Update : Aleah diving in silicon…

I know it is a long wait, but the world of Resin is so… It is also a long waiting for me so I wanted to share with you the photos of Aleah I received from my manufacturer just before she dives in silicon for the molds to be made.

I confirm to everyone that her preorder is still open. There are some seats left, so feel free to contact me at twarkzit@hotmail.com to be on the list. My selling conditions and price infos can be read HERE.

The next photos will be the ones of the resin samples dolls at the end of this month…


  1. YES MY LULU!!!! I just cannot wait as you do my sweet friend!!!! :)))

    ps : je viens de voir ton message, tu t’y entends quand meme en conception ma jolie 😉 DES GROS GROS BISOUS!! ❤

  2. tu dois avoir hâte de la recevoir et de la toucher enfin “terminée” elle va être vraiment fabuleuse ,en plus c’est ton premier “bébé résine” ??tous tes efforts vont bientôt aboutir ca doit être un pure bonheur et une grande excitation cette attente….
    un jour une de tes poupées sera mienne……
    a lot of kisses my sweet chouchou

  3. wow great job! i have been following your process since i joined the joint some weeks ago and i must say i am really impressed. I like the fact that she is not comparable to anything else in the BJD world i have seen so far, a totally new creature!

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