MYSTERY IN RESIN! Wigs… Outfits… the so desired pictures are here! ^^

It’s been quite a journey….
My little Mystery samples have been shipped more than a week ago by my manufacturer and… She didn’t come within 2/3days as usual!

I was totally OVERSTRESSED and so was my adorable manufacturer to encounter such late with my parcel… I have NO IDEA what DHL did this time, but strangely, the girls, the wigs and clothing samples when to GERMANY (??!!!)
before landing at my place…
But today was definitely my day as it was my birthday and I FINALLY received the parcel 😀
Most of you knows I’m bonkers… well, when my son Louis woke me up today saying ” MOM WAKE UP : THE SAMPLES ARE HERE!!” I must confess, and I have no idea why it came to my mind, but I started to sing Twist and Shout exactly as in the movie Ferris Bueller’s day off. With two boys of 11 and 9, I can tell you my living room looked like THIS VERY SCENE in no time! LOL

Thank you deep from my grateful heart everyone for your wishes. I am truly extremely touched and will do my best to answer all of them ( more than 4000 just on facebook.. it might take a little while though! LOL)
You are AMAZING GUYS!!! ❤

SO! we’re not here to talk about my little self, but to show these Pink petal and Capuccino resin!
You will see also the pictures of the wigs for Mystery, soon available on my new website, which is still in progress; and some sneak peeks of the clothing. The basic ones. Not the ones I will embellish myself ^^
And please, be sure to choose the right layaway if you require one AND THE RIGHT COLOR for your doll! Both skin tones are the same price therefore : 535$ including of course the EMS international shipping too and a free pair of eyes!
If you want to adopt more than one Mystery, please drop me an email at and I will create a special Paypal link ( and layaway if required) for you! ^^
I will take some photos of Humpties witht he outfits and wigs for her of course; but today, firstly it was my birthday, and secondly I spent more than 4 hours to declare all my taxes with my accountant this afternoon ( Hi Jean-Charles ^^) so I rushed when he left to take these pictures for you ^^ I hope you’ll enjoy these two new skin tones created for my girls!!
See you in a couple of days for the first face up pictures! 😀
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  1. Well, that was supposed to make it easier Nefer…showing me the pink petal versus cappucino resin color. But now I am finding it even harder to decide which color to order! They are both just precious. And happy birthday to you my dear!

  2. Your house must be a fun fun place! Loved the Ferris scene. And love the Mystery girl, her wigs, and outfits. I know I’m deep in with your Circus Kane madness 🙂 Such a lovely madness too.

  3. almost forgot…
    thanks for giving US a present on your birthday!
    buon compleanno 🙂

  4. *sigh* Absolutely darling! My favorite picture of all is the one where their foreheads are touching. Look at those profiles and those little pug noses! Bravo, sweet Nini, you never cease to amaze! ❤

  5. i love love love her. especially the cappuccino tot. she has a priceless expression, the look of awe and discovery of a young child. another hit, Nefer!
    ellen lankford

  6. Tres Bien, ma petit! They are both so beautifully sculpted!
    These two are so you! I truly think that you’ve caught a wee bit of yourself in Mystery. The facial features are like yours and so petite like you! Exquisite! I love them as much as I love you! Happy Birthday, my sweet one and I send you all of my love, hugs, and kisses! ❤ X O X O X O ❤

  7. c est ton anniversaire et c est toi qui ous comble avec ces photos hehe
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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