Suzy’s face up and some new prototypes!

It’s been a long week… Due to some “family matters”, I have first place to apologize for my late showing Suzy’s face ups.

But well, here we are tonight; pheeeew… ^^

First of all, I want to announce officially that I have 4 Humpty Dumpty left. If you want one, you can purchase her by sending me an email at
For those wondering, as I had emails about this too, YES I do ship directly to Heliantas if you want a face up by her.
Here is an example of what she did with Humpty so far ^^

Now please, allow me to introduce some new prototypes.. Yes, I know. AGAIN. lol
First, here is a girl I am very satisfied by, for she’s so out of the box. She’s my pet I think… Even though she is very in progress.
Please meet Iracebeth, Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland.
Her body and head are heart shaped and you can notice that the holes of her joints are heart shaped too.
I do agree that she is a very peculiar little being, and maybe not everyone will enjoy her oddness; but if she gets enough interest, I will produce her in resin this fall.

Now, Here is Alice. She is the new head for Humpty’s body. She is a dreamy Alice, probably dreaming of Wonderland. I still have to make some new hands and feet for her.

And now… DUNDUUUUUUUUUUUNDUN <——— dramatic music…

I made 4 face up for that tiny funny girl!
I could have painted about 20 different face ups for she is SO FUNNY to play with and paint! but I had to restraint myself cause I don’t have yet gazillion of Suzy in my house!
But, I will for I DEFINITELY will get an army for my personal collection^^
I hope you enjoy her… The Kawaii Pink Suzy and the Forest Elf Suzy with green eyebrows and freckles belong to my elder son Louis. The golden one, belongs to my Mom.
and OF COURSE, the funny little red and blue clown is for My P<3, Paulette Goodreau.

Suzy’s preorder is still open for about 3 days, then it’ll be over. I am very proud to announce that already more than 60 have been adopted! ACHEE KAPAWAAAAAAAAAW!
IF you want another suzy and already ordered one ( I had many emails about that) please, just let me know by email and I’ll book one for you! But drop me line NOW as I am going to order

the dolls to my manufacturer these very days! Thank you ^^


  1. I really like how the Red Queen looks thus far! The Humpties and Suzy’s don’t really speak to me…but there’s something about the Red Queen. I’ll have to keep watching.

  2. Wow Nefer. The Red Queen is cool and so is Alice. Will Alice have a separate body too or wil she only work with Ms Humpty Dumpty’s body? I think I am going to have to start signing all my paychecks all over to you. I want Ettie and Mahea and Red Queen and Alice. All are amazing.

  3. Thank you for sharing those Suzy – they are all so different from each other and yet all so adorable! I can’t wait to see some outfits on them too. Will those outfits be available to purchase?

    I love Alice but it’s hard for me to imagine another head on Humpty’s body. I’ll just have to patiently wait until you show her. I’m sure she’ll be absolutely amazing though, just like Humpty is.

    You are making it so difficult for me to be a responsible person and save money when you’re releasing so many amazing dolls one after another 😉 It’s 1 am and I’m walking around the house wondering what should I sell. Really :)))

  4. Love the uniqueness of the red Queen. The Alice head is gorgeous too, and of course I love the Humpties and suzy’s. Once again stealing my heart. :)))

  5. I am speachless, you are prolific Nefer!! All SUBLIME!!!! You are AMAZING!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  6. Oooh! I LOVE the Queen of Hearts! She is totally awesome, love the face, the body, the heart shaped holes!! She is so original and beautiful!!

  7. They are all so exciting! I have started to add quarters from my change on other purchases and now guess it will have to change again to $! Wow! Love them all!

  8. LOOOOOVE them All!!! I hope you get enough oreders for the Queen, she’s sublime!!! And Alice… well Alice is just adorable her little face reminds me of our little Indi girl <3………… I cannot get enough my Neffe baby.. XOXOXOoxoXOOXOXooOXoXOOoOo ❤ Thisssssssssss biG!!!!! ❤

  9. WOW !!! Alice and the queen was Amazing !!! *o* !!!
    & SUZYY !!!! Lovely Suzy <3<3 !!!!
    I can not wait to have it so *o* !
    Congratulations for make-up! too cute!

  10. Love, love, love little Suzy!!!!! The Queen and Alice are awesome but Suzy is too precious.

  11. je connais quelqu un dont le prénom commence par N et finit par efer qui va finir ligotée loin de tout matériel /matière de sculpture niak niak niak
    je peux pas concevoir ma collection sans une Iracebeth ♥ _♥
    ♥ Bravo ^_-

  12. The red queen is lovely! The heart detail in the joints is a precious moment. The queen would be beautiful with an underbust corset and mohair wig.

  13. YAY!!! That is great news!
    Ps.. My bf and I can’t stop giggling at the Suzy cuteness!

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