Mystery Girl preorder, Sidonie and Monkey prototypes and an invention….

So… It’s been time to say goodbye to Humpty. It was her very last preorder and I want to thank you all deep from my heart for your enthusiast in her and offering her a home ^^

The next preorder to open is the one of Mystery Girl. I will receive her resin samples the last week of March. This little one will be proposed in two colors… For a change and trying to please everyone!
She will be proposed in Pink Petal ( a very very light pink tone, that I personally adore and my manufacturer created especially for me ^^) and in Capuccino, the same very light tan that Humpty ( also created especially for me : I love my manufacturer ^^)
It should open these days, just time for me to set everything up on my site ^^ I can already say that the price for Mystery is 540$
I will anyway publish a new post about this to warn everyone it’s open and also with a BIG surprise…. I hope you’ll enjoy it ^^

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I can now officially said that I have been commissioned by the great french doll’s forum DOLLLS, owned by my Lorraine who is more than a friend to me; to sculpt the doll representing the forum. Their “mascot” and

official doll. It’s been more than a honor for my friend to trust me sculpting that doll. I did my very utmost to make something original but following the instructions given to me at the same time.
“a young chubby funny yosd, smiling and sweet.”
So I sculpted Sidonie ( pronounce seedonee 😉 )
But for those knowing me… mhh well, I needed more. I felt that there was so many possibilities that once Sidonie done, I felt frustrated. So, as Lorraine and I are beyond close… we’re so alike… I decided to make a sister to Sidonie.
Here was born Monkey.
I added of course my cross shaped neck joint allowing a complete posability of the head ( it’ll be on every of my dolls from now cause it works too well to not be done ^^) but also, as the doll was very plump, I wanted her to be more posable than a slim one… Don’t ask me why.. I am very odd everyone knows it and even I don’t always have the answer to my own oddness. LOL
So I created a new hip joint shape allowing this very round doll to do the FACIAL splits.
This joint is a real pleasure to play with and I must say that even if it wasn’t a piece of cake to saw, it was completely worth it ^^
Technically, Sidonie and Monkey are now leaving for the factory. They will be my next preorder after Mystery Girl; therefore their preorder will not open before April/May.
I think they will be too, cast in two skin tones ( petal pink and capuccino)
There will be three options in this preorder, again to try to satisfy everyone ^^
To preorder one of them only.
To preorder with a special price the two sisters.
and also, for those wanting both but not having the budget for two dolls at the same time; it’ll be possible to order both faceplates and one body ( as they have the same one.)
I invite you to join the forum ( in french, but english speaking is understood and everyone is very loving over there) on the official thread for Sidonie and Monkey : HERE.
The preorder will be open ON THE FORUM; but for my collectors wanting them, you’ll have to drop me an email.
Technically again, One of them should be 430$, both of them should be 820$ (special price) and both heads with one body should be 560$.

But now, Please let me introduce Sidonie and Monkey :

Sidonie & Monkey
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Everyone knowing my work a bit, knows that I try to innovate the most I can, to make the hobby moving forward and to offer my collectors special dolls, with new features, new possibilities…
I think that I probably unconsciously dream to have one of those genius ideas which changes everything… So I try… I want to do better, to innovate the most my imagination allows me, to invent the most my skill allows me to.
I recently wanted to a buy a doll for my own collection. But I couldn’t decide which faceplate I wanted : dreaming or normal. Both were great. In fact, it’s very new for me to can afford dolls for my own pleasure and I still feel very guilty to spend money just my personal satisfaction. Reflex of a poor person I guess. Anyway, that led me to that very thought ” why can’t we have all in one?”
So I decided to make a doll that has normal face but additional parts to turn her into a dreaming one.
It has many advantages : cheaper to get “both” dolls cause you only pay for one doll; also only ONE face up required so here again money is saved and well… as a doll should be someone, changing the whole head always sounded a bit awkward to me.
So here (VERY IN PROGRESS please be indulgent, it’s not even sanded nor adjusted yet and her face can change quite a bit before she’s done.. lol) my very first doll with eyelids parts to turn her in normal or dreaming doll as fast as light. The process is like changing eyes : you take them off, then you put the eyelids with a bit of putty. Thus, everyone able to change eyes to his/her doll, can do it ^^
I hope you enjoy this new way to have a doll capable to express different things… I don’t know if it’s a revolution as my friend Milie suggested it, but well, I did my utmost to make something new and offer my collectors two dolls for the price of one and less inconveniences for the face up and doll budget.
This doll is a real MSD size; her name is Doann. Named after a Fruit Cake whom crossed my path one day and fortunately stayed in my life; she’s called by the rest of the world Donna. ^^


  1. Can’t wait to see more of Doann! She looks like she is just what I have been waiting for! Excited!

  2. Oh wowza Doann is AMAZING!<3 I'm gonna be keeping my eyes on her, she looks like someone who might just have to come home to me ❤

  3. Oh my gosh, I am so doomed! Monkey has teeth!!! I love them both, but oh my god, teeth! *sigh* I will have to find a way to get both girls. And Doann, wow..what can I say but Wow!!! Nefer, you never cease to amaze! ❤ xx

  4. I love the chubby babies! And the eyelids is such an awesome idea! I love dreaming dolls, but I don’t want my dolly sleeping all the time!

  5. I have always favored Sidonie because she is cheerful looking, but Monkey has wonderful teeth! I didn’t realize until these pictures! What hard decisions now! And you’re still going to unveil a Mystery doll? I will go broke for sure!

  6. I am totally in love with all Nefer’s dolls ….I totally must have Doann…. I have always wanted a doll with eyes & lid options….. thank you Nefer love…

  7. Magnifique !!! Tu es une vraie artiste tes poupées on toutes Un truc inexplicable et tellement personnel, J’adore !

    À bientôt


  8. Oh my! Sidone is fantabulous! I love love LOVE her hands. I love smiling faces. You are so innovative with that dreaming eyelid, too. Monkey is so cute!

  9. How creative – yeyelids as extra parts?! I love extra parts so much fun. Thank you for your creativity. I will have a very very hard job deciding who to get next. I’m already doomed with Alice on jpop and now all of these lovelies. I adore Sidonie and Monkey’s chubby body. Thank you for giving us the option of faceplates for those 2. Can’t wait to see the new resin colors and play with that new neck opening.

  10. Wow,your creations are SOOO amazing. Sidonie would look great as an addition to my other girls. Keep them coming. One day I will be grtting one of them. Decisions, decisions

  11. I really love Sidonie!! Is so sweet!! And the new posable hip joint is a great idea!! Love for you my friend!!!

  12. You just wanted to innovate,and came up with brilliant things! I like the eyelids idea. Amazing. c:

  13. Mystery Girl is petal pink sounds fascinating–can’t wait to order her, and I love that little Monkey. We call our youngest (just turned 3) Monkey, so I think Monkey will need come live with me as well.

  14. I can’t wait to see the Mystery Girl. She is lovely Nefer. I want her too. Now to get my Humpty paid off and get Mystery Girl too. Hugs,

  15. awwww, this is very interesting, so so so so curious how doann will turn out and a wonderful name!

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