First of the good news tonight : the Mystery are on their way! ACHEE KAPAWAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!
They should land VERY soon now and I ask to everyone of you who wants a face up for his Mystery to drop me an email with details please! Because when I am not aware you want a face up : I ship the doll blank and that could be too bad…

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I officially announce that I will have a booth at the Modern Doll Collectors Convention, september 11th till september 14th. I will be represented by my beloved friend AnnMarie Biegner and she will share the booth with my darling friend Nikki Britt 😀
Everyone attending the convention can see my dolls and even adopt them!
There will be MANY different dolls!
Kitty mouse, Mystery, Humpty, Maheya, Nexeven Sidonie and Monkey…
Some will be blank and some will have my face up 😀
Also the clothing will be available on the booth!
I adore you girls ❤
A teaser…

Starr’s preorder is now open!
Apparently, after my last post, due to a sort of misunderstanding, my website has been entirely deleted. Therefore, while I build another all by myself, I will sell through this blog as I used to before I got a website.
Thus, you can adopt your little Starr HERE.

Starr will come in Pink petal resin… BUT…. For those wanting a little magic in the air, she will also be available in very light pale blue which GLOWS IN THE DARK!
My manufacturer just sent me the resin sample picture taken in the dark so I share it with you and you can see how marvelous it looks! 😀
Of course, you can, as usual get a complete face up ( head and body) by me for your Starr ^^ the cost for it is 50$
A glow in the dark Starr is 70$ more than a pink petal one. If you want one with this special resin, please send me an email at ^^
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  1. Do you have any extra Mystery left to adopt? I would love to have her. I do not think I ordered her and cannot imagine why! She is fabulous.

  2. I just checked my lovely one, and nope, you did not adopt her.
    But YES! I do have one left 🙂
    Drop me an email my dear and thank you so much for your adorable comment ❤

  3. Attention au chat ,les STARR !!!!!!!!
    FARAH a toujours faim ………………………..

  4. Hi Nefer,

    I had sent you an email earlier on another page, but just in case, am doing it again. my Mystery is cappuccino, and i am in love with President Obama’s lips. could you give her his lip color, even though their lips don’t look the same shape? i am mad for the dark purple mauve for a lip color. also a spattering of freckles across her nose?, and a wee bit of vine or ivy growing up one of her legs, because she is a champion of a clean world, with healthy plants and pure clean vegetables. the vine could even be a pea vine. whatever you choose. do i pay more and if so, how much? thank you, miss doll face!

    ellen lankford ❤ ❤ ❤

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