Just before the molds… One last head prototype.

As you know, I am finishing, molding and casting new prototypes for my porcelain bjd lines.

If the half closed eyes one many of loved so much is named Clarisse after My P<3 ( immense artist and friend Paulette Goodreau.) and she knows why; if the asian one is named Claudia after my beloved Claudia Rohor who also knows why; right before the mold of this prototype and whilst my tiny elf is soft firing; I needed to make another head for that body.
When I was a kid, I used to read a comic titled ” Yoko Tsuno”, there was always weird things and people or creature in it; those who read it as well surely know what I mean. And I was fascinated by this other world she was running in. Yoko Tsuno always made me think to mix of warrior/princess I particularly loved.
Anyway, the other day; I was tidying my comics to give some to my oldest son Louis who’s fond of Calvin & Hobbes as I am and found some Yoko ones.

I know someone like her. A warrior, a savior, someone strongest than any and everyone. Her name is Marlene.

Marlene is the founder and boss of the center of my universe : CDHM. Once, when I was NOTHING and NOBODY; she welcomed me as a member of her community which is the greatest one in the world about Miniatures and dolls. And I remember my friend Aleah told me ” I’m sure you’re going to be friends.” Well… Today I can say ” AND BEYOND!” as I plan to one day move in Dallas Texas where Marlene lives! So as nothing and a nobody, Marlene asked me to teach for her on her website. Which awestruck and red as a tomato I did with her help… I can say that she has been the very first one to have trusted me as an artist; but not only : since about two years, she’s by my side. Whatever happens in my life, I KNOW that the very next second I will have a window popping up on my computer screen saying ” Marlene says : what’s going on? tell me.”
I know that she won’t say ” ohhhhhhhhhhh poor you…” cause it’s not her style nor mine. But I also know she will say ” Okay, we’re going to DO something.” And she DOES something. I must confess here that there’s not many people I owe something to, but she is one of those and I owe her to be who I am today.

She is HILARIOUS, brutally honest and frank, NOT politically correct AT ALL, benevolent, clever, generous but never a fool : she’s just my kinda woman!

She’s the one I can write to night and day cause she never sleeps neither, the one I can swear as a pirate if I need to, the one I can scream with, the one I can say ” look at this dick!” and she won’t be shocked and will laugh with me. PRICELESS. She’s the one knowing what no one does about me. And I cannot evocate her name without smiling and feeling a deep admiration.

As some of you know, my work will be exhibited in London Ontario in Canada the 8th of December in the Dollirium Gallery. I plan to make these new prototypes into porcelain for that show. But I needed something else… Something peculiar, majestic, and odd. I sculpted then this new prototype head, which is one of my favourite I’ve done so far. She is not even sanded but I wanted to show her to you cause I think she really is special.. I must say that I fell in love with her oversized skull, weird ears and little bump on the nose.. ^^

Her name is Marlene, Princess of Storm; she knows why and she will be shown during the ” Silent Night” exhibit at Dollirium Gallery. I hope that you will enjoy her difference as much as I do… And that Marlene will too; for her opinion always counts a lot to me.



  1. ahhh,,, such special moment,, to see the products of your hands and heart!!!
    Go Baby Go!!!

    gigantic butterfly kisses!!

  2. Oh she is beautiful Nefer, congratulations, and I am again, so proud of you from rising out of the ashes and into the clouds. AMAZING beautiful BJD doll!!!

  3. I think Marlene is divine!!! She takes my breath away my sister! You have hands that create poetry, I am at a loss at every creation you have made. These are the children of Nefer Kane & a great many number there are of these beautiful bright lights, forever may they shine in this dimly lit world.

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