Last painted humpties and Aleah’s Sister…

First of all, if you are looking for me : I am the one in the back, hitting my head on the floor. SUZY IS STILL AT THE CUSTOMS. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrh. I now understand some aspects of cannibalism. -_-
She should be here on Friday… So they said when I called… *SIGH*

I will anyway keep you posted with a post and photos the very day she’s finally here!!!

Here are a few photos of the last humpties I painted… I have 43 of them since the 20th of June… UGH… I am a bit tired but over the moon that their owners love their dolls so ^^
All the dolls should be shipped by the end of the week. I will notify everyone personally and do not worry if you didn’t have your tracking number : You’ll got it in the very next days ^^

Carlanne MFF Humpty. Funky Jellyfish.

Etta’s Humpty of the Moon

Betsy’s celestial dream. Cherry trees blossom turning into flying jellyfishes.

And Joey’s one… I am again sorry for the delay my dear Joey.

I am also proud to announce that the preorder of Paige is still running on Jpopdolls! You can preorder her HERE.

Now, I would like to introduce someone that many of  you requested the birth…
Her name is Maheya. She is the sister of Aleah.
Her head will be sold on the same body than Aleah. So everything that fits Aleah, will fit Maheya. They are exactly the same, expect the face.
And Maheya is also an elf.
I hope that you will enjoy her, because I love her very much, she has a very thoughtful presence ^^

Her preorder will open right after Ettie’s one, or just after Suzy’s one, depending on how many persons want to adopt her ^^


  1. Oh Nefer,
    These humpties just get more and more gorgeous. I am so envious of every single one! I just can’t get enough photos of them. 🙂

    I love Maheya…such a beautiful, soulful face. Your work is just incredible.

  2. Comment veux tu que je ne la trouve pas craquante !!!et le mot est faible avec Ettie (qui elle est mon deuxième gros coup de coeur après Aleah!) ce sont mes chouchous (bon Page est sublime ,Aranud aussi O-O bon j’crois que je les aime toutes en fait !!) magnifique Chouchou ,que du bonheur à regarder !

  3. Holy cow Nefer. I love Maheya. Aleah would love to have her sister join her here.

  4. Maheya ia so beautiful, so youthful! I love her face (almost more than Aleah’s – don’t tell anyone LOL). So glad that I might have a chance to bring her home!

    And your painting work is simply breathtaking. It’s amazing how you can paint so many and still they are all perfect… Thank you for sharing the pictures with us!

  5. j’adore tes make up sur Humpty, c’est superbe. De vraies petites oeuvres d’art!
    Maheya a l’air si triste….on a envie de la consoler, j’aime les regards triste comme ça…

  6. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are ALL GORGEOUS!!!! Love Love….<3<3<3<3 Can't wait to get my Miss Humpty!! I'm sooooo excited… 🙂 Wooohoooo
    And yes ofcourse I want to order a Maheya!!!! <3<3<3 XoXOXOXOXOoOXo

  7. So beautiful is Maheya and the humpty’s-sheer light and gorgeous colors!
    I’m so jealous of the new humpty owners and can’t wait for my Suzy to come home.

  8. OmiGosh Nefer – Your Miss Humpty Faceups are all so Wonderfully creative and unique Love them All and Maheya is so stunning, yes you have us sooo hooked but GooD!

  9. Nefer I love all the different Humpty’s. You did such a great job on them. You should be so proud.

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