all the time)
She thinks that life would be funnier if she’d glow in the dark and if she would scatter butterflies all around her when she sneezes instead sputters…
She sometimes eats chinese food with chocolate, it gives her clairvoyant visions; this explains why her dolls look weird. She planned to commercialize a special Chinese chocolate. Nefer Kane has a deviant passion for begonias.  Nefer Kane is a Mitsouko, of course it’s a french incredible secret…. So tremble my good people, tremble!!

She had an english bulldog a few centuries ago, named ” Yerk.” Now she plans to have a hairless cat named
“Kojak” or ” Cold Wax”…

Everybody wants to marry Nefer Kane because she is the most glamorous woman of her generation, especially when she wears a toga with a strainer on her head singing Madama Butterfly using a wooden spool to figure the sword.
She also invented a haircut which is now the stars one; named ” Woody woodpecker & the Bomb”


  1. Oh how I love my Little Button! I am so glad to have you back. You are most beautiful! My heart holds your heart! Welcome back my Little Button… I would say I missed you..except I held you everyday in my heart!

  2. Sweet Nefer you are an inspiration and a guiding light, shine on sweetheart, shine on!! Love you!

  3. I love your new site, MFF. I understand your monster and she is fabulous. But you know, my heart already lies with Elf………xoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. My heart is so touched by your new blog. We never want to be followers but be our own person. Special is what you are!! Thank you for sharing your heart. :)D

  5. What a work of art my sister, I absolutely love love love all I saw. You are truly an artist, crying to tell your true, working non stop to find the balance of your soul, you are becoming who you were meant to be. Don’t stop, it only goes better, with some clouds, but when the sun shines, shines stronger!!!!!!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have no more words.

  6. Hi my sweet Nefer long time no see. Sorry I haven’t been on lately. My husband left me a year ago after 15 years of marriage and 2 beautiful children. I was checking out your new preorder and I fell in love with Moon. Is there anyway possible that you have a extra moon in stock. She is absolutely gorgeous and I love looking up at the moon every night and wishing upon a star and she would be perfect in my room with a starry background behind her. I totally understand if u r completely out but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. I hope you and your sons r doing great and I do miss chatting with u. Love, Kelli Lusk

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