what a face up is about and a very special one to illustrate my point of view…

FIRST OF ALL : the suzy are in customs. that ANNOYS ma in a terrible way, but I have to wait for a few days before having the samples in hand. I will post a new post as soon as they arrive though!!

A face up.

I am not an artist face up. I am a sculptor. and everyone knows that my first face ups have been made on Aleah. Though as a dollmaker am very used to paint dolls as it’s a big part of my work; I never tried

RESIN face up before Aleah. All my knowledge comes from Mae of BJDCollectasy and her fantastic youtube tutorials.
I must say that I am very surprised, even awestruck, when I see the enthusiasm of all of you about my face ups. I would have never believed that my dear collectors could find an interest in my painting style for I am a complete rookie in this resin aspect and I am blessed to call my closest friend the IMMENSE Connie Lowe of Marbled Halls Design and the great Sally of Lilygamidesign.

I am going tonight to answer some questions I received. Giving just an answer to every question would of been giving a wrong overview of the question because it’s a wholeness we are talking about.

When I sculpt a doll, I don’t sculpt ” a mold” as many say and do. Maybe because I have been an OOAK dollmaker for three years before producing bjd dolls. ( I sculpt since three years and half.)
Between the clay and I, it’s all about sculpting SOMEONE. Someone not needing any color, any lifelike device to exist. This someone must BE, and have a palpable presence just in clay. I am not sure to always succeed but this is my goal. I stop refining details and adding some more when the sculpt is HERE. Looking at me. Then come that incredible moment of intimacy between us, a mute dialog, staring at one another.
That “person” may appear again when the doll is blank resin. Some of my collectors see her. Just as Michelle did ( hi sweetie ^^) when she received her blank Humpty and told me with the most incredible joy that she stared at her and  was ready to swear that Humpty could have talked to her anytime. THIS, is what I feel and see when my prototype is done.

After that, comes the CHARACTERS. This little person I sculpt, whatever her style, height or gender is like an actor. If I am a good sculptor, then this little actor can “play” any character my collectors want her to be. We don’t ask her to be that ” genesis person” I made, but to play a role. So the painting comes.
I myself, always show her with different face ups by me to explain in a visual way the range of different plays she can play. But, it’s “always me.” When a doll is really a success it’s when I see her painted by many artists, and I thank them for honoring me to paint my dolls with their great talent; everytime being someone “new”. THAT is a success.
For anybody to be capable to appropriate her and make of her whoever they dream of.

For Humpty, every doll I painted is DIFFERENT. Because if I sculpt “artist dolls” ( what else? am not a plumber as everyone knows LOL) I think that commissioning my painting, it is my duty to make every of them different. There will be about 12 Birdies in the world and a little more of Atomic Candies; but every of them have little different details for it is the least I can do.

There’s also my “close collectors/friends” whom amazingly honor me by saying : do whatever you want.
What a trust. What a bliss. What a priceless freedom…
But they know me closely, even only through my work; and know what to expect saying such thing to me. I am lucky for they love my style and feel very comfortable to paint as I feel their dolls.

And now the answers about my “weird” pricing.
50$ for a doll. That includes a face up, a full body blushing, a pedicure manicure, a tattoo if required, and the complete painting of the little free resin friend. (and only 35$ for tiny girls as Suzy and her friend)
First because I have no pretentiousness in painting. I KNOW I am just a newbie in face ups and charging more just for “my name” would be very obscene and unfair.
Secondly, because I consider that my beloved collectors spend a nice amount to get my dolls and charging them as a mental for a painting would be robbery. Again, obscene and unfair for them whom have already paid a certain price for an artist bjd; though I try my best to keep my dolls priced the lowest to make them affordable for everyone.

And the secret… I would DETEST, to make “half a person” by only painting a face. When I sculpt I make SOMEONE, so the painting mustn’t break that. If I paint, I paint SOMEONE. which means that it must include all the required details to make a fully painted SOMEONE.
Otherwise it would be like making a prototype without legs or arms : no sense for me.
This is why my painting is cheap, and the reason why everything is included in.
Also, we live in a world where everything is horribly expensive and dolls must be a pleasure, a source of joy for your dream inner world; therefore, if the character which my doll is, evolves in that very inner world of everyone of you, I don’t want you to think ” I paid such a price to get that face up; i am not going to change it!”
That’s also a way to let you this freedom to express yourself with and through my dolls.

I summarized almost all the cases I am painting in. But sometimes happens something very unexpected. Something like a gift. And it happened to me a few days ago.
I have a new collector. We do not know one another AT ALL. She adopted one of the very last humpties and we’ve never been in touch before. She required a face up and said ” do whatever you want.”
Mary Anne, I must say you amazed me by saying so.
I asked again if she was sure. If she had favorite colors, a theme… something.
She replied that whatever she would say wouldn’t be as good as what I could have in mind and that she completely trusted me.
WOA. I mean, I SAID ” WOA.” when I read that.
Last night, I grabbed her Humpty and thought that I must do something real good for her because of what she told me and the trust she has in me means the world to me.
So.. I painted the world on her Humpty. Like if it was obvious.
In many religions as in paganism, eggs are the symbol of the soul. Everyone knows I try to get mine back through sculpting. So, an egg is the world to me and this is also why I sculpted an egg doll. You didn’t know that, eh? ^^

I am pretty nervous ( I hear you saying ” as usually” LOL) because I really do not want to disappoint her. This doll is VERY peculiar and I really hope that she will not regret her choice to have let me a total freedom.

Mary anne my dear, here is your “world.” I hope you love her and be sure I did my utmost for you, my “new” friend ^^

after the World Photos are also a few of a very in progress Clown commissioned by the Immense and most adored by me Connie Lowe whom, in spite of her genius at painting dolls, also trusts me. PRICELESS.


  1. You’re amazing! I am so very, very happy with my tiny world humpty and sluggy! I am thrilled to have such a special pair come live with me; thanks so very much Nefer!

  2. Humpty “world” is absolutely gorgeous Nefer!! Someday I will be able to afford one of your masterpieces, I only wish I had afforded Humpty, she is amazing. BTW I have conversations with my sculpts…Shhhhh…LOL

  3. Nefer “the world” Humpty is amazing! I tried to picture in my head how you would do her paint as I read the story…….but she is so much better than anything I could imagine! Your new collector is a very lucky lady!

    I am so sad to hear Humpty has sold out before I could work out any way to get her though 😦

    If I had gotten her, I would have had her painted in a “Pierriot” style (not sure about the spelling, it’s similar to a clown though), done in white and pink………..maybe a couple of other pastel colors…..

    Anyway…….thank you for the updates and the beautiful pictures……well done!!!

  4. OH.

    Congrats to all the new Miss Humpty-Nefer-Dumpty owners! Miss World is amazing and little Miss Clown is gorgeous.
    Nefer, I’m repeating myself but you are an Artist with a capital A.

  5. Stunning
    your humility in the face of your pure amazing talent is very humbling.
    Don’t put yourself down as all your work is incredible, but Humpty “world” is a gem.

  6. unfortunately YES, and it drives me totally mad. I called and they say I might her get on Friday… *SIGH*
    I cannot wait neither and will post photos the very moment I get her!!!!!!

  7. tu prends des com’ make up alors? j’espère bien que tu pourras le faire sur ma suzy!
    je suppose que c’est uniquement si tu as le temps, si c’est le cas je serais ravie de t’en commander un, ainsi j’aurais une Suzy maquillée par l’artiste!

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