Christmas Giveaway results! and some little news also ^^

First of all : TWO GOOD NEWS!!
I received the Iracebeth and the Maheyas yesterday morning! all at the same time!! I bet it’s gonna be a rock’n’roll postage… LOL
The shipping will start 2sd January and I will provide everyone’s tracking number of course!
Tomorrow or the day after, I will show some of the face up I have done for the Etties! I hope their collectors will like them ^^
Those painted Etties w<ill be shipped at the same time than the Iracebeth and Maheya, which will the opportunity to my post office employee to look at me

as if I was a parcel’s maniac… LOL

Now, I want to say how STUPEFIED I am. For the Christmas Giveaway, I expected around 30/40 participants or rather say ” I HOPED to have around 30/40 participants”…
The reason why I am in late to publish the results is that it took me AGES to answer and register everyone… You have been 368 participants… O_O <— you can see how awestruck I still am… LOL
THANK YOU!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! I must say that I still cannot believe there’s been over 8000 visitors on my new website WWW.CKDOLLS.COM

So, we made a video this evening with both of my sons to draw the lots. There’s been though an unexpected event… Yes, one of my dearest friends won one of the dolls… So if she fairly won and no one could dispute that; I instantly felt that there could be some of you very disappointed by this. SO… I thought very very fast ( which is quite hilarious on the video…) and decided right away to put another doll as a lot to allow another “unknow” to win!
You can see that I am, of course, wearing my working clothes, because I forgot to change my sweater before the filming… hahahaha! I’ll never change I think!
My son Louis was quite impressed to be on “an official video”… and Arnaud did it PERFECTLY! I was afraid for this to be a bit complicated for him, but not at all and it’s been great!
I REALLY REALLY hope that the winners will be happy with their dolls!!!
Those whom know me personally surely already think that I feel guilty for all the other participants to have lost… So yes… We are thinking with my son Louis about consolation’s lots therefore to draw once again some lots…
Anyway, I will let you know as soon as we decided ( yes, he is my assistant ^^)
Now, time for the results!!



  1. Aw wee! You are so beautiful! And omg laughing so had at your boy making tongue waggles when you were’nt looking!!! Toooo cute! Congratulations to the super lucky winners!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS!!!! I feel like I won just to get to finally see you nefer and hear your voice and see your children. I have a big smile on my face and lots of love in my heart. xox


  3. Your son’s are adorable. Congrats to your winners but I think we are all winners in the fact that we get to see your precious dolls even here. Happy New Year my sweet Nefer.


  4. Huge congratulations to the 3 winners. It was lovely to see you and your sons. You all make me smile. Vxx

  5. Félicitations aux gagnants.
    Instant sympathique de vous voir tous les trois réunis.
    Bonnes fêtes de fin d’année et à bientôt en 2013 pour les voeux.

  6. Congratulations to the winners. That was very generous of you to add a third winner. You have two beautiful boys and this was such a fun video and a fun contest. Thank you for doing this.

  7. felicitations aux gagnants merci encore ^^ bon reveillon du 31 avant de nous devoiler de nouvelles merveilles en 2013

  8. Félicitations à tous !
    Je suis contente qu’il y ait eu autant de participants et de vues sur ton site, je vous souhaite une bonne année 2013 à toi et ta petite famille ^^

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