Humpty Dumpty, Last Nexevens, Sidonie and Monkey and Three new prototypes!

These few last weeks have been… CRAZY! lol

I warn everyone before starting the post : it is a HUGE post. I have tons of news, photos and infos to give!
So take a comfortable seat then here we go ^^ lol

First of all, I went MAD due to the incredible storms. They lasted two weeks and made my painting and sealing of the last Nexevens A NIGHTMARE.
Anyway, now they are all done, well sealed and ready to go!
I apologize for that late to everyone waiting for theirs. It truly drove me insane.
You can see on these pictures, that I found a new trick to paint my dolls : twinkling skin. It is difficult to make a good picture of this, but in person, it brings twinkling effect on the skin like magical dust…. I really love it ^^ and also a Paige, tribal one, for my dear friend Eldraid ^^
001 copy 020 copy 011 copy 004 copy 003 copy (2) 021 copy 024 copy 013 copy 027 copy (2) 027 copy 035 copy 025 copy 043 copy 046 copy 011 copy (3) 015 copy (2)

During the last storm, I received AT LAST, and after the customs detained them forever, the HUMPTY DUMPTY DOLLS! *falls on her knees : God exists!*
So her clothing! I am going to take pictures of the clothing and will list them on my website this week ^^
001 copy (2) 002 copy (2)

Also came along the Humpties, SIDONIE AND MONKEY’S SAMPLES!!! YAAAAY!
So, yep yep, the preorder is open since last night on my website : HERE.
066 copy 058 copy 059 copy 044 copy 038 copy 046 copy (2) 053 copy 033 copy 034 copy 041 copy 034 copy 055 copy

And in the middle of all this…. My internet went completely DOWN.
For a while, I could access Facebook through my cellphone then not anymore -_-
I want to thank my Cousin Milie whom warned everyone on my page the reason why I was offline!
In the meantime, My father went to buy for me a Wifi modem so now… It’s slow, BUT I am online till my new provider sends me the big cable modem and new cellphone as my former provider seems to not be able to bring his network back where I live… UGGGGGGGGGGH…
To all my close ones : don’t worry, I’ll send you my new number as soon as I have it so don’t worry : it’s normal for now I never answer my cellphone! it just doesn’t work!

Before I run to ship the last Nexevens and try to catch up with all my emails ( so sorry for the delay dear friends), here are a few pictures. of my new prototypes : Soda and Starr.
soda and starr starr

and the Giant Doll Stadnik ( VERY WIP photo) which will be around 36/40 inches tall. I am EXTREMELY proud to say that already 10 Stadnik are reserved 😀


  1. Gorgeous! Those faceups are just amazingly gorgeous. I’m so excited about the Humpties!

  2. You have been so busy!!!
    fantastic to see all your lil wonders on one page =^^=

  3. I love the Nexuseven! And Star’s face is really beautiful- any chance you will sell her head separately?

  4. OOhhh WOW Nefer!! WOWOWOWW!!
    First off, the face-ups/painting on the dolls is exceptional. SO much beauty!

    EEK Humpty! I am SO excited for mine! And to see the clothes!! AHH!! I am dancing!
    Stadnik: Is this on your website??


  5. Is there a reason why I cannot get information when I click on the preorder for Sidonie/Monkey? No information comes up about the preorder–I have to ask because I can’t let anything get between me and the ability to add to the group of NK girls at my house! I adore my Nexeven, Nefer-I have named her Rogue and will have to post a photo on how I have painted her

  6. I keep trying that, Nefer, but there are no paypal links and clicking below the photos does not take me to any further information. I will try on my IPad at home after work-perhaps it is this computer! thank you for your attempts at helping.

  7. That’s strange. But computers and technical stuff are always weird! LOL
    If you can’t through your ipad, just drop me an email my dear and we’ll make it together manually. That simple 🙂
    I am so very sorry for the trouble!!

  8. Je ne sais pas par quoi commencer tellement j’en ai plein les yeux alors je vais déjà te faire un énorme bisous virtuel pour avoir pensé à ma Paige et à avoir posté les photos ! Ça me fait plaisir que tu aies pris du temps alors que tu avais beaucoup de travail et de soucis !

    Le make up est magnifique et le blush corporel est à tomber encore mille merci ma belle ♥

    Ensuite je ne saurais pas dire quel make up je préfères sur les Nexeven ils sont tous tellement chouettes et originaux !

    Et pour les pré order tu avances vraiment vite c’est incroyable on voyait les proto y a quelques semaines et voilà ! Je craque pour les bedaines de Sidonie et Monkey !!! J’ai hâte de voir les premiers make up de ces jolies frimousses également.

    Pour ce qui est de Soda et Star j’aime énormément ! Forcément un lapinou et une mine tristounette ♥

    Stadnik est impressionnante ! J’aimerai tellement la voir à son stade avancé, m’est avis qu’on se rend pas bien compte mais 1 mètre de hauteur c’est juste extra quoi et puis ravie que déjà 10 personnes ait réservée cette grande miss !

    Pour conclure j’ai super hâte donc de recevoir ma Paige car elle est faite avec le coeur ♥ je pense commencer à compter mes deniers pour Kitty the Mouse également… ^^

    Bon courage à toi et milles bisous (désolée post long et en français :D).

  9. C’est MOI qui te remercie de ce merveilleux post si long et en français.
    Je te poste vite ta Paige ( il me faut ton adresse via mail s’il te plait ma chérie ^^)

    TU. ES. UN. AMOUR ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  10. Everything looks fantastic Nefer. I can’t wait to see my sweet Humpty. I really love Soda’s face. She is such a cutie pie. I can’t wait to see Kitty and Stadnik with her eyes too. Keep up the great work and thanks so much for your sweet updates. ❤❤🐻🐻❤❤

  11. Nefer you have out done yourself! I adore Soda, Starr, and Stadnik! I think I am going to have to order both Sidonie and Monkey~__~ Can’t wait to see your clothes too. Adore your faceups and body blushing – such lovely work.

  12. Elles murmurent toutes ,c’est Nefer qui nous a faites plus belles encore
    Merci !!

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