Sisters sisters… Maheya and Aleah.

FIRST OF ALL, a good news : Ettie is on her way home ^^
So, in no time, I will make a post about her arrival and warn everyone whom adopted her that she is to shipped! YAY!!

Now Iracebeth’s preorder is closed. I am over the moon how she’s been welcomed by everyone and I expect her delivery in December… It’s always very hard to wait!!

It’s now time to open the preorder everyone was waiting for (thanks for your impatient messages and emails!! ^^)
MAHEYA’S PREORDER! The sister of Aleah!!

You can preorder your Maheya by clicking HERE. * PLEASE NOTE : she will come in CREAM RESIN, not white as shown on the pictures. the white color was a mistake of my manufacturer. I apologize for this

Now, a little comparison photo shooting of Aleah and Maheya! and a few portraits of Maheya all alone too!
They got the same body, so what fits Aleah, will fit Maheya ^^


  1. What a beautiful pair of sisters, such sweetness and innocence they omit in these photos my Neffie baby. ❤ I adore that silhouette pic and adore you too just a bit…… have I told you that lately????? XXOxoXoXOOX

  2. I knew I loved Maheya, but I had no idea they will be so perfect.together! They are absolutely amazing as sisters, highlighting differences in each other’s sculpts! And your photos are beautiful; Maheya’s close-ups make her look practically alive…

  3. I’ve been reading and staring at your blog for a good part of the afternoon. Wonderful work – I wish I could afford one.

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