Update about Aleah, first resin bjd by Nefer Kane

I want to thank you all again for the delightful response you gave to my prototype which will be casted and produced in resin. It’s been a pure bliss and I am honored to say that already 19 are reserved though you only saw her very in progress head ^^

I worked a lot to be capable to show you more of Aleah. yes, it is her name ^^ she is named after my wonderful friend Aleah Klay; most talented and incredible miniaturist in the world in my opinion.

I am positively glad that Aleah allowed me to use her name because you are going to see that it really FITS to this magical doll. This name had to be hers. Thank you my dear friend ❤

Also, if you are interested in being in my preorder list, please, read my previous post for details or email me at twarkzit@hotmail.com.
I confirm that Aleah will only be produced ONCE. So, for this very doll, it’s now or never ^^

And now, the new photos. She is of course, still very in progress and not sanded but I did my best to give you an idea of how she will look like.

Yes, you surely have noticed that she has tears ducts which is not that usual for BJD ( maybe because they are HELL to make.. lol) but I think that a doll can cry… Therefore they are quite needful I guess.

I also worked on the feet right away and there is a reason for me to do so : they are quite unusual and I wanted everyone to be aware that the feet are not “regular” ones. I already made Tabi feet, it was on my first BJD, the Bearded Lady more than a year ago and I really enjoy them. Probably because I wear myself Tabi Japanese shoes ^^

One last teaser for tonight : Aleah wearing a Goodreau Doll YoSd wig which fits perfectly as you can see ^^


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