Grook the piglet and a lot of news!

Before talking about Grook, here are a few news, already posted on my facebook and Twitter, but well; I like to repeat myself like an old gramma! LOL

First of all, for those waiting for a face up BY ME for their Human Mystery, please send me your instructions ( if not already done, of course ^^)

About Lou, the dolls should be at Angie Oobie Dolls and mine around August 15th! YAY!

Now, regarding the Baby Humpties and the Big Pink Petal Humpty : Thank you a million times for that awesome preorder!
The final number of dolls for the babies is 136!! that is just beyond my wildest dreams 😀
My manufacturer confirmed me that I should get all the Babies and their Mommies around the 15th of September! YAY AGAIN! ^^

Many of you asked this question so I think that also answering publicly here can be a good reminder for everyone :
The preorder after Grook will be the two heads for the DC 07 body in white and DC normal skin ( my manufacturer has been capable to recreate DC resin skins for a perfect match: she is just out of this world!!!) Kameko and Shehariah Lacrymosa.
A post will be written especially for these two sculpts which are very special to me but extremely peculiar as well.

Then will come the preorder of Mini Mystery and Sally Origami. Another post will be posted especially for these two little ones which are only 9cm tall ^^

The sculpt of Sarina the Albino African girl, which has a big story to be told; that doll is more a story herself than a doll; is almost done, but I worked on new joints in order to make her really out of the box every way. She will be proposed ONLY in Pink Petal resin as she is Albino and you will see after knowing her story that it counts extremely much.
I will post new photos of her on my Facebook and Twitter tomorrow or the day after!
Sarina will be about the same size than Mystery : just yosd ^^
Another ( maybe two?) heads are planned for this uncanny body. One of them will be named Gail. Because that extremely important friend of mine, Gail Mcintyre to name her fully, is one of the greatest support I always have, every way. And if I am currently living very dark days where I barely see the light, if my coming days are so far the promise of a darker night where I would vainly scream; she found a way to brighten a morning of mine. And to make my mother smile. PRICELESS. Thank you my adored friend ❤
10462662_10152540079549643_2603316760316878549_n 10432935_10152553970244643_2431316396420363636_n 10347397_10152553970299643_5013891495926840717_nNow about Grook. The preorder, as usually is HERE or at Oobie Dolls (Hi Angie! ^^)

We all had a fun time while I was sculpting her on Facebook for she is so much fun and so chubby, well of course, she’s a piglet! ^^
Grook in fact is my answer to standards.
I utterly dislike standards. What a standard is?
A sort of moral mold that you must fit in. I think that mankind is meant to stand up, not to lie down in a mold as a forgotten doll in its box. Reason why my dolls, even very old OOAK ones, not even jointed; always stood by themselves without the help of any stand. It has been one of my first endeavor to make my dolls perfectly standing. The jointing came after that mastering of the balance. Because we all need to stand. We all must never lie down and give up. Whatever the shape of the being you are : you have to stand up.
I am often told that I am skinny so all is well. Well, no… I see no relation between attraction, success, how interesting someone can be and the weight a person weighs.
I always told it, and I will never cease : the only weight that counts is the 21 grams. The rest will return to dust and ashes. It doesn’t matter. It’s nothing. it weighs in fact nothing.
Being skinny, thin, however you can call it doesn’t make of me someone attractive. As soon as I wear ( I did a few lives ago, when I was still blind and in the need of struggling with myself) a dress/skirt/girlie thing, I look like a transvestite young boy. I am utterly ridiculous and mockable. I have curvy friends which are sublime as girls : I shall never be.
Everyone knows me : I am a mess. Every way. I am a Female Peter Pan/Mad Max. Quite Punk, a little Grunge, Very Hobo and not caring anymore.
Every body shape has it advantages and inconveniences. But for all of them, the greatest advantage we all have is that it is us. We exist. We are. There will always be critic people, but also always, even if only one; some people to love us. And I am not talking about that recurring excuse to quiet people not feeling well in their own skin : someone loving your ” inner beauty.” Nah… I hate ” inner beauty” excuse. It’s an easy way out to silence those suffering about themselves like saying ” you have nothing to suffer about and you’re a bit stupid cause you didn’t realize it.” I am sorry but NO. If you don’t like yourself, you have a valid reason to suffer and no one can silence you with that supermarket’s philosophy. Am talking about someone finding you visually and aesthetically perfect the way you look. Because we all fit in Love. It doesn’t depend on the size of your jeans. It depends on who looks at you.
I have been severely anorexic, pathologically and medically treated for it during years; so no… Being skinny is not enough for happiness. I remember how people treated me. No, no, no… They were not like ” woa you’re so thin!!”
Ordinary the answer was 36/38 kilos for 5″7.
Now I am a proud 44, sometimes 42 for still 5″7 ( I decided to not get shorter or taller… LOL)
And seeing them again after a few years, the very first question coming out of their mouth was not ” how are you?”; it was ” are you still the same weight?”
The only thing that was detained about me, was my weight.
Grook was a bet.
I won it.
She is a piglet. Every of her features are pigish. But she has that very soft and lovable piggie expression on her face and despite her rounded shape, you will notice that she has a dancer’s grace for she seems to stand tiptoe; very delicately. I am skinny and I don’t have that sort of Grace. It’s been an optical and technical challenge to achieve that charming tiptoe standing with a perfect balance for this doll. I am very glad to have achieved it and to see that it still shows now she is in resin.
Grook is a delicate, fragile round thing. She is loved already, many of you adopted her last night and the comments on facebook are about how CUTE AND SWEET she is.
So my point with this doll is : be serene like her. No matter what your body shape is because everyone of us has something that the other one surely longs for.
Now to my friends and all those whom will accept my modest advice : Never justify yourself for what and who you are for that requires no one’s approval.
Just Be.
The rest is dust too soon gone with the wind and a complete waste of time because you’re worth to BE.
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  1. Sublime dolls and even more sublime and touching personal sharing, thank you Nefer for the joy and the inner thoughtfulness you provoke.
    Love always,
    Kathy in nyc

  2. Just wonderful. I love her story. Every new creation you bring to life thrills me.

  3. Ah Nefer, you never just “produce” a doll, you always create it with your whole being in such a profound way. Being on the other end of the weight spectrum I deeply appreciate your thoughts and little Grook.

  4. I just love your dolls Nefer and would love to have one of my own one day and I love the stories that come with them, they are all so special in their own way

  5. You modelled her on me…… I love her big belly. The meaning behind your dolls gives them life, Stadnik was the first story of your I read… Iv’e been addicted to your artistry ever since. Love you wife…. From Birdie, flying free ❤

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