Nexeven’s Face ups and Mystery’s Preorder closed!

First of all : THE NEWS!

Humpty should be there this coming week! ACHEE KAPAAAAAAAAAAWAW!! 😀
so will the clothing!

My new website is now online, my webmaster Rod did a MAGICAL work with it!! it’s now visible from any browser and even ipads! 😀
The new cart allows to choose how many payments you want to split the full amount of your order in and all goes through paypal and will be automatic! Just a click
and Paypal will do the rest 😀

Mystery’s preorder is now closed! I thank everyone of you for adopting my girl! I can say that 67 found a loving home! YAY!
As the order is quite big, my manufacturer told me that the delivery date will rather be early August than July as I firstly planned.

On my website, will open next week the preorder for Sidonie and Monkey in Pink Petal and Capuccino. There will be different options for this preorder :
Only one of them.
Both dolls.
One body, two faceplates.
and the color, capuccino or pink petal, is completely up to you ^^

Now, about the Nexeven! I only have 16 face ups left to do on the 51 commissioned! I’m almost done!!
Shipping in France during May is quite a NIGHTMARE, as we got national days every week; so services as the postal one, do what we call here “the bridge.”
It means that if there is a national day on a Thursday, well, they don’t work till next Monday to make ” the bridge till the week end”… <_<….
But I can tell you that most of the face ups done and ALL the blank Nexeven will be shipped tomorrow! 😀
Now… a few pictures of the face ups. I hope you’ll enjoy them ^^

For Lorraine, the living statue :
004 copy 002 copy 005 copy

For Catherine, The great Wave :
017 copy 019 copy 022 copy

For Olga, the sick and healed Nexeven couple :
026 copy 025 copy 023 copy 029 copy011 copy 010 copy 009 copy

For Mah BaBy Gita, the golden tan Nexeven :
015 copy


014 copy 011 copy

For Natalia, the nude and the snake Nexeven couple :
007 copy 008 copy 006 copy 005 copy 004 copy 003 copy

For Vickie my Miss CoCo, the delicate Nexeven :
002 - Copie copy 001 copy

For Connie Lowe my DD, the Giraffe Princesss Nexeven :

015 copy 014 copy 013 copy

For my Silver Little Spoon Chris, The Love Nexeven :

017 copy 018 copy 020 copy



  1. Oh my oh me oh my!!! Neffie baby….. wOW! All stunning just wonderful! And Golden tan Nexeven …. Wawawa WOW!!!! They are all going to be L. O .V . E . D …. I cannot wait to see what you do with ❤ mine.. Ours.. She is ours to me because i will have a part of you that is always going to be treasured … ❤ and be with me for always.. And ever ❤ ……………. That much! ❤

  2. Very nice! Even though I couldn’t get one of these girls, one of the reasons I wanted one so bad was to paint her!

  3. Oh Baby Doll, where do I start?? I LOVE them all!!!
    Firstly tho I am so thrilled that you now have a Blog Post!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO !!!!!
    I adore the Living Statue & I adore the Snake Nexeven!!! The snake skin on her arm is amazingly GORGEOUS!!!!
    I think you are wonderfully talented my beautiful baby Doll & I am in ore of your creative flair!!!! You must dream in rainbow coloured bliss!!!
    Forever yours my beautiful sister xoxoxoxo Mimi

  4. The sculpt of Nexeven’s abdomen is my favorite so far, very well done. You are continuing to grew in your skill of face-ups and body blushing. Lorraine’s will always be my favorite Nexeven; however, Gita’s is very fine and I like her a lot too! Natalia’s snake and Connie’s Giraffe are tons of fun. Natalia’s, Vicki’s, and Chris’ Nexeven have wonderful, soft, and inviting beauty. Better and better each day, Nefer!

  5. Dear Nefer. You did an awesome job with the faceups for Nexeven. I am so excited to get my Humpty. She will be my very first Nefer Kane doll and I am sure she will not be my last. Keep up the good work and know how much you are loved by everyone.

  6. I love love love them! You do it every time Nefer: Take my breath away! You are a huge inspiration 🙂 Thank you!

  7. The living statue is just, how can I say this: she make me speachless and moved! So amazing!

  8. That golden tan Nexeven is just wonderful!! She is my favorite but I like the others too!

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