Aleah attended Idex thank to extraordinary friends….

I am a very lucky girl… First of all to have such wonderful collectors who welcomed My Little Aleah in such delightful and enthusiastic way, as so far, 71 Aleahs are sold… But also because I have Friends who are worth the world.

I know they are going to scream and stomp the floor by reading this post because I talk about them, but well…. I am not afraid! LOL

As you all know, Aleah attended Idex in Orlando even though I couldn’t make the travel myself. This, first of all, is thank to one person. The person we all owe Aleah to exist and who forced me to jump into resin : My P<3, Paulette Goodreau.
When I surrendered and decided to make Aleah into resin, she said ” I will take her to Idex.”

Which of course she did. My P<3 took the Aleahs I sent her and brought them to Idex to allow me to be a part of the show whilst I stayed in France.

And she ran from her booth to Connie Lowe’s one to promote and check on Little Aleah as the following picture shows it :

Yes you read well : Connie Lowe from Marbled Halls design‘s booth… Because Connie took care of Aleah, dressed her and showed her on her magnificent booth during all the show! What a treat, what a pride, what a friend… She cared about Aleah as if it was a mini me… Have a look :

As you could see on the previous picture, she honored me by displaying Aleah with her sublime doll Eppie. Eppie has a little pal… A rabbit plushy named Arnaud after my younger son. and you can see all of them gathered here :

Connie did a fabulous job for me, as Paulette did, as many people took my email address to order an Aleah. I am over the moon that the public enjoyed her so!! This is the reason why I decided, to allow everyone to have the necessary time to contact me after the show and the travel back home, to let the preorder open till the 10th of February. So, for now just a little more than a week is left for those who want an Aleah, as she will be produced only ONCE.

Now, you are all wondering how could I publish that fast some photos of Idex when Paulette and Connie are not home yet, and didn’t publish their photos yet… Mhhhh… There is a third person in this story.

This friend promoted Aleah to everyone she saw at Idex and even on facebook. She took photos for me and sent me emails from Little Ariel’s place every evening to tell me how it was going on. Little Ariel?

Yes, Little Ariel. She’s the mother of the Little Mermaid. No kidding.
That fabulous friend is My MFF, Carlanne Marie and this thank to her and her gorgeous photos that tonight I can write this post.
Very soon, you will see here a very very special bust named Carlanne. Just because. Here is, the “original” Carlanne :

This post is of course to share with everyone of you the news and photos, but most of all to thank hand on my heart those three “more than friends” I am lucky to have.

And, as Aleah’s story sounds definitely as a fairy tale, I received the newest Article from BJDCollectasy where The Very Sweet Mae presents my Aleah for the winter face ups article. This face up by me has a little story of mine to explain why I painted her so, it’s a childhood memory that I hope you will enjoy.


  1. After beautiful dolls, it is just great to see the faces behind them!
    Thank you for share this so iportant and amazing moment with us.

  2. My lulu my love : I owe you to have seen the very first photo from the show…. THANK YOU!!!! thank you for being you and being always here!!! <3<3<3<3

  3. such a wonderful story to read nefer and beautiful photos of the beautiful friends who helped your beautiful Aleah have such a successful weekend at IDEX !
    julie xxx

  4. Congrats, my Nefer! You deserve such a successful time with little Aleah after all the trouble you’ve had recently. Sending all my love across the ocean to my beloved Nefer, Mother of Aleah.

  5. I should be thanking you, for you started all this with little Aleah. and you shared your friends, which I now call friends….you are a gift in yourself MFF……I love you….xxxxx

  6. As always, Nefer, I truly love your work and what a thrill to have your Aleah off to Orlando. What a wonderful treat, and I hope the orders continue to roll in. What an awesome experience for you! Next time, you will have to fly to the states yourself!! Take a little trip…
    Although, I know your friends did a superbly excellent job in your stead… There is nothing like talking to the artist directly! People LOVE that… Eat that up… Devour it, really. So hopefully one day soon you will make that trip and meet some of your adoring fans face to face! XOXO

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