King Oberon, You don’t need to be tall to be a giant. Model Angus Young.

Pretty much everyone of you knows that I have a very complicated relationship with myself. Beside the fact that I never have been fond of me, you know that I suffer from PTSD making my social skills quite nonexistent. My bad temper doesn’t help at all either.Only a couple of closest friends know the reason […] Continue reading

So long Oobie Doll.

I post this using my informative right and right of reply as something has been posted on the front page of Oobie Doll, all this on the advice of my lawyer.   It is now time to announce that CKDolls will not work any longer with Angie from Oobie Doll. Reasons being as follows:- Firstly, […] Continue reading

The Walking Dead Kane.

An unique piece. For a change. Sidonie and Monkey landed safely, I am already painting and shipping them. Patiently waiting for Soda Starr, very soon and Stadnik‘s samples, a little later but this giant needs time to be produced. An unique piece as in the good old days. It just happened. There will be no […] Continue reading

Stadnik, the Giant.

In this post, I will firstly announce a few things, then will be totally focused on a single subject which is very dear to my heart. My new website is now online! YAAAAAAAAAAAY! The address remains the same : WWW.CKDOLLS.COM And you will find there, of course, the layaways as a payment method, but also […] Continue reading