Aleah first face up by Nefer Kane

I already painted a lot of things…. even things which are not supposed to be painted ( ask my furnitures…)

Paperclay, polymer clay, porcelain, plaster, canvas, wood… But I never painted resin in my life. I was a little impressed but very excited at the same time. I acted as I ordinary do, I just did it without thinking therefore without wasting any time by postponing a thing I anyway had to do.

I must say that, even though it is my very first time so it’s not a piece of art; I have been quite surprised to see how it came along nicely. I was expecting much more difficulties and nervous breakdowns…. But finally, all went very well and in a better way that I thought first.

I anyway, OF COURSE, ask for your indulgence… But I wanted to show the potential of Aleah with a face up and a body blushing. The only thing I have to confess is that I didn’t use acrylic paints as I should. I used oil paints with Venice siccative. I really can’t stand acrylic paints. They are just plastic and it is impossible for me to work with them; the nature of plastic repulses me and even though it can seem very old fashioned, I don’t think that any Art can be done with such material. It’s a kind of blockage I have with them. But, fortunately, oil paints with my favourite siccative worked really great ^^

This very face up and doll are for My P<3; Paulette Goodreau. Just because we are a WE. As we should be.

I am not proposing commissioned face up for Aleah. One is for My P<3, my very first one; another for my Mother who already has an Aleah, and the other one for my beloved dearest Grace. They are close enough to me to forgive my possible clumsiness as a newbie at resin.

I hope you will enjoy that first attempt.

If you are interested in preordering an Aleah, please email me at


  1. Oh be still my heart! Gorgeous, gorgeous Aleah! I especially love how you’ve done her eyebrows – absolutely perfect for this unique, exotic girl!! Love, love LOVE her!!!

  2. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!! Neffie baby!!!!!!!!! Aleah has the most adorable little face, I just adore her…everything about her!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ This is sooooo exciting teach!!!

  3. Nefer, dearest, she is exquisite! I, too, adore her eyebrows! She could possibly even have pierced ears? I love her cute little feet too. Just exquisite, dear friend! I love you and Aleah!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. She looks amazing with your beautiful face up! I’m so happy one of these girls will be mine! With every new picture now I fall a little more in love with her!!!

  5. You can pierce them yourself. There is a little tool for it. I like her just the way she is. Modifications should be optional. 🙂

  6. wonderful face up for your first time working on resin.. Really like hearing your challenge and preference for working in oil vs acrylic.

    I think the face up really fits the character of Aleah. Can’t wait to get my Aleah and get her face up and styled! So much fun to see how everyone ‘styles’ their BJDs.

    Part of the fun of this hobby is watching how people interpret their characters in resin.

    so looking forward to seeing more of these guys out there and completed..

  7. She is so lovely and cute, a little funny elf.
    Her glance seems tso much calling for hugs …
    want mine ….

  8. En fait si on reflechit,la vie ne serait que de la poudre aux yeux!
    Bien sur avec un soupçon de poussière de fées celle qui rend magnifique
    car pleine d’emotion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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