Aleah ready for Idex, Page Prototype finished and a big honor from Russia.

I was pretty nervous. A few Aleah were on their way to meet My P<3, Paulette Goodreau then to fly with her to idex and that shipping was really stressful. But, they finally arrived safely to P<3’s place who made a great surprise to me : she dressed Aleah with GORGEOUS outfits!

The following outfits are Goodreaudoll outfits, 8 inches line. The shoes are 5 inches line. The wigs are 4/5 Goodreaudolls ones. They are all available on Paulette’s website, of course.

Here is now Aleah dressed in Gale Torres Wee Wardrobe :

So, Aleah will be available to order at Idex, she can be found at the Marbled Halls table, with my Beloved friend and immense artist Connie Lowe And with My P<3 at the Goodreau Dolls stand ^^
The preorder will CLOSE after orders and to answer to the questions I received : No, there will be NO new preorder for Aleah. She will be casted only ONCE.

The next girl available soon in resin is Page, I finished her prototype last night. She is 14 inches tall. She is a japanese girl and I must admit that I like her very much so I hope that you will too ^^
Soon, infos about the preorder for Page will be published here THOUGH I now have a ” Secret American Dealer” who will handle all my ordering for resin when it is time…. ^^


Last news and surprise for this post, I received today in my mail a big envelope from Russia… I was bewildered for I didn’t order something from this country recently…. When I opened it I discovered two issues of the DOLLS WORLD Catalog for the 7th International Doll Salon in Moscow 2011.
At the end of it was a SUBLIME article of 6 pages about me and my work… I have been extremely honored and moved to see my modest work featuring such prestigious issue and having so many pages dedicated to me… Here is some scans of them, you can now measure how awestruck I have been!!


  1. My dearest Nefer….you are simply amazing. Aleah and Page are fabulous works of art. and this is only the begining…….
    and to be acknowledged in an International Magaizine is truely an honour.
    Thank you, yet again, for sharing yourself with us……
    forever your, carlanne xoxoxoxo

  2. Shine on silver star shine on!!! Neffie no one is more deserving imo.
    I love your passion and tenacity and it ‘s sooooo Awesome to see these things happening for you……. Page is looking wonderful and Aleah well you know how I feel about little Aleah……<3 LoVe<3 just pure love!!! And its comin right at you in spades too ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Zooke xoxoxox

  3. Holala, j’adore Aleah avec la perruque rouge tout ébouriffée, elle paraît vivante !
    Page est superbe aussi, ça promet…
    Et félicitations pour cette belle publication ! C’est fantastique, et amplement mérité !

  4. Congratulations Nefer! There isn’t anyone more deserving than you! Your work is amazing and absolutely beautiful. I am so happy for you! I’m sure they had many great things to say about you and your lovely dolls. Wish I could read Russian! Can’t wait to see your next BJD.

  5. Nefer:

    I am absolutely stunned and amazed at what I am seeing. I have been doing dolls for 30 years and in of the classed I taken, the shows attended, I have never ever seen any dolls so so so deserving of great excitement and love. I too wish I could read Russian-I am sure I’d agree w/ the article.

    I know that your creations will sweep IDEX and the world.

    I wanted so much to comment on the person asking your genius advice and then being so _________. I cannot even write such words here to express how I feel about that person being a frenemy and then apparently losing his or her mind and saying ANY comment to you.

    My suggestion is visit Godiva, grab a good bottle of champagne and let your creativity roll on.

    lol, ellen

  6. Nefer:
    I have been “racking my brain” such as it is right now with planning a wedding for my youngest of 3 girls. I haven’t been even close to thinking that I have the correct idea for a personal gift from mom to baby daughter on her wedding day until I saw Aleah!!!

  7. I am BEYOND honored by your words my sweet Ellen, I am not a confident person and such comment of yours simply makes MY YEAR!!!!
    Thank you so very much hand on my heart!!! ❤

    Oh I am SO nervous about Idex my dear!!! so nervous!!! It's my very first show… my very first resin girl… Oh I'll post news anyway
    on my facebook when I'll get some feedbacks, good or bad ones 🙂 lol

    Oh dear! Some people are just a conundrum I never get the answer to.. I can't imagine nor understand why nor how someone can be that rude when asking for something, and towards someone just trying to answer a question. I never understand aggressiveness anyway. I just guess he believes that being an artist is affordable for anyone and in any way… He will never go far with such lack of respect and despise for others works.

    I VISITED GODIVA!! LOL!! It was a brilliant idea my dear!!

    Big big hugs to you and an immense thank you my friend
    xoxoxoxo Nefer

    I am so grateful and MOVED that you think of my little elf for your baby daughter… It’s a priceless moment
    for a dollmaker as you know 🙂
    Please, send me an email for Aleah at
    we then can discuss of all this 🙂

    Big hugs to you!! xoxoxoxoxo

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