Kitty Artist casts ^^

One good news : MYSTERY IS OUT OF THE CUSTOMS!!! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I am already preparing the boxes so when she lands : I start to ship her right away 😀 I am also OVER THE MOON to announce that Starr’s preorder is also open on OOBIE DOLLS!!! Working with Angie is truly a BLAST!! She […] Continue reading


First of the good news tonight : the Mystery are on their way! ACHEE KAPAWAAAAAAAAAAAAW!! They should land VERY soon now and I ask to everyone of you who wants a face up for his Mystery to drop me an email with details please! Because when I am not aware you want a face up […] Continue reading

Sidonie and Monkey’s face ups!

So! Many parcels are ready. Monday morning the postal employee will have about an hour with my father to have news about the family! LOL Stadnik has now eyes…. she’s coming just as she wants and I plan nothing before and during her sculpting. I just let her be whoever she wants to be. and […] Continue reading