The Baby Humpties, and the Love of my friend Gen for me…

It’s a shame.
I know it’s a shame.
I should post more often blog posts.
But for those who follow my Facebook, you know even though it is not an excuse; I now also have to take care 24/24, 7/7 of my very dependent grandmother with my parents, as she lives with us.
I must say a little while has been needed to get used to that new lifestyle which happened all of a sudden.

My followers also know that something extremely unexpected happened in my chest. But that will be the subject of another post. I think that some stories must be told. it is one of them.

Anyway, here I am at last.

So, my son Louis had the idea quite a while ago for me to sculpt Baby Humpties. A whole series of them. Once I talked about the idea on Facebook, everyone was so enthusiastic that I could only do it as he was stalking me everyday for me to start.
We had a deal. Ok I was going to sculpt them, but he would have to direct me all along the way. It was his idea so he had to lead it till its achievement.
Thus, Louis made a list, he did sketches, and I followed that carefully while sculpting. He was checking on my work in progress about every two hours to be sure I was on the right path. And here they are…

I want to thank deep from my heart everyone of you whom supported that new project and whom commented on them : it meant the world to my son and made him grow up a bit in his mind and selfesteem. THANK YOU FOR MY LOUIS!

Talking about Humpty…. I have a friend. A very dear one. Her name is Gen Conary.
We met through Humpty and I must say I loved her at first comment. Gen is the one I call my Outer Space girl. Cause she truly is out of this world.
Recently she met Norman Reedus and took a picture of herself with him.
But not only…  Here it is :
Gen, Norman Reedus and Humpty Dumpty by Nefer KaneShe was preparing that surprise for me since a few days and she warned me I would have one… But Gen can tell how I yelled when I saw… I killed her ears. LOL

As a matter of fact, this picture is to me more than a great amazing honoring moment though it is also.

Some of you talked about framing it. I shall.
But not “cause Daryl Dixon holds my doll.” reason.
I shall frame it as a reminder.

The one that counts the most on this photo is Gen.
Not many know about it, but during the first years of arnaud’s life, I wanted to kill myself. For real. Cause I couldn’t stand to have done it to him. Cause of the way everyone kicked me out of their lives, lifetime friends, relatives, people… I became the one that when there’s a birth in the family or at friend’s, the mother doesn’t let me touch the baby. Serious. just saying discreetly to everyone ” not her…”
I couldn’t kill myself cause I am the only parent of my kids and I couldn’t add cowardice to what I already did to them.
I am not complaining; it’s just that I have been a REAL Daryl Dixon. The one that when there’s no apocalypse, people never say hello to. It’s horrid to be absolutely denied literally. Denying one’s existence is worse than killing him. I was the one nobody wanted to talk to, the one everyone forgot deliberately, the one who is feared cause of the bad aura she is surrounded with so IN ANY CASE she could bring you bad luck; you just avoid her and hurting her to be sure she’s not coming back is a guarantee of a better life.

I sculpted to forget about my dead self.
I NEVER EVER expected that it could even interest one day ONE SINGLE PERSON what I was doing… I am deadly serious.

I often imagined that there would be just my children at my funerals and it was terrible; not for me; but cause I thought of how ashamed they would of been to be alone burying the Monster of Mother I was….
The morning my elder son saw that pic, he almost fainted and jumped in my arms. he is proud of me. Priceless is not even enough to describe that moment.

So to see the Actor Playing Daryl Dixon holding a Humpty Dumpty sculpted by me is truly something…

Today, I feel like I am somebody. Cause SOMEONE, A FRIEND OF MINE, Gen, thought OF ME AND LOVES ME SO MUCH that she took MY sculpt to make it hold by Norman Reedus who is playing a role that I lived.
Can you imagine the courage it required from her to go to him and ask him so??? How she must LOVE me to do this?? and on the ONLY PURPOSE TO PLEASE ME…
I just owe her eternally. I can’t even explain the effect her love has on me through this.

To me it’s like raising from the Dead. And yeah ok, let’s be sappy a bit; now everytime I look at the pic, I cry.

I think it’s a very rare thing to have such an absolute change in one’s life as I did.

Last night, I was struggling with a face up and as I don’t sleep since 4 days ( what a surprise lol) the man I love asked me why I was doing all this for my collectors and why wouldn’t I simply sometimes say no or do just what I want.
I told him : Because they Love me. I think they mistake me for who I am not; and one day they will realize I am not the awesome person they think I am; but FOR NOW, I need to enjoy it and give it back to them cause I love them too. And even if it ends one day and there’s no one left on my page, I can think ” but during that time, it was MY TURN to be loved.”
That’s what count. At least to me. More than anything.

The egg is the symbol of the soul in all religions and paganism belief. I think it’s not a coincidence that Humpty is the doll on this very picture.

Gen, your name in tattooed on my heart. It’ll never fade away.

You must know guys that your support, your FRIENDSHIP, your LOVE, each like, each comment, each pm and each email means to me more than you will ever imagine. I wanted to share here too that moment of awe with all of you.
Thank you from the core of my Being to Tracy my love, Donna Fruit Cake, Sophie Bambilove, Susan sweetie and all of you for the shares, retweets, tweets, tumblr etc etc…
You are spreading the news that I am alive not in vain : as I am loved.

Now to the Babies! ^^

The preorder for the baby Humpties is already open on my website HERE. and it should last till 15th of June. AND as many of you asked, YES there is also a preorder for Big Humpty in Pink Petal but that is the very very last one.
You will find all the options for different Babies packs on my site. Three colors are available : Pink petal, Warm Sand, and White.

A baby Humpty is 11cm tall. It’s a tiny thing! lol
I call them the pocket eggs! ^^
The eye size is 6mm ( but it fits from 5mm till 8mm depending on which look you want to achieve)

Of course you can also select the option for an astounding face up by Sally Lilygami Design or by little me ^^

Thank you so so very much for everyone whom already adopted these babies. I can’t believe you’ve already been so many!! THANK YOU ❤
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  1. Nini, if you stopped sculpting dolls this very instant, I would still be your friend, I would still love you, period! The baby eggs are above and beyond adorable! You and Louis are an amazing team! 🙂 xx ❤

  2. Nefer, dearest,
    As always, much love to you and your family. Thank you for sharing so freely. Those of us who love you and your art treasure this connection to you. The little baby Humpties are a delight from a special mother & son.

  3. Nefer Kane a amazing woman that I call Friend! Her work is so far surpassed anything I have ever held in my hands. With a heart deeper than the sea.

  4. Nefer my Darling Girl, this is Maryanne from Australia, PLEASE contact me! I MISS YOU and need to talk to you. It has been too long!
    ALL of my LOVE

  5. To my very special lady
    We love you because you are you and we love all of you.
    And Gen Conary is the most amazing lovely person (Oh and lucky).
    Hugs from sunny UK
    <3u T
    Ps hubby gave me the OK! eeek

  6. To my lovely friend
    We love you for you and for just being you.
    Gen Conary is an amazing friend and very lucky – that close to Mr Reedus himself.
    <3u my lovely Nefer
    hugs from the UK to you and your family.
    Ps Hubby gave me the ok! eeek

  7. I wish I could be as brave as you are Nefer. If people loves you is because you are made to be loved and I’m part of them.
    I don’t know you but all I can say is that I don’t like nasty ugly things so consider yourself as a real beauty soul.
    Someday I will have an humpty egg (it is on my wishlist).

    Go on darling, you are doing it really well

  8. What a beautiful job you have done, AGAIN 🙂 You are amazing as always! Take care!

  9. Nefer you are loved all around the world, not just for your talent but also for your raw honesty.
    It’s ok if you sleep. Your work is worth waiting for. Yes people are anxious and wanting wanting wanting more and more of you but you must keep yourself healthy or there will be nothing left of you.
    Your baby Humpties are adorable.

  10. This is a beautiful post, as ever, Nefer, you have the most amazingly succinct way of putting things!

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