MYSTERY PREORDER IS NOW OPEN! and some great news! ^^

I know many of you are wondering what I am up to these weeks… I am not much online and I promised some surprises….
Ok, there we go!

I am extremely proud ( and nervous LOL) to announce that , available from Humpty and Mystery, all the future CK Dolls will have their own clothing and mohair wigs lines from my design!
The wigs and outfits will have their own sections on my website and you can soon order them separately from the dolls. Almost every outfit will be unique as I will add some embellishments myself to every dress and other clothing piece to make them really special. Also, there will be some handmade by me head pieces to go with the wigs.
I will show pictures in no time of the wigs as I am receiving the samples of them ( as the clothing samples) along Mystery’s samples next week! ACHEE KAPAAAAAAAAAAAAWAAAAAAAAAAAAW!! 😀
Here is anyway a sneak peek of clothing samples my manufacturer sent me, the model is Alice resin master ^^
1 3

About my site now, I know that some of you had issues opening it, and it wasn’t easy for everyone. Also it was a problem that the automatic layaways were not available anymore and so everyone had to remind the payment, me to update

every order manually… it wasn’t funny at all.
Therefore, I now have a Webmaster ( Hi Rod ^^) who is moving my whole website and adding the links for automatic layaways, resolving the browsing issues and adding categories for the wigs, and clothing!
It takes a little though Rod is working all day long on my site; so as you are all very impatient ( thank you so very much by the way!! ^^) to preorder Mystery; I am opening her preorder on my blog as I did in the past.
The automatic layaways are available then.
To preoder Mystery DO NOT GO ON MY SITE : she is not there! PLEASE CLICK :  HERE

Mystery is available in TWO SKIN TONES!!
Pink Petal, a very very light pink created for me by my manufacturer and in Capuccino, the very very light tan created also for me by my manufacturer ^^ I hope you’ll enjoy to have that color option available ^^
PLEASE when clicking on the paypal link of the preorder, be sure to choose the color you want!! Mystery whatever her skin stone is 535$ and that, of course, includes the personalized carrier/Cushion, a pair of eyes and the international shipping via EMS.

For infos; the Nexeven will be there around the 10th of April and the Capuccino Humpties will be at my place too by the end of April! SOON SOON!!! 😀

Now about painting and face ups, I have more and more orders for face ups and tattoos, which makes me VERY proud and grateful! thank you everyone! But, as I all alone to run the company, I took a decision. From now ( capuccino Humpty) the body blushing will be done by my manufacturer for those requiring a face up. Making a body blushing, just the blushing take about 2 hours of work on every doll as I have to spray sealant, several coats using my airbrush, then blushing the dolls with pastels, then spraying again with my airbrush several coats of sealant. And Finally, it’s only pink blushing… Therefore, I will only do myself the face ups and manicure/pedicure on the dolls. If a tattoo is required, I will do it myself as well. That way, it’ll allow me to focus more on the details of the face, and for the same result, to ship faster to everyone. For example, 76 Nexeven are ordered and I have 54 face up to paint : that makes an incredible number of hours only for body blushing. also, I don’t want to say ” oh no, I don’t make your face up, my slots are booked!” to someone, it would be so unfair! Oh and OF COURSE, it will not affect the cost of my face up. It’ll be the very same price, don’t worry ^^

Now, here are some photos of the grey resin master my Lovely Manufacturer sent me to make you all wait more easily ^^


Also, here are a few previews of some OOAK outfits made by an artist I am now working with, La Fiancée de Frankenstein! They will be hand sewn and hand knitted! I really enjoy her old french and funny style!!
Here is an example of her Harem pants made exclusively for the CK Dolls! ^^

487472_10151486384764454_192985298_n 550028_10151486388064454_2143735560_n 578804_10151486387569454_446344055_n 581578_10151486387964454_877954459_n 601548_10151486387874454_466387107_n 188427_10151486387254454_1954289314_n 426433_10151486387094454_180148551_n


  1. Everything looks amazing! The clothing is darling, and I can’t wait to see Mystery in resin! Way to go, sweet Nini! You are headed to the tippy top! *hug ❤

  2. I love her already! I can’t wait to see one with your face up! She will be magical ❤

  3. Fabulous! I adore the harem pants and knit top for HD and Alice. My HD – Zipporah – is in too large bloomers to get that harem pant look. I’m so excited for you and for all of us. Congratulations and kudos all around.

  4. So much wonderful news !!!!!
    Congratulations on your ever expanding dolly world.
    …now to make a decision (thank you SOOOO much for the layaway options – so thoughtful)

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