Kitty the baby mouse and Nexeven is here!

First of all, I want to share with you this moment : NEXEVEN IS HERE!! ACHEE KAPAWAAAAAAAAAAAW!!
the 79 dolls arrived this morning and I am over the moon! 😀
a little pic of the mountain of dolls in my living room so you can in a way be with me, and discover the new Circus Kane special bags ^^

130 copy

now, on a more technical level; I am starting the shipping tomorrow. There are 78 Nexeven to ship. 49 to paint. You all know I am a quick worker but it’ll require a little time as I do everything all by myself.
Some boxes are already ready. Some dolls are already sealed and ready for the face up. It’s now time for me to run! I also have to answer emails. I will try to not be behind on every level as much as I can. As usually, I will provide you your own tracking number in an email and will keep you personally updated about your order ^^

In two weeks the Humpty Dumpty will be there too. Yep… that’s gonna be a tough month! LOL

Anyway, for now, Mystery’s preorder is still open HERE. and here are also some pictures of the new eyes for her that I adore. How about you?
092 copy 093 copy 089 copy 085 copy 083 copy

Now, as you saw a sneak peek on my facebook, the photos of Kitty right before she flies to Asia! Kitty is a baby mouse. Her name is Kitty.. well because when I was a child, we had a HUGE maincoon cat at home, and sometimes, there are simple moments which are completely engraved in your mind. My brother and I were on my mom’s bed, and we were looking for a name for this cat we just rescued. I remind, as if it happened a minute ago, which sheets were on the bed, what pajamas we were wearing, I still see the hand of my brother playing with a pompom of the blanket… Then my mother said ” why not Mickey? funny a mouse name for a huge cat!” So it’s been Mickey.
therefore, my tiny mouse is named Kitty.
Kitty is not the ordinary mouse… she has a magnetic tail of course, but also thank to my beloved friend AnnMarie who enjoys to brainstorm with me and knows me incredibly well, Kitty has a pair of magnetic WINGS! She’s a flying mouse! ^^
Thank you AnnMarie for the awesome idea and letting me using it my friend! ❤
Kitty is SMALLER than Suzy. She is 4 inches tall. Quite larger as she is a chubby baby but almost like a real puki ^^
As you can see on the pics, she has my special hips joint allowing to make the facial splits and of course, cross shaped neck joint for a maximum posability. Though she is for now just a clay prototype, she already is an acrobat ^^
I hope you enjoy Kitty ^^ She will be my next preorder right after Sidonie and Monkey ^^ She’ll come in two or three colors… I haven’t made my decision yet. But there will be a tan for sure! Maybe a light gray? Pink Petal? white? I don’t know yet ^^
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  1. OMG GIRLY…she is perfect..the wings are awesome!!!! *pout* I would love to have one of your little sweethearts…

  2. oh yes Mystery’s eyes are really interesting!
    will you offer them in your shop (or share your source)?

    kitty…a flying mouse…haaaaaaa
    I love your sense of silly
    a wonderful new addition to your growing family

    sending you ENERGY for the month of May!!!!!!!!

  3. *love* I must say dear talented Nefer you make my day! I wait for your blogposts like children wait for Christmas and Santa Claus!

  4. Mystery’s eyes are gorgeous. I now have fallen in love with Kitty. She is soooo cute and her tail and wings make her a keeper for me. I will start saving ASAP. Much love and hugs to you sweet Nefer! You never disappoint me.

  5. Oh my those eyes are just stunning!!! So much depth to them!

    You have absolutely sold me on Kitty! The wings?! Omg!!!! Just too freaking cute! And those little teeth. I think a little grey mouse… But pink would be awfully cute too! Ahhh! I love it!

    All of your dolls are so lovely! You sure have been working hard! Your doll designs are unlike any other I’ve seen and I love them soo much! I cannot wait to see pictures of the faceups and new dolls!!! Nefer you are a true artist! In ever sense of the word! So lucky you are to have such a wonderful talent and job!

    Love you to bits!!!!


  6. OMG, Kitty is adorable! And those wings – is was really great idea! And I love her plump lips and funny teeth!

  7. une souris verte qui courrait chez Kane …..Attrappez la et adoptez la !!!!
    Elle est très charmante mais aussi espiègle!!gare au chat!!!!!

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