Starr, a possible game, and Stadnik’s progress….

As you can see below, many humpty left for their new homes with their face ups ^^

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For information, as I am asked often : I still have a few Nexeven available, yes πŸ™‚
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Mystery is going to land in August, and Sidonie and Monkey in September πŸ™‚
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For Soda, her preorder will close in a few days; I think it might be october or so. More news as soon as the preorder is closed πŸ™‚
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I know that many of you are having issues with my website. I talked to my webmaster and apparently it cannot be fixed. So, all my dolls will be also for sale on my blog as I formerly did, and I am going to build another site as fast as I can to replace the current one…. I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience and please, feel free to drop me an email at if you ever have issues or need help and informations!!

You will see very soon Kitty in my first artist cast ^^ hope you’ll like that very limited series of micro flying mouses ^^
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A note about the face ups. I announced recently that I couldn’t make the whole painting anymore as my schedule is crazy… Ok am 36 but I must confess I should have talked with it with my mother before… When she read my post, she simply looked at me and said ” oh really?”.. ” yeah.. Really, it’s so time consuming to paint also the bodies and…”… ” REALLY?” and she gave me that look… For those who watched “The Good Fellas”, my mom is Robert De Niro in the bar scene…
Take a look : HERE

So serious, YES, I will also paint the bodies. LOL
That’s official : nothing is changed in my face ups work. LOL

Now, about news….
I’d like to introduce Starr.
She shares the same body than Soda and will be the same price ( 395$) as she’s a tiny (18cm tall).

I plan on making a game about her to win a Starr… More to come these very days πŸ™‚
Her preorder will open as soon as Soda’s one is closed ^^
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and before going back to work… A little sneak peek on Stadnik’s progress. My giant girl is almost done… I will post the final pictures soon, but I already want to thank hand on my heart the 19 of you who reserved her. You truly made me proud and feeling like I am good sculptor!! THANK YOU ❀
So Stadnik should be around 2085$ (with cushion, eyes and international shipping cost) and about 85cm tall. Hope you still like her ^^

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  1. Nefer, all of your work is just incredible and so original. Love Star, but also love the progress you are making on Stadnik. She will truly be incredible and I can’t wait to see her finished. Blessings on you and on your hands as you work, Ev

  2. I love Starr an Kitty! Omg but I am sad now because will never afford Stadnik. I really hope that doesn’t hurt you. I’ll love to have Starr and Kitty! I feel bad 😦

  3. Stadnik is amazing! One of the only big dolls with proportions I like! But I could never afford her! But I look forward to seeing her finished and I can’t wait for owner pictures! She is really beautiful and really ambitious!

    Someday, maybe I will have the nerve to try sculpting something of my own!

    (And someday I want Iracebeth twins! πŸ˜€ )

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