Aleah final photos of the prototype before resin.

So…. There she is at last. Completed and ready to be shipped to my manufacturer.

I must confess that I am awestruck to see that, before she was even finished and before the preorder to be officially open, 39 Aleah are reserved. I would have never imagined such response by the public during the sculpting process. It’s all and only bliss… THANK YOU EVERYONE.

One thing that I know, is that some of you are going to be shocked… By her hands. As you all saw, Aleah is a quite peculiar doll, even for an elf, and when it’s been the moment to start the hands, I looked at the armature and put it next to the wrist because… Something was wrong. I couldn’t imagine, therefore sculpt her, with normal hands. It didn’t fit her at all.

So I decided to follow my thought, for you all enjoyed this thought since I began to sculpt it… I hope you will not be disappointed in such unusual doll though… I recently had a conversation with my friend Memo about a philosophical principle which goes like this : ” The watcher modifies the action only by his presence and look.” Therefore, I wouldn’t have been that inspired and brave to make her so without you all enjoying her since first day and watching me making her.  I can, then, say that you gave me freedom and it has been a real pleasure to make her with you. I can also say it is also thank to you that she looks how she does. THANK YOU.

Aleah has only four fingers at each hand. They are very detailed, especially the nails to allow a nice custom of the hands as well.

Aleah is still 10 inches tall, her size for the wigs is 4/5, the size for her eyes goes from 6mm ( as used) to 10mm depending on which effect you want.
For now, as she needs to be in hands of my manufacturer to have further and more complete informations, I can say that she will be cast in a pale shade of Cream.

She is still priced at 350$. A non refundable deposit of 50$ will be required when the preorder will start ( when she will be arrived safely in my manufacturer hands.)
Yes I do offer layaways for those who cannot pay in full. The doll will be shipped when the payment will be completed, of course.
The shipping cost for international collectors is 35$, and about 20$ for France. Everyone will get his personal tracking number to follow his doll(s) during the travel.
You can email me at to be added on the list. And may I recommend you to do so if you are interested in her, as already 39 are reserved, the preorder may be sold out quite soon when officially open.
I do accept Paypal as a payment method.
One last important thing : please, would you be so kind to tell me how many Aleah you want to order, because I have to be very precise with my manufacturer ^^

Now… Photos. She poses very well, and am glad of it ^^
I hope you like her.


  1. I am always so impressed with your creations Nefer, they are so full of life. I LOVE her, she is just perfect.

  2. Aleah is beyond fabulous and her hands are perfect. oh, all the possibilities to do with her………..she brought tears to my eyes. I believe she is my most favourite doll you have done MFF…….and once again, the art world thanks you for such a contribution. Well done you…….xoxoxoxoxoxo

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