Aleah’s news and surprise…

I know that you are all very impatient, so I decided to write a post dedicated to Aleah’s News for I have a few to tell you ^^

After a talk with my manufacturer and due to the volume of orders which is pretty big *Proud mode : ON!* I can CONFIRM that the doll will be at my place the 15th of March. I will then check every doll and ship them to everyone of you the very following days!
BUT, the preorder is not closed yet because I am very honored to announce that my little Aleah will be presented at IDEX at the end of January by my other self Paulette Goodreau.
Paulette will then take Aleah’s order for me over there! ACHEE KAPAWAAAAAAW!

Also I am extremely proud to announce that Miss Connie Lowe, the extremely talented Marbled Halls artist and dear dear dear so dear friend of mine will create costumes for Aleah!

I also have a wonderful news for you dear friends and collectors…. As the sales are really doing great and even though Aleah is a ready to custom doll, I decided to make an unplanned gift to everyone of you with your doll(s).
I just ordered special cushions which are too carrying bag for every doll ordered! They will be embroidered ” Nefer Kane Art Dolls.”

It, of course, doesn’t change the price of Aleah as it is a gift I make to everyone with EVERY DOLL. So if you ordered several as some of you did, you will have a cushion bag with every of your dolls ^^

Now, another reason why I am so proud today : Aleah will be the subject of an article on the very very renown BJDCollectasy owned by the adorable Mae this Sunday! I will publish a link here to allow everyone to read it!

I am also very touched that you enjoyed so much the first face up I made for Aleah. It surprised me and truly was wonderful for me! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!
Many of you asked me if it was ever possible for me to make a face up for their dolls… I cannot make more than 60 face up… BUT, your enthusiasm and kindness leads me to propose a personal face up for 10 Aleah. Every face up will be different and will include the body blushing as well of course. A face up & body blushing will be priced at 50$. So, if you are interested, please email me asap for this offer is based on the first arrived, first served and the seats are limited!
I will publish the very next days three new face up I am actually making for her.
Thank you so so much again, this wonderful venture wouldn’t be possible at all without everyone of you!


  1. MY PATTEE!!!!
    all you have to do is to email me my beloved!!!
    she is 385$ including the international shipping cost. I offer two layaway formulas also!
    just email me and I will tell you all!!
    I ADORE YOU ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. I’m emailing to get on the list right now for Face up. I adore that little one and so glad you are able to make Aleah available at IDEX. BIG CONGRATS to you!!!

  3. she is incredible, with your face up, she is like a new one, even her skin tone seems to be different.
    I want to hug her in my arms.
    Thank you to share with us your work in progress and then this so amazing final.

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