Resin BJD line officially announced.

Some of you, are already aware that I am sculpting a prototype for my very resin ball jointed doll. This prototype is going to be produced in Resin.

This doll will be a YO SD, around 10 inches. She is an elf as you all loved ( thank you so much) my little porcelain elves listed on Etsy HERE. It’s been a deep pleasure for me to have seen that only one is left and that Little Clowny has been adopted within an hour ^^ But the resin one will be a little different than this porcelain line I just started. I make elves for years now, everyone knows an elf was planned for my first Porcelain BJD line but I couldn’t sell her; so making a tiny one has been my therapy to make it through this terrible ordeal and helped me to work again. Therefore I guess making another one for my very first ever resin bjd was quite obvious to me. Also I think that we all need a little magic in our poor world. I find it refreshing and good for the soul ^^

First of all, I want to thank those who already signed up for my preorder list. You are 14 since last night and this, without even having seen the prototype, which is still in progress. I am amazed and feeling extremely proud that you trust my hands that much that you didn’t need to see her to want her, unconditionally. I must say that there is no greater bliss for an artist. And OF COURSE, my deepest and infinite gratitude goes to My P<3, Paulette Goodreau, who is my guide, mentor and bright light in the darkness that unknown resin is for me. I simply couldn’t make it without her precious and priceless help.

So, to allow my collectors who signed up and all those who asked to see her; I worked all night to make her face presentable tonight. Though she is not even sanded yet, here she is.

A little technique now : The preorder will be open for a whole month when the prototype will be finished and published. BUT, I do accept to add people to the list right now as already 14 are reserved, I think and hope this preorder will be sold out quite quickly so you can already sign in.
The doll, I already said it, will be an Yo Sd size, around 10 inches tall; she will be sold for 300/350$ ( I need the confirmation of its cost by my manufacturer before being totally sure of the definitive price; but it won’t be more than 300 or 350$.)
A NON refundable deposit of 50$ will be asked when the prototype will be finished. I also offer layaways : The 50$ non refundable deposit, then payment the next month of half of the left amount, then the last payment to complete the price of the doll the next month. If a collector changes his mind : Previous payments won’t be refunded once the preorder is agreed.
This price doesn’t include the international shipping cost which is of 35$ for all foreign countries. An international tracking number to follow the doll will be provided of course.

This will be my very first resin doll ever, so I don’t think I will produce her twice in Resin. I prefer to make new models for the next productions. So if you are interested in this first one : don’t miss your chance and contact me at
For now, all people who sign up, don’t pay yet the 50$ deposit; it will be to be paid when the prototype will be complete and sent to my manufacturer. So if you want to be in the list to be sure to have a seat : again, contact me at I will give you news first place ^^

Thank you so very much again everyone; I dared to start resin because of all the asks I had about a possible resin line; so it’s thank to you all if this little one is on her way to be sculpted and produced ^^

Of course, I will still make porcelain Ball Jointed Dolls; but the porcelain ones will never be the same models than the resin ones. Both materials will have their own prototypes; so no worries : I will keep on making both 🙂


  1. Love the course all the things are taking for you, hope to hear many many good news from you always!!! I’m very happy and blessed to have you in my life. Love you sis!!!!!!

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