A special Stadnik and Lemur’s preorder opening!

It’s been a while… And I must say I missed you all… I missed to post here, I missed your comments, I missed your emails responding to my blog posts…

But Fortunately, now the huge flood that devastated my house is now behind and I can come back to go on my talk with everyone of you through this blog.

So! First of all, some news! Mystery Elves should land at my place between Mid February/Beginning of March. All the Stadnik should be at my place in March! I will keep everyone updated about that of course.

Oh please note that this very Sunday (thus tomorrow) a big article about Stadnik is going to be posted on BJDCollectasy by the delightful Mae ^^

Stadnik… Well.. I didn’t expect Stadnik to be a giant every way.

Two weeks after I posted her story and prototype’s pictures, my Twitter exploded, my facebook inbox exploded too and my email box went just crazy!
I received about a thousand emails from people telling me that I touched them as no one did before. Some people I don’t even know cried and sent me pics of themselves in tears. They said that they printed her picture to frame it. that she became their cellphone/Laptop/computer’s wallpaper. But most of all, they ALL said the very same thing : “this is not a doll! it’s a real person!”
I can’t tell you the incredible emotion it has been for me to discover when I closed her preorder that 35 Stadnik found a home, as when I started to sculpt her, I was sure to never produce her. 

My extreme pride is that, for a 82cm tall, and 11lbs dolls, she stands LIKE A DREAM. She stands just as well as my others dolls and poses the same way.

Stadnik is a triumph. I owe this to all of you. It is not “my” triumph, it’s HER Triumph, the triumph of difference and its acceptation. My question has now an answer : Yes, there is a place for Giant and Different people in this little world.
It is probably the answer I needed the most to know.  Thank you hand on my heart for you made me breathe again with your reactions towards her.

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Almost everyone knows that I had a secret project for my own Stadnik. That I had a deadline. That I was late and that this flood and my son’s allergy completely ruined my schedule.
But I did it…. Against all expectations I did it.
The Night I realized I made a mistake in the deadline and that is wasn’t 3 days later but only 20hrs were left; I absolutely panicked.
I want to thank, for that very night My mom, My Sophie Bambilove and My Donna Fruit Cake. And of course, the P<3 of my He(art), Paulette Goodreau for whom I ask you to send a little prayer as she is living the most dreadful ordeal, which makes me cry everyday.
They all forced me to finish. They stayed up with me all night long to be sure I wasn’t giving in. and finally, one hour before it closes, I could submit. Thank you Friends, I will never forget.
I am not going to say what was this submission. It doesn’t matter after all. I know that Stadnik is not good enough to be accepted and this neither matters. What matters I think in life, is to have been a part of it. Stadnik has been a part of it and that’s all that counts to me : she was there.
This very Stadnik belongs to my mother, she is called the Awakening of Medieval Frozen Lady.”
That Lady, centuries ago, lost her 21 grams (check HERE if you don’t know the story) thus she fell into a deep thick gloom, into a frozen Winter which froze her till the bones. And there she remained, locked in the Darkness and Frost.
God one day decided to forgive her. Therefore, centuries later, she awakes from that endless frosted night.
She is still so very cold and one of her eyes is now a ball of ice, but what an Awe… What an Awe to see the shy Light of the Dawn.
Everyone knows I come from so “darkaway” myself. Everyone knows my story and its consequences on my existence. A friend, Fruit Cake persuaded me recently of something.
And that very thing happened to me. Awe.
Some would say it’s nothing to talk to someone that you like. Some would say it doesn’t matter to have a discussion and to laugh, to feel that the other person likes you as well.
I would say it is everything. I have no idea and don’t want to know yet where such thing can lead or not. All I know is that, for somebody like me, whom had to kill herself to survive; it is astounding to feel a momentum in a chest used to be absolutely empty since years. There’s no need to even wish for more; just this Awe makes it worthing it. By itself. This Awe is enough to be forever grateful for that moment.
Thank to Fruit Cake, Donna, I discovered that I am still alive even though I don’t seem to. I discover as for first time how it is to like someone and be liked. It doesn’t matter how cold is the dawn, for what counts is that I witness the return of Light.
Here my Frozen Medieval Stadnik.

Nefer-Kane-Awakening-Frozen-Medieval-Lady copy Nefer-Kane-Awakening-Frozen-Medieval-Lady 2 copy Nefer-Kane-Awakening-Frozen-Medieval-Lady 3 copy

Now, on a lighter note : OUR OLD FRIEND LEMUR!
She arrived in resin this week and she is SO FUNNY to play with!
She is 43cm tall. A nice MSD BJD ^^
She came in three skin tones : Pink Petal, Mint and the brand new Warm Sand; that I personally adore! ^^
You can see a complete gallery and description of her HERE  on my website where her preorder is now open!
BUT PLEASE NOTE THAT : Some face ups slots for Lilygami’s work are available (it will be so for every of my preorders from now) BUT THEY ARE LIMITED!
Sally is genius but she is not a machine; or should I say : therefore she is not a machine! ^^

Of course, as usually, Layaways are available, the preorder will be open for about 3 weeks, etc… you know the whole thing! lol
Hope you like her ^^

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  1. Nefer- I know when awe transformed my life in a moment. Dark to light, still time to struggle, but joy creeps in. Your work, your art are inspirational. I smile and sometimes am sad. But, always,you make me appreciate life. Thank you for sharing such beauty.

  2. My wish dearest Kathy would be to hug you tight for these extraordinary words of yours.
    Thank you my friend for being you ❤ and thank you for looking at my work, otherwise, it simply couldn't exist.

  3. My dearest Nefer. Your mother Stadnik is absolutely beautiful. I love how you did the blue veins above her frozen eye. Lemur looks fantastic too. I really love the new sand color and the mint color too. If I get Lemur I would get her in the sand color. She would be my Jungle or Amazon princess. I would dress her in a tribal outfit for sure. Now to just beg the hubby to see if he wil let me get her. Many hugs my dear friend. I am also so happy for your happiness and finding what your heart thought it would never find again. Love


  4. Your frozen lady is a work of ART. She is good enough to be accepted anywhere. She is so real she makes me feel cold. Wouldn’t Stadnik look gorgeous carved in marble? But I am glad she is your Mothers doll just like you are also.

  5. This is amazing work! It stands really well because it’s really well made, the proportions and anatomy – excellent. The only thing I did not like is the genderizing to such extreme detail – one fine smooth line is fully enough there, pardon for my details too but “opened” up like this she looses a part of aesthetics for me. I would make her wear permanent undies to conceal that other too detailed part. On the other hand, all other things are completely perfect! And we all loved it 🙂

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