Giveaway news, Nexeven’s face up, Humpty’s preorder and a couple of Maheya ^^

First of all, for those on facebook and BJD Forums, Groups, whatever, I want to thank you deep from my heart for your complete support. I received hundreds if not a thousand comments, messages, notes, emails of

support, even from many people I do not know. It truly profoundly touched me. THANK YOU.
For those not already aware : there’s been an issue with my giveaway.
As everyone knows, a virtual “friend” of mine won, that’s the reason why I put a second Iracebeth as a lot in my giveaway for I didn’t want anyone to think it might be faked or whatever.

I then painted the Aleah, who now lives with Aeris who is over the moon to own her. And I painted both iracebeth. It’s been requested by the third winner, Tania a special face up.
When I published photos on my facebook, troubles began… This virtual friend preferred the doll I painted for Tania instead of hers. Tania, I must say is one of the most delightful person I ever met and she has been ROYAL during this riot, and a real friend to me. Thank you Tania for being you ❤
Seeing that this “friend” was very disappointed in my face up, didn’t like the doll and didn’t want her, I said “ok, no problem, I am going to paint another one for you. it’s very simple. But it cannot be Tania’s one as it’s related to something very intimate of her private life and this doll is HERS.” Anyway, everyone knows that I never make the same face up twice.
I log off, and start the second iracebeth for this person; thinking all was alright.
When I log back… Plenty of nasty comments, accusations for me to not want to give her the doll she won (°_°), threats, and some friends emailing me saying she was emailing them, involving them, accusing me of theft…
So, as it was really going out of hand and way too far; I decided, as NOTHING could please this person but having Tania’s doll, which was OUT OF QUESTION, as it involves my integrity as an artist, and my honor code as a person; I then took the decision to send her the full price of an iracebeth through paypal as a prize.
She then, went farer; posted horrid comments on my page, posted on many bjd facebook groups and even Den Of Angels, saying ” beware, this person is named Nefer Kane, she is not honest and mean.” (I personally find quite rare to see a victim ending up with 520$ in her pocket and insulting everyone all around, including a child’s handicap. Just saying.)
Because after having the money in hand, she decided she could also have the first doll she refused. which was too out of question.
She posted like if she was a CLIENT, but she never paid but won a doll. She at the same time was calling me a thief and herself a victim and was mocking me for having already spent the money I sent in her another doll. She even said that I sent her the money for her to buy from me… That was a complete insanity.
Anyway. She even insulted my bond to my autistic son… What a lesson. I thought she was a friend.
So, I also want to thank ALL THE MODS TEAMS, from every group she posted in, including Den of Angels one, who deleted her posts right away and reminded her  and everyone that slandering and bashing was not allowed. I don’t know those teams, but I thank them very very much for having been so fair and prompt to react to these slandering lies.
All that to say I am very stubborn. Because, looking at this rejected, insulted Iracebeth now homeless, I took another decision.
I don’t think that low people, mean ones, and empty ones; should change who you are and the way you think. I wanted to make a gift, for just the pleasure to give, to an unknown person; so I will not change my mind because I crossed the path of a crazy greedy person.
I will draw the lots again for this iracebeth. But this time, I will do it all alone, because you can imagine easily how my 11 years old son who picked the names for the iracebeth must feel now. I will not let him suffer again.
So, this Iracebeth has a tattoo. I am going to tattoo her more because I think I have to take care a little more of her before letting her go again to a “stranger designed by destiny.” I think, it’s my way to “comfort” her… So I am going to tattoo her a lot, and once done; I will draw a name again. So PLEASE, if you dislike my work, or expect money from me : DO NOT ENTER.
Because I will NEVER EVER give money again instead of the won doll. And if you just don’t like the doll, just walk away. I received hundreds of kind words saying that friends, and fans would adore to own this doll; if you don’t like her : many are willing to give her a loving home ^^

So, soon, a new opening for this giveaway bis ^^
Anyway, here are the photos of Albino Heart, the Iracebeth won by my new Friend Tania who should receive her in no time now^^

014 013 015 028 031

And here is the unloved Iracebeth, her name is Lone Star.
002 008 007 005 006 004

On a lighter note, YEP! Capuccino Humpty Dumpty’s preorder is open on my site :, if you choose a layaway, PLEASE remember that payments are not automatic and you have to send it every month ^^ thank you!
And as you can see : Humpty’s ready General Kane! 😀
034 041 copy

This week are leaving the last maheyas and one Aleah for their new homes ^^ Here are a couple of Maheya I did for my friend Cheryl. A Nude Face up and…. A jellyfish cloud. She knows why ^^
110 copy 106 copy 118 copy 120 copy

Now… what everyone was waiting for : NEXEVEN’S FACE UP!!
The golden face up Nexeven (first one on the photo series) belongs to my Friend Lorraine.
060 copy 063 copy 064 copy 082 copy 081 copy 080 copy 077 copy 071 copy 068 copy 067 copy 066 copy 065 copy 062 copy 059 copy

086 copy 088 copy 089 copy 090 copy 093 copy 095 copy 096 copy

And to close that post, ALICE! Soon on Jpopdolls! You can see on the first pictures my face up for her. and on the those with the body and Marbled Halls costumes, the delightful face up made  by Grace! I am truly over the moon and beyond to see how she made this alice fragile, thoughtful and sweet… THANK YOU DARLING LOVE ❤
039 copy 040 copy 047 copy 052 copy 053 copy 055 copy a2 a3 a4 a5 alice in elle


  1. AWESOME WORK! Great job! I am so sorry that the ugliness in the doll world touched you again, but you’ve risen up above it like a classy lady.

  2. You are amazing, shame on that person for being so ungrateful!
    You went way above and beyond far what you should have done for this unsatisfied person who dared to act as a friend to you. No friend should ever have done that! And to take that out on your son? ATROCIOUS. And horrible.

    Lone star is a beautiful girl, and any of us would be happy to own her. I know what I along with many others would be honored to have our names pulled by your sweetheart son!!

  3. ALL of your dolls are gorgeous! That virtual friend sure has a lot of bad karma to work out………and she should take a few lessons on manners, too.

  4. anything, absolutely anything that NEFER KANE makes I WANT!!!!!! it doesn’t matter what it is I would be honored to have something that she took the time, put her heart and soul into making, I would be incredibly happy and really feel special that I could say I own a doll that nefer made. and even more important then that if your son pulled my name out it would be a double prize. whatever the prize is and if your son pulls my name out I will be ecstatic, honored, blessed, excited, thrilled, happy beyond words to have sitting in a very special place just for her and even more I would love the ticket your son pulled and would like to send him a thank you for pulling my name out. nefer you and your dolls are one of a very special kind that I love from the bottom of my heart. xox

  5. My beautiful Baby Doll Nefer, blessings to you for rising up through this. You of all people I know have the most honer & integrity & I am priveleged to be able to call you my friend & sister xoxo I know your heart is pure.
    As ALWAYS your BJdolls are gorgeous darling, I love the pink eye lashes every time & I love the silver-ish looking eyes too.
    Hold your head up high sweet heart, you deserve nothing but good things in your life for you & your family.
    Warm cuddles & much love Mimi xoxoxoxo

  6. My dear Nefer,
    I never entered your first drawing at Christmas time to win one of your dolls, thinking somehow that it was selfish of me. I wanted others to benefit from your wonderful gift from the heart. I have since, changed my mind because I want something you’ve touched and created. It would mean the world to me, so if you haven’t drawn the name yet, is it possible for you to add mine to the lot? If not, I understand and will continue to enjoy seeing a creative master at work and play.
    Donna F Nail

  7. Poor Lone Starr.. she almost looks like she just KNEW she would be rejected. The down-lashes look like tears from her broken-hearted eyes. I know you will find her a good home… she deserves the very best. ❤

  8. I love you Nefer… I love your work… I still say you pour more heart and soul into each of your pieces… and it shows… ❤

  9. That sweet unloved doll is just Gorgeous! I Love her. She will certainly not go unloved. Her face up is Amazing! Well, i want to order a humpty but the order website isnt working with my surface tablet or iphone where i can order one on layaway. What should i do?

  10. Hard to fathom how anyone can behave like this. I would have been so honored to win one of your dolls. And you went above and beyond to please her to no avail. Shame on that person for behaving the way she did. Your dolls are Beautiful! And so are you!

  11. I am so sorry that the winner was such a nasty person. As a mother, I am appalled that she dragged your son into the fiasco as well. Nothing hurts more than when your children get attacked for no reason. This person was totally ridiculous. Surely she could have waited and seen the new face-up at the very least. She got a FREE doll, that most of us would have been overjoyed to receive. What a pity she has spoilt the event for both of you. Your son looked so happy picking the winners, as did you.
    I must say however that I am loving the new looks for Nexeven. She is adorable and the shoes look so cute in blue resin. Can’t wait to get her.

  12. Oh Susan, I quite agree with your comment about Lone Star…..She does have a bit of a foreboding premonition to her countenance…. Perhaps she was trying to relate something to her creator, even as she was being created? Maybe additional body art and a loving home is all she needs to turn the tides. ❤ ❤

  13. I can only say that I adore your work and can feel the love you put into every piece across the ocean. I think your gold Nexeven is just absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to see your Alice on JPoP and will be ordering for sure.
    I think your Iracebeth is just waiting for the right home.

  14. That is insane! It’s a give-a-way & normally with any give-a-way you don’t get to pick the price, it’s free after all. It would be like winning the lottery & saying no I don’t want the money can you spend it for me on stuff I want instead LOL. People are crazy 😦 And the fact that you sent her price money to make up for it…… Maybe next time you have a give-a-way you could use one of the FaceBook apps, that way you’re covered by their terms & rules. Or state something like “no cash value” I learned this the hard way years ago when giving away a custom painting. I think I painted it 6 times before they where happy 😦 never again lol You are such an amazing artist & too nice of a person to have this happen to you. I hope the next give-a-way works out better, & be sure to block that person from entering ^_^

  15. Hi i was very sad when i read the story. You are so talanted and nice and i love your dolls! Amazing dolls. I cant understand that woman but there is strange people out there sorry that you had to go thru this. Lots of dollielove, Amanda

  16. My god Nefer! You’ve really outdone yourself!! Tania’s doll is truly amazing, the unloved doll divine, your Nexeven’s??oh gawd!! Amazing!!! Those gold rings are DA BOMB!
    Lastly; I hope you draw my name! And f you do, save a spot on her tummy for a dragon tattoo because that’s where mine is 🙂
    Love you Nefer. You wonderful woman!

  17. It’s terrible that there are such spiteful, hateful people in this world. You are an awesome artist and a very loving, giving person; and you certainly don’t deserve that kind of treatment–no one does. I pray that God will keep blessing you, your family, and your work. I am the proud owner of one of your Humptys, and I love her so much! Now that I’ve found you and your wonderful dolls, I hope to and would be honored to own more of them. Hugs and best wishes! 🙂

  18. Well, to try and find a silver lining – through one persons petty, mean-spirited selfishness, someone else will now have the opportunity to show Lone Star just how much she is truly loved!!

    Nefer, you are one of the most genuine, kind-hearted, giving, generous (and amazingly TALENTED!!!) people I have the pleasure of knowing (even if only “virtually”). It is unfortunate there are people out there who could be so hurtful, and especially related to a gift from your heart. Just remember that one person is a tiny insignificant speck compared to the vast numbers of people who know you and love you and recognize everything you do comes from your heart and soul!!! We all LOVE YOU TO BITS, dear Nefer!!!

    And now……Nexeven…..COME HOME TO ME!!!! Oh my gosh, Nefer, I’ve loved her from the first instant I laid eyes on her. Now I absolutely love her even more – she is simply stunning complete with faceup and gold rings!! I cannot WAIT to have my very own sad, soulful replicant here with me.

  19. Nefer I’m so sorry that anyone could act like that person did…..people constantly amaze me with their pettiness. Thankfully, they also constantly amaze me with their kindness forgiveness and love as well! I guess we have to just try to see the beauty and ignore the ugliness!
    Lonestar is gorgeous………there is a band by the same name who sings one of my favorite songs, it’s called “Amazed” if you can find it to listen to!
    Nexeven is stunning, and darling little Alice is a MUST HAVE…….soooooo sweet and adorable!
    BTW, where do we enter your drawings?

  20. Wow…that’s such an extreme and completely irrational reaction to WINNING a FREE doll!!! How dumb! I for ONE would LOVE to win poor “Lone Star”, I’d have a ball making her beautiful gowns and frocks, she looks like she’d be amazing to make costumes for. Hope it’s all settled soon, if there’s a new comp, I’d love to enter 🙂 I somehow didn’t even know of the first one 😦 even though i follow you on flickr and facebook too, oh well!!! Sorry doing something so generous has had such a nasty experience for you, big hugs!!!!!!

  21. Nefer my dear heart, I am so sad to read of the unrighteousness you experienced thru an ungrateful uncaring person. You, however, remain righteous and gracious as always. I would accept Lone Star in a heartbeat. She is so stunningly beautiful and I especially love her tattoo, more would only make her more desirable. Truly LOVE her.
    Alice is amazing! If only I were able to find the rainbow with the pot of gold, but best of all, you are the rainbow that shines thru with your extraordinary creativity. Sending you heaps of hugs and pink smiles, Valli & NyXy xxx

  22. i love all your work, but especially love the way you pour yourself into your work, so that each doll has some of you inside of it. i believe your dolls have a little spirit inside of them, spreading friendship and love, and each one gives such pleasure to their new moms and dads. your work is unusual and unique, which makes them even more special and visually stunning. all your customers and friends do love you. it’s just sometimes we have to shake ourselves off, and a friend will fall to the wayside. it hurts, but we all learn painful lessons from it. i am so sorry you’re hurting, but if it’s any consolation, i love you, and that little fire inside of you, which sometimes flares and roars. louis and arnaud are so lucky to have nefer kane as a mother, and nefer kane is lucky to have louis and arnaud as her sons. they are your soul mates. ❤
    love and hugs,

  23. OMG s sitting here gob smacked! Nexeven !!! Neffie baby…..Acheeeeeeeekapowwwwwwaaaaaa!! I don’t know what else to say! I think she is definitely my new favourite ❤ ❤ ❤ And Alice ! Divine!!! >>>>>>>>>> much xoxoOXXxoxxox

  24. Oh, Nefer, that is terrible! I’m sorry your generous giveaway ended on such a bad and selfish note. You are so sweet and generous to offer Lone Star again! She is truly beautiful, and I can’t imagine how anyone would not want her!

    Alice is perfection and I love Nexeven! So amazingly gorgeous.

  25. Nexeven with face-up leaves me speechless. She was always an absolute perfection to me – now she had come truly alive. With that human-like skin, perfectly blushed by you, with those shimmering, expressive eyes… She is a vision, my dearest, absolute vision.

    And I hope I don’t upset anyone by saying I love Alice with your face-up just a little bit more. The other face-up is very tender and precious, but the way you painted her – she looks, again, living and breathing! Her eyes look like they are about to blink any time…

    This post is so choke-full of eye candy I’m almost drooling 😉 It was great to see the two giveaway Iracebeth again. They are both amazing, I liked at first Albino Heart a bit more, but… I have a heart for unloved and rejected, so the other Iracebeth is even more precious to me now. I know she will find a wonderful loving home!

  26. Wow, I had no idea about the aggravation you wen through with the prize doll. What an ungrateful person that winner was. I’m sorry for you. You did an amazing thing to have this contest and give away your dolls and this person doesn’t deserve anything. And your Iracebeth is certainly not “unloved” as she is loved by me and I’m sure many other people. I adore your new little Alice. Wow, what a cutie pie. Keep smiling, Nefer, and know that there are lots of people who love you and your work and you must ignore the mean, ungrateful ones.

  27. How sad that someone would not accept winning what you created for her.When one enters a contest and wins, the joy of winning should be enough.It would not of mattered to me how the doll was presented, the fact would of been the honor of winning and owning one of these fantastic creatures

  28. I’m the luckiest person on earth!!!!! my Nexeven is pure gold!
    Nefer, my beloved friend, she’s perfect like you ❤
    and both Iracebeth are so beautiful, the albinos one is delicate (et presque aussi jolie que la mienne^^)

  29. I can’t believe that a person couldn’t adore this Iracebeth.
    Nexeven’s golden face is just wonderfull!

  30. When I read about your experience, I could not believe that a winner of one of your precious art dolls could act that way! I for one would be thrilled to win and I hope the I am still registered in your drawing. I really admire your work! Best Regards!

  31. So sad that you had to go through that ~ after giving so freely with this contest. As my Mom always says “Don’t let the turkeys get you down”. ❤

  32. I have loved your dolls from afar and am so grateful to see the beauty you create. So sorry you have had a bad experience with someone when they were so blessed to receive one of your creations through your kindness. I would love to be in a drawing for one of your dolls!! Don’t know how to be registered to do so, but want you to know your artistry is loved by me and so many others!

  33. Is it to late to enter the drawing for Lone Star?

    I am excited to see Alice. I would love more info an her. Like her height what size wigs does she take etc.


  34. Hallo Nefer,

    i have read the sad story about the trouble with the Givaway. I am so sorry but i believe there are some persons in the world you never can make it right. I would never ever refuse a doll that i have won. I love your Ettie and her face up so much and i believe you are a lovley and honest person. I have seen your Alice and i like your face up very much. Can`t i buy it by yourself? You know i have asked you for a Maheya or Aleyha but after this story i understand why you had no time to answer. Please e-mail me for Alice if all the trouble is over.

    Be happy

  35. Nefer, how do we enter your drawing for that dear ircabeth? I think she looks beautiful with her cupcake tatoo- and the lady is crazy for not liking her! I would cuddle her up!

  36. I really like Alice, she reminds me a bit of Leslie Caron. Will have to watch jpop for her release. Just got my Iracebeth, made up by Heliantas: I am speechless! Soooo beautiful, and I swear she FEELS (don’t know how else to describe it). I can’t believe what happened to you, this “friend” sounds like she is in serious need of medication and therapy.

  37. Nefer, Nefer, Nefer….I love Alice’s face…those lips are just gorgeous! Will she only be offerred on the same body as Ms. Humpty Dumpty?

  38. I’m so sorry you had to deal with such an unpleasant situation… I’m glad you know that a LOT of people support you!
    Nexeven is so stunning with a faceup–I love her with both the dramatic golden paint and the softer, more natural look. I can’t wait to get mine home and paint her 🙂

  39. There are so many strange people in the world, but there are more wonderful poeple who ADORE your work! All of your dolls are so STUNNING! Recieving anyone of them would be a privilege and joy! Please keep developing your fabulous technique and style! We LOVE you, Nefer Kane! You are not only an exceptional artist, but truly a fine person!

  40. Nefer you are a gifted artist and I want to say that most of your freinds would be an honor to have one of your creation, your beauty just flows through all of your art, and to have your sons Arnaud or Louis draw the name would be awesome to see the joy on the faces as they have become a part of your creation.
    This individual must be sick in the head or just plain ignorant. I’m sorry you had to deals with this kind of crap, but you are one of the strongest person I know and loved by all of us.
    I love tattoos, I have a few and one of them is a black/gray panther on my hip with her teeth showing if only it could growl out loud, what is wrong with that ungrateful lady, Lonestar is magnificent because you created her. Lonestar would be loved in my home as she would with any of your true friends.
    We all love ya XOXOXO, Darlene

  41. I’m so sorry you had to experience such an ungracious and ungrateful person who stooped really low and acted so cruelly for no good reason at all.
    I think the fact that you are still willing to find a home for poor unloved Lone Star is a testament to what a kind person you are.
    I must say I’d never seen or heard of your dolls until today but Wow, they are adorable – I’m already hooked and I really can’t get my head around why the person who won your doll would no longer want her, I think she is beautiful and yay I’ve finally found a doll that has a similar figure to my own!!
    I know from experience that a lot of people in “The Doll World” can be pretty obnoxious – I don’t understand it either, just as I cannot understand why a person (especially a friend) would enter a competition for anything they do not want or decide to act they way this person did to you once they won. I’d be happy with just knowing I’d won something and I could never treat someone in the way that person did to you or say the hurtful things she did.
    I really hope you do not take what she said to heart, I know how hurtful it must have been to read all those horrible things about yourself, but please try to put it out of your mind and not allow it to eat you up inside, the person in question has issues and I believe will one day get comeuppance, don’t allow it to change who you are or how you view the world.
    All the best, J x

  42. I can’t believe they didn’t want her! oh no! 😦 I can’t wait for the giveaway, I’d love to enter… also… ALICE AHGHHHDBAHGLE I simply need her! *NEEEEEED*

  43. The photos on this page are breathtaking!
    Thank you for the joy & beauty that you create.
    ANY negative energy is CANCELED by your artistry.

  44. I can’t believe there’s people like this! *_*
    A giveaway it’s a wonderfull opportunity that you give us,not something you have to do, plus, a doll it’s always beautifull, it contain the talent, the fantasy and the feelings of the artist, expecially for the ooak one, you can’t simply said:” I want one like that!”
    I’m happy you decided not to change yourselves for someone like that!

  45. I remember seeing that member’s ranting on DOA and just though she sounded INSANE! I don’t think anyone paid any attention to her nonsensical ramblings. Anyway that same thread led me to you and I’m so glad it did! It’s horrible that people would act like she did. Even trying to make the other winner feel bad! It sounds like you bent over backwards for her, but she wanted you to get her the already won doll and nothing else. 😦 I am ashamed how people act about something they didn’t even pay for! Asking you to do a special face up was a bit much in the first place.
    Anyway I love your dolls and you are a sweetheart , but you cannot please everyone! Keep ding your thing! Your dolls are lovely one of a kind treasures! I would be happy to own any doll you made. Just the way you made her! Kisses to you and your son,

  46. I can not believe how dreadful some people are. Your dolls are to die for… and whoever this awful person is, she should be ashamed. Ashamed because she was insulting, ashamed because she took your gift of money, ashamed because, as we are all taught as children (I hope) you receive a gift graciously… but MOSTLY, ashamed because she insulted your child. What a nasty evil bully she must be. Shake her off… chalk her up to an ugliness you do not need. Hug your sweet boy, and keep making your wonderful dolls…. which I would so love to own!

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