Soda’s Preorder and a few news and changes ^^

First of all, I want to tell to those still waiting for their Humpties with face up that they will be all finished by this week! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!

When I am done, though you can see some already on my flickr, I’ll post a gallery post here, with the painted humpty from her very last preorder. ^^

Within a month and a half, I have painted 126 dolls ( Nexeven and Humpty), and still got 7 more to do.
I am EXTREMELY honored and thankful for you to require my face up. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! But… The other side of this golden medal is that painting 131 dolls requires TONS of time. I LOVE to paint dolls for you, this is why I make my face up affordable. But I need time to sculpt, ship, take orders, answer all my emails ( I am very behind, please accept my apology and feel free to knock again in my box if you didn’t get the answer you were expecting!!), to post on this blog, to update my site, to publish pictures and to run my daily life.
So there is a change and I hope you won’t be mad at me : I am from now, will keep on accepting all the face up required, BUT I will only make the face up, literally : I’ll paint only the head of the doll.
The good news is that it’ll be cheaper! From 35 to 40$!
Of course, I will paint completely the Sidonie and Monkey as this starts only from Soda the Manga Bunny’s preorder ^^

So if you ordered a face up : don’t worry, you’ll get what you asked for 🙂

Here is a little Stadnik profile… She is still in progress but I am extremely glad to announce that already 16 are reserved so far! I never expected that giant doll to sell even once, so 16… I simply can’t believe it!!! THANK YOU!!
image(2) copy
A little new one… A MSD manga cartoon Lemur and she can wear earplugs! she is very funny indeed ^^ I hope you like the wip pics!
image(3) copy image(1)
Miss Grook, our piglet is also still in progress! ^^
image copy
Now, I am EXTREMELY pleased and honored to announce that my dolls are now also for sale on Oobie Dolls! the delicious online shop of my friend Angie!
You can find Soda’s preorder on her site, and on mine as well : HERE.
Soda is a 20cm tall manga bunny, she is very funny to play with and I hope you’ll like her ^^ She comes in Pink petal resin and her preorder will run for about 3 weeks!

029 copy 030 copy 031 copy 032 copy 033 copy 034 copy 035 copy 037 copy 038 copy 039 copy 041 copy 042 copy 043 copy 044 copy 045 copy 046 copy 047 copy


  1. bel été aux trés jolies demoiselles,qui habitent désormais notre maison!!
    Elles sont toutes ravissantes!!

  2. Well Nefer! What you do is pure art. Art takes time. The day I buy my first doll from you I will wait, because I know art takes time. I don’t know how you do it, were do you find the energy(?) Amazing amazing amazing women you are!!!! I’m so glad I found out about you. Thank you for all the inspiration!!!

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