Flash back on Aleah because someone dared me…

FIRST OF ALL : YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! Suzy’s preorder is now closed, BUT, I have ordered some extras dolls. So you can contact me if you want to adopt one ^^
Also, I officially announce that the dolls will be at my place in september! and that my next preorder will be Ettie’s one! YAY!

Everyone knowing me a bit, knows that I have a vice. I bet. I cannot hear someone daring me without reacting. I cannot control it, it’s a vice, it’s in my blood.

Anyway, three days ago, I received an email which went a bit like that : ” You never make wigs for your dolls, is it because you have no idea how to make them or you are not gifted at all

making them?”
Well… This is not something to say to me. Basically ” are you capable or not?”
Honestly three days ago I was not capable cause I never tried really before. BUT, as my vice took control; well I did.
Therefore I invented a (simple) method to make a perfectly soft and well fitting headcap for my Aleah and there I go!
I made two “wigs.” Which are not really complete wigs but more sort of headpieces for I have been carried away again by my passion for Middle Ages and Antiquity.
I know that they are not pieces of art, I know that they are very peculiar, but well, they are my answer : YES, I CAN MAKE WIGS. ^^

I anyway ask for your indulgence, because if I have this vice, that doesn’t make me totally shameless… LOL
So! here they are! The blond piece is the one I pictured in mind when I sculpted Aleah’s prototype; and the second one, blue one, refers to Bacchus and the summer… Well, because we’re in an incredible heatwave! LOL

I hope you enjoy them a little… ^^
( PS : if you ever wonder why : yup… my Aleah is not painted yet cause I never found time for; and the other one is poorly cause she’s my test doll; I test all my paints and colored stuff on her.. Poor thing.)


  1. My goodness! It must have taken you forever to make that braid! They are both lovely – well done!

  2. The blond one is my favorite! It looks so pretty and as usual, you have proven yourself to have even more hidden talents. Always to push yourself beyond your own comfort zones! Great job!

  3. A superb job Nefer my love, you never stop amazing me, you are so wonderfuly clever with your , well, EVERYTHING!!!! The blond one I would like to wear myself.
    I can’t believe someone would send you such an e-mail!! But, that they did, they got an answer hey lol

  4. Awesome job my neffie baby… ❤ ❤ ❤ haha let them eat their words 😉 I especially love the blonde piece they are both lovely on Aleah xoxoxoxo Dare away people's I don't think there is much our NK cannot do so dare away!!! I know my neffie baby loves a challenge and I soooo love that about you!!! Xxxoooxxoxo

  5. Oh wow…….stunning!! Especially I love the blonde, but the blue is beautiful too! Bravo!

  6. So beautiful!! I love them 🙂 would you ever consider selling any Headpieces? They’re just so lovely 🙂 and unique

  7. WOW!! Sooo gorgeous!
    I would have emailed that rude person back with an image of my middle finger.

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