Maheya and Aleah by me, and Ettie by Heliantas!

So, first, a GOOD NEWS : everyone should get his Ettie in a very short time now; as they all should be at my place this week! ^^

I will of course keep you personally informed as usually ^^

To make your waiting bearable, I would like to introduce you Flamingo. She is Heliantas Ettie. She made on her an ASTOUNDING job. I am blown away.
If you ever want a face up by Heliantas, please email her at I ship the dolls of my collectors directly to her to save time ^^
It’s a real blessing to work with such friend and talented artist!

                                                                                              I received many demands about that, YES, I finished three new prototypes! But I wait before showing them. All I can say from now is that my next preorder will be a new prototype.
Suspense suspense… ^^

The Iracebeth should be there the first days of December : so everyone will get hers right in time for Christmas! YAAAAAAAAAAY!

Now, here are my Maheya and Aleah, from my personal collection. You will notice that the rendering of their face up is peculiar; this is a new technique of mine to mimic the porcelain vitrification. For being a porcelain dollmaker as well, I can say that I didn’t expect such good result and I am pretty glad of it! I hope you’ll enjoy it as well ^^ It allows to get that semi translucent shine that gives life to porcelain dolls and makes the resin so full of life suddenly. I truly enjoy it even though it is a difficult technique and a long process; but in my very humble opinion, it’s worth it.
I will in the future, for those liking it if there’s any of you (lol), propose this faux porcelain rendering in my customized face up ^^

Maheya can still be preordered HERE. Her preorder will close at the end of the month, but as she’s having a nice success, please if you want me to book you one, drop me an email before all seats are taken!


  1. They look beautiful! Lifelike an ingenious technique and will be a hit I’m sure… Fantastic my Neffie baby! As I say you never cease to amaze me!!
    This BIG and more ❤ fact!

  2. I adore this new technique of tours! And I’m so impressed and inspired by your constraint artistic search for the path nott aken by anyone before. Despite your success, you never settle for ‘same old’ production. Always inventing, always searching for something new – true artist to the core!

  3. Wow! I can’t believe Iracebeth is going to be there already! Hang onto my girl for me! It’s going to be awhile…

  4. Nous sommes deux soeurs jumelles ,nées sous le signe des gemaux tatatata…….(parapluies de Cherbourg)

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