Aleah resin sample dolls, new ( nice) photos! and preorder still open ^^

I have a schedule… and things to do and to be done in it… I must say that though I work pretty fast, and in spite of this I am used to be always in late… I really must say that NOW I am behind everything.

The very positive response to Aleah was something I simply didn’t plan AT ALL and my surprise is complete every morning when I see the emails in my box. I also want to apologize towards my facebook friends for I miss them and hadn’t much time for them these days… Please guys, know that I miss you and will be back online very soon to do my usual riot ^^

Anyway, my crazy schedule, my 5 in progress sculpts and daily was not enough : Last night my younger son didn’t sleep at all for the poor little caught a bad cold. Nothing serious but he needed my full attention so I dropped the face up I started… You will then forgive that half done and very in progress thing I am going to show you..
Therefore, I slept just two hours and took the promised photos anyway BUT, I have to confess that I simply couldn’t have published them tonight without the help of my friend Laure who proposed me to mark my Copyright on them whilst I was answering everyone’s emails. I thank her very very much cause I simply couldn’t have done both in such a short time.

I felt terrible to have shown such horrible photos last night, so I am relieved to show you today, and as promised thank to Laure, new NICE photos of Aleah & Co ^^

As I saw that many of you are wondering : YES, the preorder of Aleah is for now still open ( all the conditions and details can be read HERE) and also YES, you can change your order from one doll to several if you want to.

And now, the photos. I hope you will enjoy them ^^


  1. She is simply stunning. I am so in love with this enchanting girl! Thank you so much, Nefer, for giving us all this “Aleah eye candy”! It so helps with the wait!

  2. OMG, they are just stunning, if I could, I shall adopt a full soccer team …. or just twins … LOL !
    But I am already really happy to be part of your first resin bjd adventure

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