SUZY IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was mad, totally mad for Suzy and Mr Morphoblob to be in late…. And NERVOUS.

I was wondering how such tiny sculpt will look like in resin. Will the samples be poseable? Cute? Lovable?

I received the parcel this morning and whilst I write this post, I am still having a suzy I am playing with!! I have NEVER been that in love with a doll, except MIM by my otherself Paulette Goodreau and Eppie and Winona by my dearest Connie lowe!
Suzy is the cutest doll I’ve ever seen and it’s even hard for me to believe that I sculpted her myself! I am amazed. I had no idea she could be that amazing in resin. She can take ANY pose, she is very very sweet and if you wonder where I have disappeared after publishing that post : well, I’m off to paint her RIGHT AWAY!!!

Her Preorder is still open and you can get your Suzy ( with Mr Morphoblob) HERE.
I have to confess that I intend to get a little army of them just for me! LOL and the fight has begun with both of my sons whom are fond of her! LOL
My mother already grabbed hers and no one will take her away from her!!

In this photo shoot, you will see an ADORABLE felted mouse, she has been made by my dear friend Mikki Of Cripple Creek Creative. I am fond of that sweet little mouse Mikki offered me, and whom seems to popped up from a fairy tales book. Thank you hand on my heart dear friend ❤

And now… THE PHOTOS!!!! made with the indispensable help of my Mother Linda whom always have the best ideas ( that’s her life style. LOL) The outfits you will see are Goodreaudolls ones. Of course. ^^


  1. Awe…it just doesn’t get any cuter or sweeter than that! Congratulations on a sweetie pie everyone is sure to love!!

  2. How long do you think the pre-order will be open? I’m starting to think I should have ordered 2, LOL. I like your “army of Suzy” idea 🙂

  3. mhhh… about 10 days. BUT, if you want me to book a second one for you : just email me and I’ll do it. Then you’ll pay for her whenever it’s the easiest for you ^^
    that army of suzy is my must have!! I am fond of them 😀 LOL

  4. Congratulations Nefer! You should be very proud. Suzy is absolutely adorable! 🙂 I love her! Your photos are wonderful. You can just ship one of those cuties to me now. 🙂

  5. Okay now my dearest neffie baby you’ve gone and brought tears to my eyes again…. I cannot help but feel I have two special little babies born this week <3<3<3<3<3 she is just adorable… Over the moon xoxoxoxoxoxox

  6. she looks so sweet & also different in each pose that she does, so expresive, you must be so proud!! CONGRATULATIONS Nefer darling, another wonderful success xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. Wow, she’s so cute. I just love her little smile and dimples. Wonderful little girl.

  8. I’m SO excited! This will be my first of your cuties. Can’t wait to see her in person. I’m almost afraid I’ll need a second one – Suzy is calling my name…again!

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