Aleah, Prototype for Resin : UPDATE.

So…. I worked very hard to show Aleah’s progress to everyone and those whom already signed up for my preorder list ( you are many : what an amazement and a bliss!)

I thought a lot too, cause Aleah is definitely a doll dear to my heart, and I wanted ” the best for her”.. So I decided to double joint her. I wanted her to really pose well therefore she can express all her personality and The collector can then truly enjoy her. I must say that for first time, I don’t feel like sculpting alone. I keep in touch with the collectors, they support me, encourage me; I just feel like if you were all next to me whilst I work on her and it’s a very special and new feeling which rejoices me ^^

Something quite amusing too, I worked a lot lot lot on her butts for I noticed it isn’t easy to get nice ones on BJD, simply because it’s not easy to sculpt on such dolls. I think I succeed with hers ^^

Anyway, all of this took more time than I expected because for those who are aware of it : we are since about 10 days under weather alert in south of France. So first of all, the clay doesn’t dry as fast as it should due to the moisture in the air. And also, I had to run under the rain almost every night with my father to save our house from water flooding… Which was definitely funny the first times and quite monotone now…

Also, I want to thank my collectors who have been so very kind to share her link on forums and other online places for her to be seen and ordered. Thank you so much! I am extremely proud to announce that already 26 Aleah are reserved, and some by GREAT names of art dollworld which makes me blushing and endlessly smiling! THANK YOU!!

Aleah’s selling conditions are still the same if you are interested you can email me at and read them HERE.

And now, no more suspense… The photos. I hope you enjoy them ^^


  1. Just wonderful. I cant wait to hold my own. She is outstanding. I am so thrilled with her and for your great talent

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