Sidonie and Monkey’s face ups!

Many parcels are ready. Monday morning the postal employee will have about an hour with my father to have news about the family! LOL

Stadnik has now eyes…. she’s coming just as she wants and I plan nothing before and during her sculpting. I just let her be whoever she wants to be.
and I am INFINITELY proud to announce that already 11 Stadnik are reserved. I would have never ever even dreamed of such welcoming for my giant…. THANK YOU HAND ON MY HEART FRIENDS ❤

For now she wears 22mm manga eyes cause it’s the only eyes I had which fit her! LOL
050 copy

And now… The little surprise : yes, I have a few wigs for Sidonie and Monkey! Just 5 of each model you see on these pictures, so please, drop me an email asap if you want one for your Sidonie or/and Monkey! and the face ups for my own Sidonie and Monkey….
I hope you enjoy them ^^ Their Preorder is still open on my official online store : HERE.

019 copy 020 copy 021 copy 018 copy 017 copy 016 copy 015 copy 007 copy 008 copy 009 copy 010 copy 011 copy 013 copy 014 copy 006 copy 005 copy 004 copy 003 copy 002 copy 001 copy 022 copy 023 copy 024 copy 025 copy 026 copy 027 copy 028 copy 035 copy 034 copy 033 copy 032 copy 031 copy 030 copy 029 copy 036 copy 037 copy 038 copy 039 copy 040 copy 041 copy 042 copy 049 copy 048 copy 047 copy 046 copy 045 copy 044 copy 043 copy


  1. sweetest you are Sheila dear!!! THANK YOU ❤
    Sidonie has the pointy ears elf and Monkey is the one with teeth and big round ears 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, the sisters are just adorable! I love them in both colors! I love Monkey’s pink nose tip! Nefer, you are amazing! 🙂 ❤

  3. But, she’s SO amazing…how could I be anything BUT excited, amazed, and anxious for her “arrival”….HELL, I already bought a vintage outfit in hopes it will adorn her :)…heavy sigh

  4. Loving Sidonie and Monkey!
    Are their dimensions published somewhere? Head and eye size?

  5. Thank you so much sweet Betsy 🙂
    They are 20cm tall. Sidonie wears 12mm eyes, and Monkey 10 or 8mm eyes. The wig size is 6 🙂
    Thank YOU!


    well, know that if my cousin forced me to start her, you convinced me to keep on making her. It’s priceless. ❤

  7. My turn for the heavy sigh!!! ❤
    and believe it or not : I planned to do the same and would have already bought one if my internet wasn't so stupid these days! -_-

  8. I managed to buy 2…I’ve become obsessed with all things victorian and depression era. I scored a pair of black side button shoes that are in pristine condition. Now to find that “bob” wig!

  9. Looking forward to seeing Stadnik’s ears. No doubt they’ll be memorable. Do you think you will give her jointed feet, so that she can wear both high heel shoes and flat ones?

    Also, have you ever considered making paper doll sets of some of your dolls for your fans who are… well (poor).

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