Nexeven, Ettie, Zookie and… a Mystery. :)

I warn everyone : it’s going to be a post about everything and every doll at the same time… lol

First, again my warmest congratulations to the giveaway’s winners! The three of them require a face up by me *feeling proud* so the pictures of the dolls will be posted there very soon ^^
Congratulations to Aeris for winning Aleah, to Amy Scott for winning Iracebeth, and to Tania van Jaarsveld for winning the second Iracebeth! 😀

so, the first Iracebeths have been shipped! Be sure I do my utmost to ship them the fastest possible, BUT, I have to paint many of them, I have also the Maheya to paint and ship, I have to sculpt, and I have tons of emails to answer to. As I received the dolls only the 30th of January, please allow me a few days to ship them all, and to finish the face ups as well. Thank you ^^ Because as you can see, my new assistant is not THAT active… Please meet Woola, the great and grand gift my sister Maria sent us from Germany. I never thought it was possible to adore a dog so much, and so think my kids 😀

Talking about success… I have to announce that the very limited Cappucino Humpty Dumpty series is almost sold out. So please, if you don’t want to miss her, drop me an email! For I am not even sure I can open a preorder as all the seats seem to get booked before.. Thanks!

Now, about Nexeven… A couple of new photos of her ready to dive in silicon… The samples are now in production.. I cannot wait!! and can already announce that she is a HUGE success!! thank you so very much everyone for loving her so!! It’s beyond bliss to me ^^
Her preorder will close in 10 days, but for now, it still runs here : WWW.CKDOLLS.COM


Now I’d like to show three different face up for Ettie. The first one belongs to Uwe. Uwe wanted something simple and soft. I thought of a cherry tree flower… I hope she will love her ^^


The second Ettie belongs to Emilie and I know she already loves her. This Ettie is a shy, clumsy adolescent, with freckles, scratches, beauty spots, a bandage ( lol) a piercing..
088 094 096

The third Ettie belongs to Maryanne. She told me ” dark, mean, creature of Night, mystical”… I hope Maryanne who is also a friend will love her. Personally, I must confess it is so far my favorite face up I have ever done ^^

098 103 099

Many of you told me that it wasn’t nice to make you wait so by not showing my new prototypes… mhhhhhhhhh… Maybe! But I just wanted to let everyone the time to order the current doll without stress for the next one. But as you all required pictures; there we go ^^
Here is a tiny elf ( her size will be between Suzy and Aleah’s one : pretty small then! a pocket doll I can say!) Her name is Zookie. She is named after my Zookie Babylove aka Suzy Brewer whom already let me use her name for Tiny Suzy ^^ thank you sweet heart!! 😉

145 143

The Mystery Prototype… This one is finished since a while… One night I wasn’t feeling good at all, and in the middle of one of my atrocious doubts, My P<3 Paulette Goodreau, caught me up in chat and told me ” Ok. Stop now. We are Monday, I want a new prototype Thursday. You do her like this, like that and this size. Go.”
Those on my facebook surely remember the Thursday Mystery. Well, it was that doll. And yes, I did her in 4 days and felt instantly better. My P<3, My US<3, knows me so very well… and as usually, she saved me. ( it’s a habit of hers. lol)
The doll is a real yosd : The Dimdoll Aria’s clothes for example fit her. Her wig size is 8. Her eyes size is 12 or 14mm. Her preorder will open this Spring.
But who is that doll? Who is she?
Mhhhh… Only P<3 and I know so far and we will keep the mystery veiled for a little more time…. 😉 Anyway, I hope you’ll like her! and if some of you wonder what is that expression on her face : it is AWE. There is not many innovation on this doll, BUT, there is one : her neck joint. It is a crossed shaped joint I imagined to allow a complete freedom of pose for the head and well… as you can see : it works! YAY!

146 114 116 113 136 135 112 125 127 130

117 116 121 120 122 119 118 123





  1. The poseable head is a big thing my love! It’s quite a huge innovation! It’s unbelievable how life-like in her posing this doll instantly becomes with this one touch of genius… You are amazing! I love this little one so much. And Zookie is sweet and ornery 🙂

    My usual issue with dolls ( mines and other’s ones) are posability… It drives me mad! LOL an attitude is everything with bjds and yes, the head is so important in my opinion. I forgot to mention it’s almost invisible…. But pictures talk 🙂
    YOU are my genius, sister!!! XOXOXOXOXO ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. OMG!!!! This mystery girl is spectacular! She has so much emotion & expression. WONDERFUL work Nefer. Sometimes getting in a funk is a good thing! Love!

  4. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much Sally!!!!
    indeed, that’s where I sculpt the better! 😀

  5. OMG Nefer they are all awesome… I soooooo want one… *pouts* I know someday I will own a Nefer Treasure till then I see them and dream of them as one day being mine. ❤ ❤ they are amazing… Zookie is soooooo sweet reminds me of my little boy!

  6. Another fabulous doll (the new YoSD/mystery girl). I love the expression on her face and what a clever neck joint. She will need to come live with me for sure!

  7. Naaan mais regardez moi ces brouilles d’amour qu’elles ont les deux petites nouvelles! ❤
    Et j'ai troop troooop hâte de voir le maquillage de mon Aleah à moi que j'aime déjà! Merci ma Nefer ^^

  8. mais c’est toi la bouille d’amour ^^ ❤
    Je me depeche et je fais de mon mieux pour que tu l'aimes 😀 de rien : c'est la chance!! la tienne!! et bravo encore ❤

  9. Your new doll is incredible Nefer; I definitely feel a sense of awe about her, like she is drinking in every small detail around her and finds beauty in everything. I would love to see this one with the freckly adolescent face-up with a mess of red hair- that would be like my own little version of doll- candy! Like all your dolls, I see such a sweetness and unblemished innocence in their faces. Beautiful work; I am so inspired by your passion and willingness to share so much of yourself in what you create ❤

  10. They are all super cute but Nexeven owns my heart! Even if I can’t get her I hope to see lots of owner photos of her!

  11. Love, love, love the mystery girl, she’s just my size! 🙂 And I adore that new cheeky little head with the teeth! All the face ups on your delicate Ettie are wonderful, but I think the first is my favorite. Nexeven is amazing!
    Lastly, I am in love with your new assistant. 🙂 You have no idea how quickly and deeply a doggie angel can wiggle his or her way into your heart. Once they get there, they never, ever leave. Happy 2013 to you and yours, including Woola! My crew send puppy licks and doggie kisses to Woola! 🙂

  12. Coucou Nefer … Félicitations oui oui que de bonnes nouvelles … J’adore déjà Zookie vivement ce printemps yes yes ..))) et bravo pour ta nouveauté les rotations de la tête de Zookie c’est très très bien… Et youpi pour les envois des Maheay trop trop contente car c’est mon Anni bientôt..))..!!

  13. I love your new girls,they are both soooo amazing and I love your Woola.What a sweet puppy.

  14. Belle innovation la rotation de la tête !!! Je suis très heureuse pour toi de tes succés et que 2013 t’apporte joie et bonheur et la santé aussi, biz

  15. Oh Nefer you are really amazing. First I have to say congratulations on your new puppy. The most adorable dog in the world. Is it a bulldog? I have one too (if that’s what Woola is) and they are the best dogs ever. I also want to say that I just think Zookie is adorable and can not wait to see her finished. I think the teeth are fantastic and she looks like she’s going to be so fun. And finally your mystery doll…wow. She is simply precious. What a fantastic job you did in only 4 days. That’s amazing and the head movement is wonderful. I really get frustrated when a dolls head doesn’t pose well. It makes the doll so much more lifelike and able to express themselves. So thank you for your genius.

  16. Love the new Mystery Girl! She’s soooo cute. You are truly a genius; thank you so much for making these beautiful dolls!!

  17. Oh my Neffie baby I just came back to look at these little wonders again 🙂 I’ve already told you how they bring a sense of wonder and awe in me… Nexeven you already now my thoughts… Zookie…. Wow ,,, you honour me she is adorable and so special.. And mystery well you know mystery speaks to me with these big blue eyes, it’s actually like looking into my Indi’s eyes that’s how much depth I see there, what you and P dreamt up for this little lady is an awesome result<3 You are on fire!! This is an amazing trio plus the face us for Ettie well bravo!! ❤ ❤ that much ❤

  18. How ingenius to think of that cross in the neck. I adore this new little one! You are an inspiration. Your new assitant is awfully cute.

  19. I am the luckiest girl in the world because the one with the blue make-up is mine! She is a beauty and I am thrilled, my Darling Nefer is my Dolly Angel and I adore both her, and her creations………..I am dying to see what my Iracebeth looks like…thank you my Sweet Darling Girl….much love and many kisses x

  20. OMG OMG OMG!! Nefer, I MUST have Zookie AND the mystery doll!!!! AND Humpty, of course!

    I LOVE Maryanne’s doll. It is so beautiful. The blue looks so amazing on that white skin!!!

  21. I havent been very well bed ridden today and i have intently read the whole of your blog and it has kept me busy thank you, you are exteremly talented i just hope i can be half as good as you ill be pleased. I LOVED every minute and all of you dolls i didnt want to stop reading. Xxx

  22. This little one will go so well with Nexeven. I can just see this wee one looking up in wonder at her.

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