Nexeven’s preorder, Circus Kane new website and CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!

It’s been a little while since my last post… I know.
I want first to thank all of you whom worried about me and emailed to know if I was okay ^^

Yes, I am okay ^^
In fact I was overbusy as never before!
I shipped all the Etties, except a few with face ups, but it’ll be done these very days. I am still awaiting for Iracebeth’s arrival, and Maheya’s arrival!

I am sculpting new prototypes, taking photos of the new ones I didn’t publish yet, I also opened Nexeven’s preorder, as Grace and I already have two running projects for this winter, and you were all so impatient to get a Nexeven! THANK YOU HAND ON MY HEART!! Already 46 Nexeven are solds, the resin sample dolls are ordered as she arrived safely in China, and I answered the GAZILLION of emails I received about her. I also talked with Den of Angels staff because now my dolls are ON TOPIC and I can register as a company and open a thread! YAAAAAAAAAAY!

and… I did something.
Many of you, were very right to tell me that ordering through my blog wasn’t very easy and I agreed with you. The thing is that I didn’t know who to hire to make a real online store, I wasn’t sure of what would be done, so… As I am a bonkers, and even if I never ever did site’s graphics in my life nor anything in a website; I decided to make it all by myself. Which I did.
It’s been extremely time consuming, annoying sometimes, informative, and well… if the result cannot be compared to a professional one, so I ask for your indulgence, the site and online store are here.

Now my question was, what to do for a Grand Opening? I needed a sort of event to celebrate my first online store..
Decision is made : A BIG GIVEAWAY!
One Iracebeth and One Aleah are the prizes. Two dolls, two winners!
There is only ONE simple rule to enter the contest, which is : You have to share my website’s link (wherever you want : facebook, yahoo groups, any groups, your own blog, or forums… ANYWHERE you want!) Once done, send me an email at TWARKZIT@HOTMAIL.COM with the link where you shared it, and give me your name ( I will already have your email address as you have to send me an email to be registered so I can contact you in case you win ^^)

After Christmas, my sons and I will be drawing lots on a video, putting all the names in a bag, and my sons will both pick a name! the video will be published here and on youtube ^^

A few details now : If you already have ordered an Aleah or an Iracebeth and don’t want a second doll, I would refund the one you already purchased if you win. No worries : if you win and require a face up by me, I will make one according to your instructions FOR FREE. A face up means : Face up, manicure, pedicure and body blushing. And no need to mention it but just in case : I will NOT ask for shipping fees, it is ALL FREE ^^

Here is my website link where Nexeven is now for sale as a preorder, just click on it : WWW.CKDOLLS.COM

Of course, the layaways formulas are still available on my site! Very soon, some in stock dolls will be listed too ^^ This is the section where will be listed the extra dolls by the way!
I hope you will enjoy it…

0241059 0151


  1. Oh my gosh Nefer. You are amazing, so generous and soo kind!!!! merry Christmas to you and your family!!! XOXOOX

  2. Nefer, I went to your new website using the link in this email. Nothing opens for me. I hope it is just a glitch on my part, but wanted to let you know in case others email you. I clicked on all the links and not one of them opens. On some of them I get a message, “error on Page.” I will not share your link until you assure me that all is working well. Sometimes when we are working on a page, everything will work on your own computer, and that is why you need a friend to double check things for you. I will be glad to help you in that way….let me know.

    Nancy Vancas

    “Let me eBay your dolls!”

  3. Nancy my dear, I had a glitch!! but now all works :))))))))))))
    You are very right, I would have needed a friend : I had one! But Paulette and I didn’t think about trying to send a message last night… Silly me!! LOL
    You are the VERY sweetest and I will require your help if something goes wrong again… Now, to try to buy a doll cause I forgot too!! arrrh stupid Nefer!! LOL

  4. Okay, Using firefox, things work. Windows did not. I will look your site over and let you know if I catch any major errors, okay?

    Nancy Vancas

    “Let me eBay your dolls!”

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  6. Félicitations Nefer , une nouvelle étape de franchie:).
    Comme dit le proverbe: ” Petit à petit l’oiseau fait son nid”

  7. Best of luck on your new Web Page Store. I KNOW THAT WITH YOUR TALENT IT WILL BE A GREAT SUCCESS. YOUR FRIEND CHERYL. P.S. I would really like to read a novel from Nefer Kane.

  8. Alais! I think they might be wrong! I enjoy your writing, somehow reminds me of the master and margerita (dont ask me why!) Always follow your dreams, a wise man called Paolo taught me that

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