So long Oobie Doll.

I post this using my informative right and right of reply as something has been posted on the front page of Oobie Doll, all this on the advice of my lawyer.


It is now time to announce that CKDolls will not work any longer with Angie from Oobie Doll.
Reasons being as follows:-

Firstly, complaints from my collectors buying through Oobie Doll and receiving eyeless dolls.
I tried to talk to Angie about this as eyes are all added to the orders by me as usual, but I never received any valid response from her regarding this.


Also the fact that it was constantly possible to order and check out  my dolls on her Oobie Dolls website as if preorder never closes. Technically, anyone could purchase as many of my dolls as they wanted after the closing date of the preorder. When preorder is closed, it means I ordered a certain amount of dolls from my manufacturer. PERIOD. I don’t have an endless stock.  When Trish approached Angie about this, showing her how it was possible to order and check out in cart 21 Grooks, Angie took it very badly.  This also caused issues with collectors coming to me asking why I refused to sell them dolls after the preorder closed, yet Oobie Dolls could still continue to order, which was actually not the case.
Then there is the more grave issue of my dolls going missing. In a parcel that I shipped to Angie  of the Summer Sale, a Soda bunny bjd was apparently missing according to Angie. I was sure on my side to have shipped her, but Angie said the doll wasn’t in the box.
Angie never paid any shipping or insurance costs when ordering my dolls, I was always expected to pay for this.  Because of my too trusting nature and also I thought we were friends, I did not insist on going down the road of force her to pay as anyone should for my shipments to her and insurance cost, which I was later to pay very dearly for….
When the second preorder for Stadnik was opened at Oobie Doll, Angie suddenly told me she never received the parcel for her first stadniks order which were shipped five months previously! Now because of the long time lapse, I was unable to make any claim against insurance, even though I had full tracking, I was left unable to gain any compensation for my most expensive doll to produce.  This left a very big hole in my pocket as you can imagine….


There was no claim to fill, no investigation that could be done, no insurance to ask for as all my parcels have been delivered without any incident so tracking is valid just for a month.
If there’s an incident then tracking is valid for 3 months. If it is a delivered parcel, 21 days are the delay the receiver has to fill a claim at his post office if there is a problem.
Nothing can be done passed these delays to claim a lost or damaged parcel.

So 5 months after shipment without incident :  the Stadniks were ghost dolls, no way to find them back if ever lost, no way to get insurance.
I decided anyway to ship Angie two new stadniks even if I couldn’t be blame for these missing dolls. Again, I did this because of my too soft and trusting nature ( am a moron. But am working on it.); for I believed we were friends and loyal business partners.

 The two extra Stadniks I shipped her were at my complete expenses.  So in my last parcel to her shipped on November 11th, I shipped the 2 stadniks plus one extra hand, my own Soda as she was the only one I had left, 10 baby humpties, 4 grooks and 3 big humpty dumpty.
When the parcel arrived, Angie told me that the bunny was still missing, along with 4 grooks and 6 baby humpties.
After investigation and the precious help from Trish, it appeared that I made two mistakes.
Angie had ordered 4 more pink Grooks that I never saw as all the orders were mixed together with the summer sale; so I refunded her for those that I didn’t ship as I never ordered from my manufacturer for I never knew about these extra to her initial Grook order, And that she ordered not 10 but 12 baby humpties, as again, as mixed with other orders in a very unclear way when she ordered them, I missed two babies from another extra order from Angie. Therefore Trish shipped her 2 extra baby humpties right away that she had in her possession; they have been delivered and fine.
When Angie had been sure to receive these two new Stadniks, she then told me there was no order for this preorder. Nobody ordered Stadnik.



Back to the issue of the missing dolls from my last parcel, according to Angie this was missing 2 Sodas and 4 baby humpties.  Trish, my manager, asked her to fill a claim at the post office as the parcel did not go missing and showed as delivered : I cannot do a thing all alone on my side without the report and sworn oath from the receiver. Otherwise we could ship anything for any insurance and once delivered we could all claim for insurances and the postal services all around the world would be bankrupted since a long time. Anyway, from what she said, after a while, she “told” her post master and that’s been it. Trish explained the process of filing a claim several times in vain as Angie was saying we were not clear on this. Until the 21 days passed then she said she would claim the next day ( she did not anyway), anyway, it’s been a while since “after the meeting with her postmaster” Angie keeps on saying my insurance was 200$ so was it worth it for me claim any insurance. First of all it can only be euros and 200 euros is NOT the amount of the insurance I paid for.

But they checked and am wrong… OK….2014-12-07 21.35.11
So no more insurance, no more claim to be filled and I cannot ask for investigation anymore in order to get my insurance .
So two bunnies were missing from first parcel and now second one. That makes two bunnies shipped and never received (from what she says)  Her collector for the bunny was waiting since summer sale so a bunny price to be refunded by me..Ok….766
761Last night December 4th( and I have screenshots of these emails and the original emails as well at disposal in case of doubts) I received this from angie, who already told me a while ago in a previous email that “it would also be my advice to not post any of this on facebook.” :

Nefer sweetie,
I value our friendship and your artistic talents too much for me to continue work in this manner.  I would gladly remove myself from all of your preorders!   All you needed to do was ask.  J  I do have shop policies, but I am also able to make any changes as I go along.  That is the fun of being the owner, you know.  J
For our business relationship, I simply do not wish to work with your Trish any longer.  I will hope you will understand!  It is not personal to you at all.  I simply do not work with persons that have a suspicious personality as I am not this way.  This is the same policy for all foreign companies.  The mistake of the forgotten orders is completely understandable and acceptable if handled properly on the mending side. 
For your claim situation, I will do this for you again, but please let me know if you will wish me not to though.  I realize there may have only been $200.00 claimed for value and there is little chance of recovery for anything.  If you feel you would still like this claim placed, I will do it tomorrow.   I also realize it is exactly the dolls in the forgotten orders that are missing.  If this was a mistake, that is also completely acceptable, but we need to make it right.
Moving forward, there are 4 Baby Humpty dolls and one Soda unaccounted for.  Do you want to split the loss and wash our hands here? 
I also have 3 dolls that will still need to be refunded or replaced from your extras.  Do you want to split the loss here as well and move forwards?
Then, for the incoming heads and Aleah dolls.  I would be willing to let you have the few sales and you may directly send to these customers.  Any unsold dolls, I would only want the Pay Pal reversed and you may sell these full price yourself.  It is no problem to keep the orders as they currently are too, I just wanted to give you the option.
Moving forward, I am not upset with you one bit.  I am sad however that we will not be in business together!   I so wish we had been talking all year rather than any ill feelings festering.  Please remember I will always be here to help in any manner.  This will be a little complicated to sort out, but it will happen just fine.
Oobie Doll.
To which I answered this in very good faith and pretty heartbroken :
Angie darling,
“All I needed to do was to ask” :
I never said I didn’t want to work with you anymore.
You just said it.
I never force anyone to a thing; it is your right to end our partnership; I can only agree to your will.
As about “my” Trish, she hasn’t been suspicious at all. She is a professional manager and talked as a professional; she couldn’t be as friendly as I am for she doesn’t know you since several years as I do; if that makes sense. She did her job that she is paid for and in charge of. She simply tried to see clear in an issue and asked you, several times, the clearest way she could, to fill that claim.
Now, as you certainly know, the delay for reporting the claim of a delivered parcel is over as it is 21 days after parcel is delivered.
Don’t bother anymore. As for the first Stadniks, am screwed.
I, on my side, found quite normal to ask for that claim of yours that I needed as it wasn’t a missing parcel, but a delivered one, so I could have had the insurance for the amount of missing items after investigations.You say Trish is suspicious when she asks you to simply fill a claim; you didn’t get along well with her since the beginning : ok.
But, me, I am telling you that for you to say that the missing dolls are the ones from extra orders is more than suspicious towards me, it is an accusation.
Do you truly think that I would jeopardize my business by not admitting a mistake or being so uncaring that I wouldn’t even know what I ship or not?
Or is it implying a possible dishonesty from me?
Every of these three options is very hard on me.You talked all these emails long about how running a business and being professional : this is what I did my best to do. After 5 months you tell me you never got any stadniks.
Ok. I haven’t been suspicious. I did my best and shipped two others. For which you afterward didn’t seem to be happy with as ( quoting you) you’ve been very accommodating to accept them.
Not many companies would have replaced such valuable items just like that…. I hope you realize it.
I made two mistakes on extra orders : I admitted it right away, fixed them straight away as well and got your 4 grooks refunded and got the two babies I made a mistake for, shipped to you right away by Trish.I simply wanted, with perfect good faith to fix things as they should, for I DID SHIP THOSE 10 BABIES AND THE SODA TO YOU, simply asked you to do what you had to in order for me
to get my insurance for these missing items : you did not.
On the other hand, do you truly think that I would have shipped 2 stadniks and so many other dolls for a ridiculous insurance of 200$?
Please be realistic, you are mistaken here or there is a computer glitch on your side : the insurance was 2000 euros.
For the heads and the Aleahs, as the orders have been made by you : you will get your dolls and heads. That is the simple policies of my and any websites : all sales are final and I wouldn’t
refuse to give you what your ordered as it is not me ending this partnership.
Plus, I don’t think that it is the best move in your own interest to disappoint again your collectors with cancelled dolls.
I do not understand what you are talking about in this sentence : “I also have 3 dolls that will still need to be refunded or replaced from your extras”
Can you explain me?
Now, on my side, I am pretty heartbroken. I have no hard feelings; but I am hurt that all the wrong of this situation has been put on my back; and that you didn’t help me to
get my insurance and doubted me to have shipped these to you.
You know me since a few years now : You should know about, and have experienced my honesty. There’s been a problem, I fixed it at my expenses. I did two mistakes ( the grooks and 2 babies) I fixed it.
Being blamed that way after all my endeavors to make it right is indeed extremely depressing and sad for me. But that’s ok.I am still your friend and I have no hard feelings as I told you. The sadness will pass. Everything passes in life 🙂
I give you a huge hug and I am sorry you never noticed all I did to fix things the best way possible.
That is the answer from Angie  with a very different tone I received this morning December 5th :

I did report your loss on December 1 as asked.  Please give me the exact contact for your Calissimo company and I will include this in today’s claim. 
I will attach my order summary to this email one more time.  Please let me know when I will be receiving my ordered items from the first page.  These are the dolls that I need to refund to my customers.  Two of these were satisfied with the warm sand Trish sent,  so there are 5 dolls unaccounted for. 
If the order on July 23 and the Soda are not refunded or replaced, I will be forced to begin a claim against your Pay Pal account for the items purchased on July 23, 2014.  This will be through the fraud protection in the US.  Be advised, I am not certain how long or when this will tie up your account.  If the dolls are refunded or replaced now, I will not do this.  This is my shop policy. 
We will leave the Aleah and head orders in place with prompt delivery to me on arrival.
Thank you
I never got any answer for that weird sentence “I also have 3 dolls that will still need to be refunded or replaced from your extras”.
She never replied about as you can see on emails above. I have no idea what she talks about at all, as she was claiming a Soda to be refunded and 4 baby Humpties.
 It must be said that my shop policies are very clear too. But quoting her about shop policies in the email above : “I do have shop policies, but I am also able to make any changes as I go along.  That is the fun of being the owner, you know.  J
Even if “fun to be the owner so you can changes anything in your policies as you go along,” I highly doubt that shop policies can legally be ” if I say something misses in a parcel, I don’t fill a claim at postal service for investigations in order for you to get your insurance, but I report your paypal account as a fraud if you don’t give me what I want even if you shipped these items to me.”I have policies as well that I don’t change as it suits me.
You can check them HERE.

lus in her email of December 4th, she says about the postal claim : “For your claim situation, I will do this for you again, but please let me know if you will wish me not to though.”
Then, on morning of December 5th, she says “I did report your loss on December 1 as asked “
She contradicts herself constantly, plus her and I did NOT receive any official letter from the postal service that we have to sign for, stating I can ask for investigation regarding the complain of my receiver, conclusion : She never filled any claim.
Anyway, in order to get what she wanted, her last and very low move has been to tell me that she would report my paypal account as a fraud, which is absolutely false for I am not a fraudulent account and did nothing wrong.
I just asked for a postal claim to be filled in order to get my insurance after investigation as she claimed items where missing and I am sure to have shipped them.
None has been filled.
Having your paypal account reported as a fraud is not like opening a Paypal dispute over a transaction. If someone reports your account as a fraud, then Paypal ties it up and the investigation takes around 180 days before they state. If your website is tied up to your Paypal account, which is my case, then all payments and website are down as well. This is the Paypal procedure to fight against money laundering.
I am a very well known dollmaker selling my dolls, I don’t have a drug cartel! Maybe I should have tried to be the new Pablo Escobar, because now I tend to think that the Doll World is as hard as the Cartel’s World, where you can get your throat cut by your best friends if it is their advantage.
Bring it on Scarface! Am so ready! I got a Xacto knife, Elastics and the purest Paperclay of this side of the frontier!
Seriously now, I had a little talk about all this with my lawyer and Paypal Adviser :  it is a felony to falsely report an account as fraud when it is not true, it’s another felony to extort money using such threat. It has a legal name : it is called extortion using intimidation, blackmail and threats; and it is punished with Jail.
So I simply told her that “as she intends to get my account blocked to not let me feed my children, then I was going to refund her.”
She didn’t even deny that and I asked for an invoice mentioning it was a refund with details of what for.
I got the invoice and did refund her.
I also took the decision to cancel and refund her the aleahs and Kameko and Shehariah Lacrymosa’s heads so I will never be in touch with her again in my life.
After such behavior, it is understandable that I refuse to ship her any dolls for her to do the same trick again “No matter what you say you shipped, things are missing! Am not filling any claim to postal service but gimme dolls or money right away or I report your account as a fraud to paypal so they will block all your money god knows for how long!”
I replaced at my expenses the two (maybe missing, as now I am really not sure at all anymore.) “missing” Stadniks just upon Angie’s word.
I made two mistakes : right.
I fixed them right away. I refunded the Grooks I never knew about for orders were all mixed together and unclear,
and got shipped to her by Trish the two Baby Humpties I made a mistake about, for the same reason.
On the other hands, I lost 2 stadniks with selling price of 1900$ EACH, 4 baby Humpties with selling value of 285$ EACH, 2 Soda with selling value of 395$ EACH and had to refund under constraint about 1000$ to Angie. That makes a total of 6730$. ( Yes, am about to bankrupt…. you got that right.)
That is without accounting the almost 3000$ I had to refund Angie for canceled aleah and Kameko/Shehariah; dolls that I already ordered thus paid to my manufacturer and I have no idea if so many extras would sell.
I doubt, from a retailer, that such threatening behavior and extortion would be suitable and possible with a company like Doll Chateau for example.
But it seems that everything is allowed with little artists.
Angie “advised” me to not post any of this when all this mess started.
I don’t care. She took the right to unfairly extort money and dolls from me, infringing all policies and procedures using blackmail, threats and intimidation; then despite her ” advice ” for me to not post a thing about this, even if she freely posted a header on that subject on her own website, I have and take the right to talk.
Anyway, if she does something to try to harm me more; I then would have my lawyer lodging a complain against her and my paypal adviser is already aware of what happened, in possession of all evidences.
If she prevents me to feed my children despite my extorted refunds, I then would probably open a fund raising in order to buy food. I have faith in my collectors and friends who wouldn’t let my children starve because of such injustice and lowest move from Oobie Doll. I know that none of them would allow such unfair horror being done to me without trying to support and help my family. This is too low, too dark.
I must mention that I find it funny that right after these emails from Angie, Sally Chandler finally agreed to make the huge favor to my manager Trish of giving her answer; because after her last shipment to me there was no wigs in the parcel for the collectors who ordered them from her ( transactions done between her and collectors through emails. I am not involved a bit in these wigs sales.)  even if she has pictures and a husband of a witness saying that the wigs were here : I have a video of a box opening as a witness (, saying to Trish that she refuses to ship the last dolls belonging to collectors, directly to me so I could reship Russian orders ( as Sally always refused to ship to Russia herself.) as quoting Chandler ” Nefer is clearly having issues with her shipments .”
In case you wouldn’t be aware of the Sally end of collaboration; check here the summarize of it : FACEBOOK PUBLIC POST.
I don’t believe in coincidences.
I am tired. Truly exhausted. I am now going to post the pictures of face ups and ship the baby humpties with face ups to my collectors; because in the middle of that dirt, I worked. Even if Angie wrote on the front page of her website that the Baby Humpties order has been “a very complicated one” for me.
No. I managed to paint 107 eggs while I was bullied and extorted : not so complicated finally, my dear.
Plus, again quoting the header on her website I don’t “try my best”; I DO IT. Period.
So long Oobie Doll, you won’t be missed by me.
I am beyond disgusted and sick with all this. I have to see the doctor again for my PTSD because I am having attacks every day, several times a day.
I am going to go away from the doll world.
I finish my current orders and preorder, no one worries, all the dolls will be shipped or painted if a face up is ordered; then I go.
It’s too much of an ordeal for one single person. I can’t stand any longer to be treated worse than a dog would be. I am done. There’s no dream nor redemption to pursue in such atmosphere. It’s Godless and sounds more like racket between gangs than like a museum. I don’t belong here anymore.
I am exhausted to see that some people believe that collecting or selling dolls allow them to act like rotten brats. Collecting these art toys doesn’t imply that it is ok to act like a spoiled child.
It is not ok. I am not ok with that.
Exhausted but still alive even though the darkest thoughts crossed my mind lately I must confess it. Regarding this, I must thank Donna, Trish, Cheryl, Jo, Gail, Alden and Grace. They know why. ❤
Exhausted but still fighting.
Exhausted but not silenced yet.


  1. Thank you Nefer for everything that you did to get my Grook order fixed.
    I can’t tell you how much I loved her the first time I saw her pictures on Oobie doll. Or how devastated I was when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to have her. I went to bed over it. I couldn’t breathe with the sadness.
    But you fixed it. I thank you again and again. I hope your heart mends from this. Grook is going to help me through a very difficult 2015.
    Take care of yourself Nefer.

  2. Nefer,
    Hugs to you.
    A lot of people love you and will support you. If you need to take a break from the doll world, please make it a short one. We love your creations and you are far to talented to give it up.

  3. Nefer, when you need money you send me a message and I will send you money. Immediately. This is your golden sister who loves you.

  4. IDear Nefer I cannot believe that someone who you trusted and loved has done this to you. I am so sorry for you and send every positive thought I can to you. I was waiting too, to order Gigi, when you were ready, saving up for her. You do need a holiday to regain your spirit and beliefs and physically too. Dear Nefer, do not give up on your making your dolls. So many people love them and love you too for how much you put into them. It will be the biggest shame if this person stops you from what you were born to do. So much talent. Have you in my thoughts and prayers. Believe in yourself and never give up!

  5. Hi Nefer, I’ve been an admirer from afar, just starting out in the doll business. You are amazing, and it grieves me to see that someone has taken advantage of you in this way. I hope things work out for you and that things get better for you soon.

  6. What a mess. The people you’d take a bullet for, are sometimes the ones pulling the trigger. Certainly true here. Horrible betrayal. I wish you and your family all the best. ❤

  7. My Dearest Sweetest Nefer, I’m so sorry that this “person”? took such advantage of your sweet nature. You have been a friend to me for a long time and Debbie and I adore our dolls from you. Please know that I keep you in my heart as my very special artist friend who understands autism as I do. Know too, that my special dream is to finally come and meet you in person and meet your wonderful sons. Walk away from this fiasco, heal your heart, and know that we, your true admirers, will always be here waiting for you and believing in you. You have my personal email, –please use it and stay in contact, Dearest One. I love you and wish you a Joyeaux Noel! —-
    Your Connie Luechtefeld ❤ XOXO ❤

  8. What a tragic story. Angie is a monster. Please keep making your wonderful dolls when you feel better, but never do business with Oobie dolls again. I will forever boycott Oobie dolls.

  9. I’m so sorry this happened to you, Angie sounds absolutely incompetent and quite a shady person too, I’m glad I discovered this post as I almost bought from Oobie dolls, now I think to do so would probably end in an nightmare! I don’t understand how she said she didn’t receive the right amount of Baby Humptys and Stadnik as she’s offering at least 2 Humptys for sale and a Stadnik for sale at present (listed under • Austin BJDC show specials!!)
    I’m so disgusted at the way you’ve been treated, I just want to give you a big hug, you are a very special person and your dolls reflect that. Please don’t give up doing the things you enjoy just because some talentless wonder bullies and cheats – doesn’t mean everyone is out to get you. You make a lot of people so happy with your art. Hugs,Herbie x

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