Nexeven in resin and Capuccino Humpty preorder OPEN!

My manufacturer is an extraordinary lady.
She always does her utmost to ship me the fastest she can, even when her schedule is the craziest, she always succeed. So, tonight, I want to thank her for all the endeavors she puts in casting my dolls in resin. She truly is a marvelous professional and a great human being.
That said, here is the news everyone was waiting for : NEXEVEN IN RESIN!
I will definitively close her preorder this coming week. I let it open upon the request of some of you, for I can totally understand that some of you need to see the doll in resin before ordering.
Tonight, once that post published : I run in my studio to paint the first face ups therefore a new post will come these very days with new pictures ^^ AND with pictures of the two Iracebeth won in the giveaway!
Talking about Iracebeth, the very last dolls will be shipped this week. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!

I apologize in advance for the picture’s quality : I received the dolls at night but thought you wanted to see them in spite of the poor light. Next photos will be better, I promise ^^

007a 016a 019a 032a 034a 036a 060a 050a 075a 078a 052a 059a

Now… What some of you waiting for for weeks…. CAPUCCINO HUMPTY DUMPTY PREORDER!
as you know, within the first 24hrs I mentioned this future preorder for this limited editions, all the seats have been taken. But but but… I thought it was pretty unfair for those not in my mailing list, like if I was making a private preorder where only my beloved collectors were allowed in. I dislike this. I dislike any kind of segregation and selfishness. THEREFORE, with the opinion of My P<3 I asked for, and whom agreed with me : I decided to add 20 seats to this preoder.
20, not less, but not more! Once all the seats are taken, I will close, no matter what, the preorder; because it IS a limited edition and the very last preorder for Humpty.
So if you want me to book you a cappucino egg doll for later : email me RIGHT AWAY! Cause I cannot do a thing once the extra seats are taken.
You can preorder your Capuccino Easter Egg girl here, on my company’s site : CKDOLLS.

Also… Check in the “In Stock” section; HERE. There is a little, double and unique surprise… ^^

Before I go to paint my beloved Nexeven, I have a question… Do you remember this girl showed a long time ago? 😉


  1. So is Nexeven available in white and normal resin? I don’t remember seeing an option on the order form. (And Humpty is beautiful in that cappucino resin.)

  2. Nexeven looks absolutely wonderful! The little bit of translucence in the resin suits her very much. I’m so happy I have her on layaway–she’s such a special girl, and even more elfin in resin.
    I missed the surprise… what was it?

  3. Toujours aussi prompt à faire bisquer les autres. L’aime le white, okay, mais faut pas montrer!

    Envoyé de mon iPhone

  4. *w* oh Nexeven ….tes photos la mettent encore plus en valeur je trouve la première avec la teinte bleue est magnifique
    la couleur cappuccino est vraiment très douce j aime énormément aussi
    pour la dernière qui pourrait oublier Alice !!(pas moi 😉 lol ) bisous chouchou

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhh don’t do this to my i want one of your doll so bad ♥
    I always love your cheerful tone, please go on like this your a sunshine!

  6. Nefer when you say it’s the last pre-order for Humpty does that mean she will not be cast again in any skin tone?

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