New face up for Aleah, and a prototype in progress…

First, to not let you wait any longer; here are the new face up I made for Aleah. I totally improvised and enjoyed a lot doing them ^^

A Russian Matrioshka elf of ice.

A gothic sad little elf.

And… a tanned fisherman elf. That very one has tattoos, a fish of course for she is living on the beach, fishing on the sun. The second is… a secret. This doll is the representation of someone I profoundly ADORE and is a gift for another dearest friend of mine… I can’t say more for it is a surprise!
So if you are one the face up list, please email me what style you’d like; the first I made or one of those three. They will be all different but it’s to give me a direction to work. Thank you ^^

The little gothic one stays home, but the other ones will be showed at Idex with a blank Aleah by My P<3, Paulette Goodreau. She will take orders for me over there, as she is my other self. The preorder will close after Idex.

I am also extremely proud to announce that an article has been published about Aleah and the little me on BJDCollectasy. You can read it HERE. This will be a way for everyone who wonders who I am, and the whys and hows about me to learn more. I want to mention that the exquisite and kindest Mae wrote the best article I read so far about my work therefore want to thank her again hand on my heart.

Now, a little sneek peek of my MSD prototype I promised to show. Her name is Page. Named “after” someone I more than Love. She is a Japanese Princess. She led me to a strange as lovely extremely vivid dream the other night, and I am going to share it with you :
My japanese msd in progress doll was alive, still in blank paperclay but moving and breathing as a human being would. She was following the last breath of someone who drowned in a fresh river. From this river, till the ocean, to never lose that person, she ran after the echo of this last breath. I was running behind her. It was a silver night, so many shiny stars and the moon as a glowing giant snow ball; and many colorful flowers on our path. The grass too was like glowing as green fireworks. Then, on the beach, under the silver light, she stopped to run, and smiled shyly. I asked ” Did you catch it? That last breath?”
She smiled shyly again, looked at her feet and touched her chest, nodding with an intense but refrained joy.
So I smiled too and woke up as if the story was finished.

Here is Page. I hope you like her. She is also to be cast in resin.


  1. Wow!!! They all are incredible. I loved the story of your dream. You should be a writer, you had my mind there with you! ha what is left of it…The tanned fisher elf was my favorite.

  2. she is too my fav Cheryl my beloved!!! for several reasons :)))
    I should have been a writer, but publishers made another choice…
    I now try to be a good sculptor telling nice stories about her dolls… That one was easy : I just told my dream 🙂

  3. WOW!!! You didn’t make my choice
    any easier) Which one is better if each is perfect?
    Page is gorgeous… This upper-lip…

  4. Oh you are so very kind my dear Aleksandra!! I am so proud and glad you’re not disappointed in them!! 🙂

    Thank you so much for Page, I worked a lot on the expression of her mouth!! 🙂

  5. I am honored you love them dear Emmie!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
    And, hand on my heart, thank you for your time reading a little about me; it’s extremely stirring and touching as well to me!! MERCI MON AMIE ❤

  6. You my Neffie Simply amaze me!!!!!!! I am so in love and so very excited!
    These sublime little Aleahs have brought so much joy to my heart and teach I need to tell you that I’ve had a rough day today and was on my way to bed when thought I’d check my emails first. Yours is the one that sparked my attention……..always is. Anyway I digress What I can do now is go to sleep with warmth in my heart and the excitement of seeing this dream of yours come to life. How does one explain to others that a doll touches one so deeply…You can’t unless you are speaking to it’s creator or another person with the same passion about these wonderful little darlings….they speak to me I can feel the love and I admire and appreciate every drop of blood sweat and tears that bring them to life..<3 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Big love……Zookie

  7. each aleah is more beautiful than the last one! i love how the faces look so different from each other when they are painted…..
    truly you are an artist!

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