Special faceups for Humpty Dumpty!

It’s been a week…. what a week!

I have painted 34 Humpties within 9 days! PHEEEEEEEEEW *wiping brow*

I just have 6 more eggs to paint and I am done. Just in time to start the face up for Little Suzy resin sample dolls. Nice timing ^^

So, the important thing is : HUMPTY DUMPTY IS ABSOLUTELY SOLD OUT. I know that some of you enjoy to know how many “sisters” your doll have around the world,

and the answer for Humpty is 76! I am over the moon to see that she’s been so loved!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH EVERYONE!!

Also, from tomorrow ( as I still add gloss tonight to the dolls) I start shipping the face ups! So, you will all receive them shortly and I will send you a personal email to notify your

very shipment. For the 6 dolls I still have to paint, it’ll be done these very days; no worries! and you’ll too get your notification of course! ^^

I had a few special face up commissions besides the Birdies and the Atomic Candies. I’d like to share them with you.
The Moccha baby Egg is a very special order even in the color of the doll which belongs to my ADORED friend Gita! Gita BaBy, the tattoo is on her back and you’ll have the surprise sweetie ;)))

The Green Mushroom belongs to Delphine. I hope you enjoy your very couture green mushroom my dear!!^^
The natural Humpty belongs to Clarissa. She’s very natural and soft as you requested and I hope I fulfilled your desire ^^
And the very sweet daisy tattooed dancer belongs to Maria! I had as you know an intense joy to paint this one and I want to thank you again for your marvelous trust; cause Gita did, Maria just said ” do what you want!”
What an honor and a pride to be trusted so!! Thank you hand on my heart!

I also want to present another face up, not by me but by my very very dear friend Sally. The concept is very simple : I gave her an egg and she made of it a Fabergé. Sally takes commissions so you can email her at sally@lillygamidesign.com
I am myself going to commission her for my own little egg girl 🙂


  1. Wow, Nef I really love the paint jobs you have done, all unique and beautiful. The green mushroom is ADORABLE!! You know I love you and your work! <3<3<3

  2. They are all so amazing! I can hardly wait to get my darlings and have them all madeup and dressed like I see them in my mind.

  3. what a cool job Sally did on your “egg” I have a few face ups by her and must say she does that shading and blushing to really make these BJDs look so realistic.. Sally did my blank Puki fee face plate, and it came out so nice, I’m wanting to send her my face plate and wipe the default LOL.

    Cant wait to see the additional heads for Aleah’s body.. EEEEKKKK

  4. Oh, Nefer, all the Humptys are so beautifully painted and unique, and I absolutely adore mine! She’s so precious with the little flower tatoos, and I love what you did with her lips. Her coloring’s so perfect, too! I can’t wait for my little flower dancer to come home. Thank you!

  5. Love all of the Humpty face-ups~~They are wowza all the way~~Breathtaking each & every one!!!! Can’t wait to see mine~~Dolly Hugs, JoAnn

  6. Oh Wow!!! Talk about bringing a smile to ones face!!! Neffie baby bravo!!! JUST ADORABLE <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 XOXOXOXOXOXOXO
    And what a sterling job Sally has done with Humpty as an egg!!!!! So soft and pretty!!! What a blessing knowing I will have little Miss Humpty as my very own……….. an honour, I'm very happy and excited and in love!!!! AGAIN!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

  7. oh my, you did an amazing job. They are all breathtaking beautiful. Well done!!!!!

  8. They are so beautiful! I wanted one so bad I even printed your photos you took and pasted them in my Sketchbook for Inspiration:) Why do I have to be a teenager with no MONEY 😥 I promise I will save to get one of your future dolls because they are the most unique I have seen on the market and have the most Soul!!!

  9. I can’t wait to get mine. They are all so unique. I especially like the fabrege egg. 😉

  10. OmiGosh YAAAAAY – Miss Humpty came, and I Utterly Adore HeR!!! TiGGy has been racing around coming up with new fashion ideas and they are into EversTing!

    All of your Miss Humpty’s are so Very Special – Nefer you are a Dream Maker Come True!

    Much Love to you for all the Joy you Bring!

  11. I was lucky enough to see Delphine’s humpty this week, and I must say, what an utturly perfect doll! I hope I’ll have the chance to get one, or at least to paint one 😀

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