Iracebeth face ups, some news and… a little suzy ^^

Everyone knows I have been painting painting painting painting and shipping shipping shipping shipping… The great news is that almost all Iracebeth are shipped! ALMOST!
And I am for now, painting to two Iracebeth won during the giveaway. Right after that ( tomorrow then lol) I’ll start to paint the Maheya and finish the ship them as well!

It’s been a bit tough I must say… Cause this time, I had two different dolls to ship… which makes more than 95 dolls to pack and ship. That’s a lot. But it’s awesome to send them to their new homes

and it drives me to one of those moments when I want it to never stop ^^
Anyway, I have been painting a LOT! I painted 37 iracebeth in… 7 days/night. It might seem not so much said just like this, but check below LOL :

Yep that’s a blister on my thumb. What a brush can do to you eh… You have been all adorably patient with me and I truly thank you for that. If I painted that much in such short time, it’s because I HATE to wait myself, so I can easily imagine how BORING it must be for all of you. And also because the customs delayed the Iracebeth for a while so I couldn’t ship them for Christmas as promised for I didn’t have them yet by the time. And I HATE to not keep my word.

But you’ve all been awesome and I thank you very much for your kindness ^^ YOU ROCK GUYS!!
Here are now some examples of the face ups I did for the Red Queen.
This one belongs to Lorraine, my beloved friend and owner of the great doll’s french forum DOLLLS.

016 010 009 011

That one belongs to Patricia, she asked for ” whatever you want with freckles.” ^^

019 020 021 017

This very special one is the one my dear friend Maryanne, she said, just as for her Ettie ” dark, mean, mystical creature of Night” and I got inspired by Asian Theater and their sort of ” red devils”. I hope you’ll love her sweetie ^^

003 005 006 007

Now here is the Aleah won in the giveaway by Aeris! with a special tattoo for luck to stay with this delightful young woman ^^ I must say I really loved to make that face up, with her description, I understood she wanted a “nude face up”. Only living soft flesh with nothing to enhance the doll but only a perfect skin tone. I really like this one!
025 024 023 026 028 033

Let me introduce you the sisters painted for my own adored sister of Heart, Maria. Please meet Lilac Aleah and Ivory Maheya! As you can see, my sister also asked for a Nude Face Up for her Maheya, and “whatever you want to paint” for her aleah. I LOVE YOU CRAZY MUCH SISTER!! ❤
036 038 040 042 043 046 047 048

Here is now… A little suzy! This little girl waited for her owner Celeste to be back home, so she stayed with me for a while ^^
I hope you like her my dear!

Let me talk a bit about my Humpty dilemma I had these past days… I intended to make a very limited (and VERY LAST preorder for my egg girl) Capuccino edition for Humpty Dumpty. So I announced to my collectors that there will be 20 seats available for this very special girl in my newsletter. I didn’t expect that all would be booked within 48 hours… °_O
So here was my problem : I promised a public preorder but couldn’t make it anymore. That could have sound like it was a must to be among my collector’s list to get that special doll, like if other people were not good enough. and I HATE that. So, after a little talk with My P<3, my Otherself Paulette Goodreau, I decided to add 15 more seats to open in February a public preorder on my new website CKDOLLS. That way, it’ll be possible for everyone ( even though the seats are limited) to get his Humpty. Note that the following picture SUCKS and that in person, the Cappucino skin tone, especially created for me by my manufacturer is lighter ^^

The last paragraph for tonight is about Nexeven!
I should have her resin samples in a few days. So I’ll show face ups for her right away. I know that for a few of you, to have not seen her in resin first is an issue, and as it’s been asked to me several times; I agree to let her preorder open till I’ll get the resin sample dolls. Even though it’ll be Rock and Roll cause she has been a huge success and more orders means more face ups and more shipping; but one can REALLY NOT complain about this but rather thank you all very very much for welcoming my girl in your collection THANK YOU ❤



  1. Aleah/Aeris a un visage magnifique, tu as réussie a lui donner une telle expression … c’est impressionnant ! je n’ai pas dis que les autres nétaient pas jolies, mais c’est elle que je préfère, biz
    soignes tes ampoules ((((-:

  2. Oooh Nefer, your face-ups are getting better and better!! I am really in love with the face-up you did for Aeris. WOW. Gorgeous!!!
    Now, I can’t wait till February! Oh the pain!! 😛

  3. Ohhhhh je suis encore en amour devant les photos de ma petite Aleah ❤ C'est vraiment une réussite ce makeup, elle fait tellement vivante avec! (Et visiblement il a du succès 😉 ). Je suis impatiente qu'elle soit là!
    Bon courage à toi pour tout ce qu'il te reste à faire. Gros gros gros bisous ❤

  4. I love the way you do face-ups.. They are so bold, brave, different – yet tender and full of beauty. That lilac Aleah is a vision, and Maheya is so natural, it seems she’s speak any moment now!

  5. Red Devil Iracebeth is all mine! I long to hold her! Thank you my Darling Nefer, you have magic fingers and know what I see in my heart. My CLEVER beautiful friend….Lots of kisses

  6. They are all incredibly beautiful, Nefer. That little Suzy makes me smile. LOVE LOVE lilac Aleah. One day I might find one. We all need dreams.

  7. Le face-up nude de l’Aleah d’Aeris est somptueux ! il laisse comme une transparence à la résine, il disparait presque derrière la beauté de la matiére !!!!
    et aussi ma Nexeven ………… je la veux tellement ! je ne suis pas étonnée de son succés

  8. Oh Nefer all of your work is gorgeous! I really love your Nexeven and even more important your story of her creation. I would love to get on your preorder for her.

  9. all your face up are beautiful but my Iracebeth is the prettier^^
    and Aleah’aeris ❤
    my dear friend ❤

  10. Ooh – really loving all of your faceups Nefer. Hmmm – might have to get you to do Nex’s faceup for me. I reallly can’t wait to see Nex in resin. I almost missed out on her until I saw her in the gray. It brought out the details. She really is beautiful.

  11. Nefer, I just love all your faceups! They all look fabulous!! I can’t wait to see my wonderful Iracebeth 🙂 🙂 Lots of hugs dearest!! xxxx

  12. Loving all the faceups on your girls Nefer 🙂 Can’t wait to see my wonderful Iracebeth!!! Hugs xxxx

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