Marlene Blue Alien Princess, new Porcelain BJD CK DOLL.

Everybody saw the prototypes when I came back; but the doll is finished and I must say that it left, as usually, a bitter sweet taste in my mouth. It’s always the same, I feel terribly empty and quite woe when a doll is finished. Like when I was writing novels a few lives ago; I had my post scriptum depression. When the book was over, retyped on my computer, as I only wrote by hand my manuscripts; I had this terrible sensation of emptiness deep inside of me, that feeling of vertigo like in front of an abyss and the woeness that the end of a relationship can cause.
I now then have my post sculpture depression. Always.

Which only lasts for a day at most fortunately, because I always work on several projects at the same time and am always ready to start new ones to fulfill the absence of the just finished one. Because I strongly, not believe, but feel that the doll doesn’t belong to me once finished. It is then over and will never come back.

I am then inflicting myself what I hate the most in Life : the never return thing. This is also why I have something, strongest something with those who come back. Maybe for I have waited for some persons to come back though I know they will never knock at the door again saying ” I am home.”

I perhaps still wait against my will and common sense… Perhaps why in spite of worrying warnings, we, My Mother and I never lock the door at night. Just in case…

This doll is very dear to me, as Marlene is dedicated to and named after my TTT and VERY NEEDFUL to my life friend Marlene.

She is a blue porcelain ( I never saw colored porcelain dolls before by the way; but maybe it has been done before..) BJD Princess Alien.

Because Marlene is a sort of Alien, like no one else I ever met; and a Princess too because her greatness makes her Noble.

I don’t think that Marlene belongs to this poor world as Marlene the doll does neither. I hope that you will like this very unusual doll; and that she will, at last; find a home where she belongs as I now must spare from her to keep moving forward.
It is planned for Marlene to be also in resin… I will post updates when time will come about this ^^

Marlene, the Blue Alien Princess.


  1. Elle est bleue comme l’eau des lacs d’hiver et enveloppée de perles,comme une princesse venued’une planete du froid ,sourire sur la planete bleue!!!
    Ti amo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. she is worldly, yet doesn’t belong here in this world……she has a story, and I think it is bittersweet. I love her…well done, Nefer, she is brilliant……xoxoxoxo

  3. MERCIIIIIIIIIIIII MAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!! ( eh oui, tu as voulu venir incognito mais voilà : jte dénonce! :D)


    Anche io ti amo!

  4. elle est toute tristounette la pauvre!!! ; ( mais entou cas super bien faite!! j adore le système d articulation.
    et super ton nouveau site!!!

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