Mystery’s face ups and Donna Morgan!

I would like first of all, to warn some of you, maybe not familiar with the show Dexter that the following doll is not the random kind of face up. The next ones in the gallery of this post are more… “easy”. ^^
Ages ago, when I was making only ooak art dolls non bjd; I had many requests for vampires and many were commissioned, therefore, I had to invent a technique to mimic real fresh blood. It hasn’t been easy to find the right combination, but after a few weeks, I finally got the right mix, the right “ingredients” and some articles have been published about that technique of mine.

I have a friend… Well, she’s not a “friend”, she’s My Fruit Cake. Her name is Donna and you already heard about her here. I think that to have a nice life, everyone should have a Fruit Cake in his life. Donna is not the kind of friends when you’re troubles saying with a sweet hug ( though it’s awesome too) ” it shall pass… Don’t worry and ignore.”
Nope. She’s that kind of friends who simply says ” who did that?” and goes for a fight with words and armor, telling directly to the person attacking you ” Hey, you suck and you stop that right now!”
She fears nothing and no one. She is also that kind of friends, that when you look for something, simply says ” give your address. I found it and bought it for you.”
So did she with Emu’s eggs I was dying to have once… In many religions and paganism, the egg is the symbol of the soul. I think that, this very day, she gave me a piece of mine back with those eggs which I still cherish.
Donna knows me truly privately and she knows what my nights are made of. What worries I have every day and that I don’t share. How I live.
Strangely, when I work at night, I NEED movies and good shows. I work way too much to go out, I am also too tired, I hate crowd, my only moments in the “outer world” are for walks with my kids; otherwise I never get out.
I work 17 hours a Day ( night, whatever LOL) and movies and shows are my… “escape.” This is how I travel. I can tell you I am capable to sculpt an entire doll almost without looking at her and trusting my hands and touching if what’s on TV is worth to be watched! LOL
Recently, cause of picture I posted on my facebook, Donna asked for my address again. She’s like that. She doesn’t to talk much and make a lot of fuss, she’s a doer.
And she offered me DEXTER ( among other things).
I can say that.. she knows me WELL. I now watch only this. LOL
I became totally addicted and I am impatient every night to run in the living room when everyone’s asleep to work watching the show.
I received the Mystery’s samples as everyone knows. And whilst watching, I thought ” Oh funny! Dexter has the hair do and hair color than one of my new wigs.”
BAM! I had to make his daughter.
Her name is Donna Morgan, cause Donna my Fruit Cake is my very own Dexter. She takes the garbage off of my life and is as sweet as Dexter is with Rita his girlfriend and her kids.

After that, you’ll see two other face ups for Mystery in Pink Petal and Capuccino! with my new wigs and clothing line, but also wearing companies clothing, to show that Mystery can really fit YOSD clothing.
Hope you enjoy the pictures!
I can do a face up for your Mystery upon request, of course. And yep! her preorder is still open HERE for about two weeks! ^^

010 copy 012 copy 028 copy 003 copy 004 copy 006 copy 005 copy 022 copy 023 copy 025 copy 029 copy

015 copy 017 copy 036 copy 035 copy 033 copy 030 copy 019 copy 020 copy 018 copy 016 copy 015 copy 014 copy 011 copy 038 copy 039 copy 040 copy 041 copy 042 copy 008 copy 043 copy 010 copy 023 copy 013 copy 026 copy 037 copy 002 copy


  1. Now I have to go and watch some Dexter. I just love the face ups and the clothing too. Mi can’t wait to get my Humpty and My Mystery. 🐰🐰

  2. Awe they are all gorgeous! The little one in the pink chequered dress reminds me of Paulette :)…. Neffie you’ve done an awesome job once again!!,! ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. I’ve been watching Dexter, nonstop myself, (on Season 6) and am like you- can’t wait for the time my husband and I can sit down and watch it!! It is such a good show… I have to say, when I saw her, I immediately thought of Dexter- so you were right on the mark!!! Love her!! All she needs is khaki pants and a henley!!! And, her carving set, of course!!!! LOL

  4. WOW, WOW, WOW, Nefer these are fantastic!!!! Beautiful work! LOVE ! I adore this sculpt and you have done a wonderful job painting her. xoxo

  5. Love your mystery girls. The wigs are fab and the clothes adorable. I really like the pants and ruffled collar shirt.

  6. Oh, she is so sweet, just like your features, my Nefer! I think she is a little Nefer! Ma Belle Petite Amie! or Ma Petite Belle Amie! Precious! I love her!All my love and congratulations on another wonderful sculpt, my dearest one! And your face-ups are wonderful too! All my love,-Connie ❤ XOXO

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