A tsunami of dolls! Sidonie, Monkey, Soda, Starr, Mystery Elf and Lemur!

So… Where to start…?

Ok Chronologically! ^^

As most of you know, I received ( very in late due to the customs) Sidonie and Monkey and almost all the blank ones are shipped; I am almost done with the face ups too! WOOHOO!
As they have been detained for about a month in these #!!@=x!! customs, it put me behind and I am truly sorry for this!

011 copy

In the meantime, Soda and starr, had no problem with their travel thus they are here too!


I will start the face ups of Soda the bunny and Starr the comet this coming week!

041 copy 038 copy 036 copy 044 copy 046 copy 031 copy 032 copy 033 copy 034 copy 035 copy

I MAY make a second preorder for Starr and Soda… I can’t say right now, it’ll depend upon the demands…

BUT, YES! I confirm that in DECEMBER will open on my site the preorder for our Xmas Elf : MYSTERY ELF! she will proposed in Tea Green (not mint!!) and Pink Petal!

011 copy 012 copy 013 copy 016 copy 018 copy 019 copy 022 copy 011 copy 019 copy 020 copy

In the meantime, I will receive Mint Mystery and Humpty of the very limited edition ^^ I will of course post pictures as soon as they land ^^
I will also receive the Kitties!

For the moment, Stadnik’s preorder is still open on my site WWW.CKDOLLS.COM, and will stay open till the resin samples arrive! Which should be by the end of this month… about two or three more weeks of patience ( I can’t myself wait any longer to be honest…. Hahaha!)

While I was waiting for Sidonie and Monkey, I did this Unique Piece. ” What my mind doesn’t see, My Heart does.”


I also confirm that in JANUARY will open the preorder for LIGHT BLUE HUMPTY, of which I just received the first sample ^^

027 copy 029 copy

And now… LEMUR.

Lemur is a slim MSD, her ear plugs are of course removable, she has big calves and feet, and huge 22mm manga eyes. I must say that I enjoy very much her new knee joints! My addiction to monkeys of every kind is not to be proven anymore, and I thought that making a Manga Lemur would be fun. I thank you all so very much for loving her so much on Facebook! Lemur’s Preorder will open during December too, as Mystery Elf, for I await to get her resin samples before opening. She will be proposed in Mint and Pink Petal.

015 copy 016 copy 018 copy 017 copy 019 copy 021 copy 022 copy 023 copy 027 copy 028 copy 029 copy 030 copy 034 copy 035 copy 036 copy 037 copy 038 copy 039 copy 041 copy


  1. Doing my happy dance…..or crazy lady dance depending on who is looking…..glow in the dark elf Oh YEAH! Oh YeAH!

  2. Nefer,
    What can I say, just beautifully awesome work. Love your work…as you know! The eyes draw you into the persona of the Doll and imagination can take flight.

  3. Thanks Nefer for all your Sweet words and Great news!!!
    I am in love with Lemur. Let’s see if Santa leaves her under
    my Christmas tree. I’ve been a good Mom & Grandma :-}
    *Warm Greetings*

  4. omg – not fair my budget just won’t stretch to them all.
    I had to buy a car and thus no stadnik, but I hope I receive a bonus at Christmas as I want them all!
    You are amazing as always Nefer.

  5. I love Lemur! But Mint and Pink Petal? I think she screams for a tan skin tone, because of both the lemur and the tribal theme. Pretty please!!!

  6. Oh so excited by mint elf and your blue Humpty. They are delicious! great work, Nefer. I’ll be saving my Xmas pennies in the hope of bringing your elf home someday soon.

  7. I absolutely love your dolls! Especially the fact that Starr glows!

    Out of curiosity, what size eyes does she need? I’m also curious about her wig size.

    Thanks so much!! 😀

  8. Starr needs 10 or 12mm eyes depending on what style you want to achieve. She wears 4 size wigs ^^
    Thank you so very much for loving her!!! ❤

  9. Love Lemur! I kick myself for not ordering her. Do you have any extras laying around? 🙂 If not, please, pretty please, open up another order for Lemur.
    Also, what about Blue Humpty? Did I miss that preorder? I hope not.
    Hugs, Betsy ♥♡♥

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