Nexeven. Replicant Nexus Generation 7.

Today is a special day to me. It’s my son’s Arnaud birthday. And not deliberately, it’s the day I can unveil a new prototype of mine : Nexeven.

Everyone saw the movie Blade Runner. But not everyone saw it the same way.

The Replicants, synthetic human beings, in the movie, are better than humans. They have more capacities, are stronger, faster, smarter BUT they cannot show their feelings as a real human being would, no matter

if they have some or not and they don’t live for long. Though, they are more sensitive than human beings, and so very moving… Remember the “Tears in the Rain” scene. An autistic person doesn’t die, one day he just decides to switch light off and to leave.
EVERYONE having an autistic person in his relatives or close friends SAW Replicants as autistic persons.
Everyone. So did I.

Not only son Arnaud is autistic in the closest circle of my life; but also one of my very best friend is. I will not cite her name for it’s no one’s business to know or not “what” she is, cause the only thing she is in my opinion, is GRAND.  A while ago, I announced on Facebook that after having gladly fulfilled everyone’s desire about new prototypes; I was going to sculpt something just to please me, to let it flow as it comes, to NOT restrain myself even if it leads to an unsellable doll.
I want to thank this very friend of mine for her support during this journey. She was the only one to know what I was doing and why. So, just to her ” Thank you from the core of my being. I love you more than you will ever know. ❤ ” She’s been there every step and encouraged me, TRUSTED to express that very intimate feeling of mine, and this need to show what autistic persons really ARE : GRAND people.

Since this, I showed Nexeven to a very few friends and relatives when she’s been done. EVERYONE remained MUTE. It never happened to me before to get NO reaction. Whatever this silence means, I must say that it doesn’t matter. Nexeven was a doll I had to sculpt, and she is what she was meant to be if you take my meaning ^^
It was a risky job. It might end up in an epic failure. She might have never been in resin. I knew that.
But last night I showed Nexeven to a dearest friend. And I am extremely proud, glad, amazed, excited and most of all STIRRED to announce that Nexeven will be produced and sold through JPOPDOLLS by my Grace.

Now, here is the story of Nexeven.
Nexeven is the new generation of replicant, she is a Nexus Generation 7. She has all the feelings mankind lost on the corner of centuries of evolution which explains her little frightened and surprised expression looking at those whom created her. Her skull is entirely sculpted and a beetle (egyptian symbol of immortality) is on her forehead. Because Nexeven is more spirited and smart than any human being; also because she is immortal.
Nexeven is a perfect synthetic autistic person and she will never die. She will cross the Time and Ages without getting old, as the witness of what we lost, what we loose and what we try to get back in our nature.

Nexeven will walk this path on her high heel feet with her magnetic platform soles which will be in translucent blue resin; because she walks only into light.
Nexeven has double elf’s ears.. well… Because I don’t hear well so I wanted her to hear better than everyone. Her ears are like mine pierced and some jewels can be easily put.
She is a slim MSD, about 38cm tall. She is thin and muscular. This is the most detailed prototype I’ve ever done. Her back is very arched to increase her grace and creature attitude.
Also I worked a lot on her skull because it’s all sculpted, but as you can see on the photos with JPOP’s wigs, when she wears a wig, all the skull design is then invisible.
So I needed to add sculptures on a skull which could fit into a regular wig size. I succeeded ^^ her wig size is 5/6.

I will accept every comment and feedback about her. Good and bad ones. Nothing can make me regret to have done this very bizarre doll and her very unusual features because she is a part of my deepest core and represents my son’s difference which makes him flawless.

Here is Nexeven. ^^ I will post info about her preorder on JPOPDOLLS soon ^^


  1. She is stunning! My favorite of your dolls so far, and I love all of your dolls. Her double ears are fantastic, as is the sculpting on her knees. Beautiful work!

  2. Firstly, Happy Bday to your son, Arnaud !!!

    OMG!!! Nexeven is sooooo beautiful! I am almost done with my Iracebeth layaway and I guess I am about to enter into another for this girl. Lol

    Love your work Nefer!!

  3. Stunningly flawless….Nexeven is gorgeous, Nefer! I am forever in awe of your creations. Birthday hugs to all, especially Arnaud!

  4. Oh my Gosh!!! She is so Awesome!! I absolutely Love her without a wig! She’s just such a work of Art.. I LOVE HER!!

  5. Oh Neffie baby come on now!! Stop! You are boggling my mind!!! I don’t know. What else to say today BUT S. U. B. L. I. M. E! The craftsmanship truly bowls me over from her toes to her hair……. A Classic girl indeed! And maybe a coincidence she is here on Arnauds birthday or maybe she is just meant to be on this special day XoXoXoXxOOOoX ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. How fabulous she is! She is one of the few dolls (only one maybe?) which look stunning without a wig. She will be so much fun to paint ! Must come live with me! Happy Birthday to Arnaud !

  7. Magnifique!!! You have outdone anything I have seen-a must have and I hope I will be able to afford her-must have, must have, must have! You work from your heart and that is why we fall in love with all these little pieces of you!

  8. Here I was reading all about your new doll and I was tempted to take a peek before I finished reading ‘cos I was expecting something really weird.Actually Nefer I scrolled down realllllllllly slowly(like in a horror movie where you’re afraid to look) just in case ! and then I come upon this little beauty!!I just love her.Everyone “remained mute “cos they were gobsmacked

  9. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW SWEET MARY!!! you’re too good to me!!!
    and am sorry to have tortured you so with my long text!! lol
    well.. weird she is, but I tried too to make her beautiful and your comment says I succeeded :)))))
    HUGE HUGS!! ❤

  10. I love the arch in her back and her lips. I’m afraid I’m out of money though! *sob* Will there be only one release of her?

  11. Beauty and strangeness go hand and hand.You can see deep into your soul through those eyes…. dear Nefer xx

  12. lose the wig (as much as I LOVE Grace’s wigs, she does not need a wig). She is an odd little one! like a horrific car crash that you can’t take your eyes off of. She is so odd that she is mystically unique. She has such innocense about her. I see a beauty in her because of her oddity. She is exotic and I am not surprised that Grace would wish to sell her. I can not imagine her with clothing or hair because that “fluff” is just “fluff”. She is who she is as she is…

  13. Oh my gawd, dear Nefer! I think you have had mute responses to her because she is so amazing as to render one speechless!! I have to say, she is the first since Aleah to have me COMPLETELY mesmerized!! Please don’t get me wrong – ALL of your work is amazing, but as you know so well, every sculpt affects each person differently. And Nexeven immediately and completely grabbed me. In fact, she has changed my plans for another doll (that I hadn’t yet pre-ordered, thankfully!), because I know I absolutely HAVE to bring her home. Oh please let the pre-order be soon, because the wait for this one will be oh so hard!!!

    She is truly amazing. I will be visiting often to gaze on her amazing self!!!

  14. P.P.S. And I agree with AnnMarie – while I too love Grace’s wigs (you should see my stash!), Nexeven needs to remain in all her bald glory!!! Have to say….there are dolls you kind of go back and forth on, debate, weigh budget versus desire, etc. Then there are dolls who from the very first instant you see them, you know they will be joining your family!!! Aleah, and now Nexeven for me!

  15. WOW!!! Nexeven is to die for!!! She is such an old soul. I love everything about her, especially her soulful eyes and plump lips!!!

  16. I saw unsellable doll and I had to scroll down thinking I was going to see something hideous. My goodness – she is a lovely doll. I love her head especially. It is obvious you put a lot of work into her. I swear between you and Lillycat I think you’ll both get all my money this holiday. Happy birthday to your son. I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season. :3

  17. Nefer dear, Nexeven is truly awesome!i love her sweet look and the artistry you keep presenting to us is so amazing! I am very much in awe of your fantastic talent! I surely want to have her, but will have to see if my money tree bears fruit enough to do so. Love her !
    Happy Birthday to your wonderful on Arnaud!

  18. Happy Birthday, Arnaud! She is exquisite, my dearest one! I love her face and the top of her head, and her sexy little feet! You’ve outdone yourself on this doll! A work of love and art! I hope Arnaud is having so much fun with his little puppy. What a wonderful present! My love to you and your family today,tomorrow,and always and on Thanksgiving tomorrow. I thank God for my sister and your son, as they give meaning to life, and a challenge to love them even more. All my love, sweetest Nefer! ❤ ❤ ❤

  19. She is sublime, unique, stunning. To see her all strung together and standing in her glory on those high heels is a totally delicious experience to me. And of course, I must have her: because of my reasons, my story, but most importantly – because she is the very essence of what I seek in the doll world these days. She is alive, captured in clay and resin, and so perfect that adding any clothes or wig can only take away… She is a dream you made come true.

  20. Wahouuu !
    moi j’en ai marre !!!! car maintenant je vais sans arrêt penser à elle et la vouloir pour moi !! pourquoi tu fais de si magnifiques dolls ? avec tellement d’attraits ! j’adore ses pieds, j’adore sa bouche, j’adore ses oreilles, j’adore ses yeux, j’adore tout encore et encore !
    elle est magnifique et je suis en amour devant !
    magnifique artiste tu es nefer ! redoutable !
    un grand bravo

  21. fascinante !!!! je pense qu elle aura beaucoup de succes
    jpodoll la vendra plusieurs fois dans plusieurs couleurs ou ça se passera autrement ?

  22. She is strangely wonderful. Her eyes are huge and her mouth is shut,it seems there is so much going on inside her mind. A whole unique universe behind her eyes. You only have to stop and look inside. I love her. She almost seems like a sea creature that has taken human form. She would be lovely in a pearly white color. So delicate. How amazing!

  23. After reading her backstory, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I looked at her pictures. I am stunned. She is an absolute work of art. Reading the meaning behind her and seeing her beautifully sad face put tears in my eyes. You did a wonderful job on her, and I can only hope that there will be multiple preorders for her (since it unfortunately takes me about a year to save for a doll!)

  24. Cest une de mes preferees!!!!j’adore les socles,de ce fait ses pieds sont
    graciles,et son crâne est une oeuvre à lui seul!
    Bravo ma citrouille!!

  25. Elle est très conceptuelle, j’adore son histoire.

    Ravie de savoir qu’elle va être en pré order mais dommage de devoir payer des frais de douanes en passant par Grâce 😦 😦

  26. @_@ fantastique! je ne saurais dire ce qu’elle m’inspire car il y a trop de choses….
    j’espère que Arnaud a passé un bon anniversaire^^

  27. All your hard work was worth it. She is perfection, in every way. And such a great story behind it, and a REAL story, that is. You are amazing, so is your son and your friend and everyone that supported you through this project 🙂
    I am so honoured to be able to see this beauty.

    Congratulations 🙂

  28. Elle est merveilleuse et tellement touchante. En plus Blade Runner est un de mes films de chevet ^__^ ! Féflicitations c’est une oeuvre d’art.

  29. The body reminds me of my grandson Dylan, rock hard and muscles. He is always moving and doesn’t sit still long. The way you captured the hands. I am so proud of you nefer. I will save every cent I can get to buy one of these dolls.

  30. She is sooo amazing.Really love on first side for me.Can not wait to see her with a faceup from you.She is a must have for me

  31. OMGosh what an amazing doll. She is so intricate and creatively detailed. She reminds me of my own artwork, I can’t ever seem to stay simple, I love to layer details. Wow. I wish Jpop did layaways.

  32. Hi,

    I think she looks great, I love big adorable eye and her legs! I think the hands are pretty too but that they need longer nails on them, that would be very pretty on Nexeven.

    What you do you think of the longer nails idea Nefer?

  33. Of course, as I usually do, I comment first and then go back and read…
    Bless you and your son Arnaud, I have a disabled son so I know what joy and pain it brings to your life.

  34. I absolutely love this sculpt. I can’t take my eyes off of her. She’s so innocent and youthful looking, yet an old soul shows through the eyes. i do love her body lines. And especially her feet and their meaning. Thanks for sharing this precious being with us.

  35. OMG! a dream doll. she will be dancing through the ferns in my dreams tonight. with weaponry 😀 are we feeling a bit “militant”? maybe she will go after replicant/recasters. zzzzzzaaaaaapppp.

  36. I really love her, she has such a graceful style. You’ve really succeeded in capturing emotion within her. If I’m able to afford her from jpopdolls I’ll certainly add her to my dolls.

  37. My God! She’s beautiful! So much character! I’m looking forward to seeing her in resin. I hope to be lucky to adopt one. God bless you and your sons.

  38. She is a stunningly unique exquisite creation. I noticed the expressiveness of her hands and lovely feet right away. This doll emotes feeling through every curve of her lovely body. It is no wonder she rendered people speechless. Well,my dolly plans just changed drastically. “She must be mine” ! I am smitten & enchanted ❤

  39. She’s adorable! What size eyes does she wear? Does her head open so her eyes can be changed (I don’t see a line for the headcap).

  40. “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.”
    But for Nexeven – it is time to live. She embodies moments to come.
    She touches me soul. Thank you Nefer.

  41. Hello Vicki,
    she wears 10mm eyes 🙂
    yes absolutely! her headcap is invisible to not ruin the design of her skull but yes, her head opens as any bjd 🙂

  42. Most of my bjd’s are realistic, so suddenly seeing this doll and feeling drawn to her was strange for me. But then when I read about the creation of her, it made more sense. I have a niece who is Autistic – and yes, very special people. I have ordered your wonderful doll. Always follow your heart when creating..just look where it has taken you! She is much more than a doll.

  43. She is so beautiful, though I wince in sympathetic pain at the arch in her back and feet. A character to know and and who would know you better than you know yourself. I think she’s the most beautiful of your dolls that I’ve seen. And I empathize with her confusion and fear. I’m not autistic, but I’ve lived with a number of autism type symptoms all my life.

  44. Oh yes! I love those knees 🙂 I am very happy to say I have a Nexeven on layaway, and will finally be able to have one of your wonderful dolls in the house. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful work of art.

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  46. I would not put a wig on her either, the detail on her head is just too amazing to cover. I love her huge innocent eyes!

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