Suzy’s News and how Den of Angels is UNFAIR.

First, a little update about the Humpties : all the blanks are now shipped or to be tomorrow. And I am almost done with all the commissioned face up! I will keep everyone posted about his own face up ^^
I try to do my utmost to make them fast, but it requires anyway a little time to paint nicely a doll. Thank you so much everyone for your very kind patience and encouraging words. Thank you also to those who let me know that their humpties arrives safe and sound and how they loved her! YOU MADE MY DAY MY DEAR FRIENDS!! ^^

I am known for being a kind and human person. I always do everything I can to be nice whatever the situation is.
It is not often that I take something bad. I am ordinary an easy person, also way too busy to get upset with annoying things in life.
But tonight I am upset. Tonight I take it BAD.

Den of Angels systematically refuses all my dolls.

Aleah was not meeting the criteria. Ok.

Humpty was too of a creature. Ok.

Page is now “too much of an art doll.” Sorry, it cannot be a plumber’s doll for I am an artist and not a plumbing… and as far as I know, even company uses artists to sculpt their dolls so every doll on the market could be called

“an art doll.”

And now, what is the perfect proof on how UNFAIR they are with me ( yep, I take it personally. definitely.) Suzy is off topic too because she is ” AN ELF.”

An elf, are you just KIDDING ME??

How many elves are on DoA? Let’s talk about the real pukis which are on topic, almost same size than Suzy and having too elf’s ears. It’s not AT ALL a valid reason. They do accept anthro dolls but not Suzy because she’s

an elf? They do accept dolls as original as mine from other artists but not mine.


Why not just telling the truth, that you got members over there who would be upset to see me there? What is intolerable is the way they just take me for an idiot. it’s an insult to my intelligence and I simply cannot stand it.

Tonight, I delete my Den Of Angels account. They now hold also the Joint’s Forum : No problem. I delete it also. Friends I got over there know where to find me.
and from now, everytime someone will tell me about Den of Angels, my only answer will be ” Den of Angels can SOD OFF.”

How rude eh?
But in my humble opinion it’s way more vulgar to ban someone as they do to me, not even having the courage to state it and using ridiculous pretexts.

Den of Angels, you are just everything I dislike in human nature; and I will never miss the opportunity to say how low and unfair you are. One day someone will create a new nice forum and you’ll get what you deserve : everyone moving somewhere else. If not already done because the resin Cafe’s forum is now a powerful, FAIR and WELCOMING community.

Everyone can react,  repost or share my post, because ME, I am not afraid to speak my mind, simply because I got one.

Short fuse done.
Now on a lighter note, here are some new photos of darling little suzy ^^
The resin samples should arrive at my place this week or at last next Monday. I will of course post again a ton of pictures and photos of the face up I’ll make for her ^^

as many of you asked me, YES, I will propose face up for Suzy; BUT, as she truly is a tiny little thing, the price for a complete face up, body blushing and complete make up of Mr Mophoblob her free resin friend, will not be 50$ but 35$.
You still can order your Suzy here, if you want more than a doll, please contact me through email at



  1. I want a sweet little Suzy so bad!!! Den of Angels also refused Kaye wiggs dolls and Kim Lashers dolls. They say they are just for Asian ball jointed dolls. I never get on their site because I’m not interested in any of those dolls. Resin cafe is a good site that I go to often.

  2. If so, you can contact me Beckie through my email 🙂
    You said it all : they refused Kaye Wiggs dolls. she’s just one of the world greatest bjd dollmaker… and Kim lasher…
    WHO. DO. THEY. THINK. THEY. ARE…. *rolling eyes*
    what is intolerable is that some artists, and making way weirder dolls ARE accepted. it’s such a shame!!
    I am on resin cafe which is a wonderful wonderful place and I will never go again in my life on DoA. EVER.

  3. Do not be upset, my sweet Nefer! Don’t mind to those who do not appreciate you and enjoy that ones who admire and Love you! Lots of Love!

  4. Ms. Nefer Kane-I, for one, am so glad that you are not a plumber! You go girl-vent all you want-it’s justified!

  5. DOA scares me….LMAO is just over the top in so many ways…including their rules of who and what can be talked about…..I don’t follow the stupid rules…so I don’t go there…
    …….. like you..I consider myself a good person….
    I just like to be me…Resin Cafe allows that….

  6. I joined DOA about 2 years ago. I found them a very rude, arrogant, intolerant group. The monitors scan every new post to make sure it meets their “regulations”, most of mine were bounced. Reasons like question already asked, too repetitive, off topic, etc, etc….who the hell has time for that nonsense. I’m sure they had good intentions in the beginning, but they have gone way too far. I never log on anymore. Keep making your wonderful dolls, they don’t appreciate real artists.

  7. absolutely susan!! I wonder where do they find the time to have such militia!! it’s even scary!
    their intentions have changed now…
    Thank you so much for your compliment xoxoxoxo

  8. Nefer I am absolutely disgusted with the way DOA have treated you!! However i am not at all surprised! I never bother going on DOA, I find them rude and unhelpful. To be honest Nefer it is actually quite a compliment that the don’t “accept” your dolls, your dolls a beautifully unique and have a personality that is ONLY theirs it doesn’t exist in any other doll! The reality is that your dolls are just too special for DOA! Your dolls are pure art and pure passion! Most of the dolls DOA “accept” are mass produced, soulless and about as far away from being unique pieces of art as you could possibly get! Jeeeeeeez if I wanted a Barbie I would go to my local toy store! Nefer laugh at them, they are completely out of touch with what doll collectors want and love!

  9. There are so many wonderful dolls that DOA does not allow… :<
    I have a LLT Puzzelf (among the tiniest & cutest thing ever!) but she was Off Topic for the same reason as Suzy; she was too much of an "Elf"… o_O
    I understand why they have such a rule, but it really doesn't make it fair… And you know? So what if they don't want your dolls, THEY'RE the ones missing out!! 🙂 Keep making your beautiful creations Nefer~ Share them with the people that love them! ❤

  10. You are so Awesome! Ignore DIA, you don’t need them. You are a top artist in your own right. I hate negative people and groups. You are an amazing person, don’t let a bunch of assholes get you down!

    lots of hugs,
    Your Squirrel Victoria

  11. My dolls have all been rejected at DoA as well and though it hurt a lot at first and still makes me frustrated if I think about it too much, I have accepted that my dolls will likely never be allowed there so I don’t even bother submitting them anymore. I would rather be on Resin Cafe or my own forum The Chamber of Dreams where the rules are not so biased anyway 🙂 I just wish I could talk more openly on DoA with my friends there about my dolls when they ask about them.
    Your Suzy is very cute and I am excited to see her with makeup and wig 🙂

  12. Well, always happy to post a Nefer BJD with one that is accepted on DOA. it’s a way to showcase your work and still be on topic. I do that with some of my Kaye Wiggs dolls as her early BJDs were accepted, but after Annabella, they were deemed off topic.

    Resin Cafe is a really nice forum, and there are many many others that enjoy seeing an artist’s work!

  13. Nefer Kane, Connie Lowe, Kim Lasher, Kay Wigs, Sarah Seiter: all very original doll artists whose art I purchase and love dearly! For me, many (most) ABJD’s look alike…… that is except for Lusion.

  14. Don’t let them get to you. Your works are amazing! They’re probably just jealous of your amazing sculpts :3 and yes there’s nicer forums who know how to appreciate true artistry. :3

  15. Hi Nefer,
    Don’t be distressed … you are a sweetie and very talented so it is their loos if they don’t want you there. You can show your dolls in the Resin Cafe anytime … we love to have you there 🙂

  16. Nefer, your dolls are very special, and DOA is one big bully. Don’t let the bullies get you down.


  17. Nefer, I’m banned there as well. I tried and tried and tried. And each doll was refused in the same way. Don’t worry, everyone loves your dolls, you are a very talented artist! 🙂


  18. DOA has rarely ever had a topic covered for which i need information. i always viewed them as showing rather bizarre dolls in addition to plainer, “fashionable” dolls. did you forget to kiss the right behind? do they want bribes?

  19. I’ve never been registered in DoA, but the more I read about them, the more I think they a group of elitists idiots. I wouldn’t like to be rude, but the only thing I can say is: “Fuck ’em and their fucking human dolls”.

    Nefer, continue making your elfin, “creature-like” and not-enough-human-for-some-people dolls. They are very special and wonderfull.

  20. I ” got in” DoA a month or so ago, but by now have found I prefer different dolls, because, well, they are different. Getting in 40 posts to ” qualify” for the marketplace was a chore (lots of sameness). Not so at the Resin Cafe where I enjoy hanging out. Lots of variety there, and they are a bunch of great people. DoA is not the place for a non conformist. So maybe you ought to view it as a positive that they rejected your dolls. Vive la differance!

  21. Nefer,
    I’m sad to hear you’re so sad about the DOA thing. I joined a few years ago and never post on there. I find, in general, it is just too negative and it feels like you have to walk on eggshells around there. I really only stop by to glance at the marketplace anymore. The Resin Cafe is so much nicer and more accepting.
    I love your dolls. They are beautiful and unique. I’m sad I couldn’t scrape together the money for Humpty Dumpty…she is amazing! I know one of these days I’ll be honored to own one of your dolls…even if it wasn’t accepted on silly old DOA. 🙂

  22. Aw, My Sweet, Sweet Nefer~~I never did like the DOA~~They yelled @ me the first time I ever went on there & I never went back~~Resin Cafe & the Lasher doll forum are wonderful welcoming people~~You , my dear friend will never have to worry, because your dolls speak for themselves & you truly are amazing!!!!!! Always remember this Nefer~~No one can make you feel inferior without your consent~~I use that one often~~Love you BIG!!!!! Can’t wait for the dollies to start arriving~~Well, I guess I had better get to paying you huh~~LOL Have a peaceful, stress free Sunday Nefer~You deserve it!!!! Dolly Hugs, JoAnn Cayce

  23. I enjoy bjd forums like Dove Tree [it’s new but it’s very open to all kinds of dolls!] and I find the way they rule out dolls repulsive. Just know that I love your dolls and would love to be able to have one/afford one at the time of preorder hehe!
    Your dolls are lovely!

  24. Having discovered your wonderful world thanks to our heroe, Grace at Jpop, I was looking everywhere to learn and see more. How amazing and astounding to find that DOA had rejected your work! In every way, it more than meets all standards, and deserves to be discussed and admired everywhere! But the truth of your beautiful, original designs cannot be hidden, and thanks to the Resin Cafe, Flickr, and your own site, we will find our way to you. Page is calling so strongly to me, she is already ordered at Jpop and I’m looking forward so much to having her! Strong, unique, full of special character, irresistible— that’s Page! Nothing can stop her, nor can it stop you.


  25. Nefer, like everyone said, it’s DOA’s loss. They are a bunch of little girls on there. Honestly, adults don’t act that way. I find it hard to navigate or learn anything on there anyway, so just never go on there. I love The Resin Cafe and everyone there loves your beautiful dolls. I hope I can own one of your gorgeous Works of Art one day. Your work is special and unique and too good for DOA.

  26. Not really sure what to say since I don’t know how they said it. It looks more like a technical issue to me. The aesthetic they accept are usually on the Japanese “anime face”. Your works, along with others are more on the European aesthetic found in cartoons and surreal images.
    I’m glad you know of other forums that do accept your works. I know that a lot of doll owners love them.

  27. DOA is non tolerante for a lot of dolls. I joined and dont even really go on the site anymore because I cannot post pictures or talk about the dolls I collect I feel like they are only hurting themselves by doing this. I know alot of people who are offended by the way they treat doll collectors. I have had my pictures and comments removed from certain posts so I don’t go on there anymore. Its not because Im hurt or angry to be quite honest.

  28. I too avoid DOA I find it negative, people post photos of a Bobobie or Some other mass produced doll and people rave about them and how stunning the really bad face up is, yet they refuse such wonderful dolls such as yours Nefer, I own Kaye Wiggs dolls and have to put them with my Pukifee Or Pukipuki just to have the photo deemed on topic! ridiculous!
    Yet the Resin Cafe made me feel welcome from day one and I didnt feel embarrassed asking newbie questions – which I would never do on DOA!

    Your dolls are too good for DOA and arent plain pretty anime asian faced things, yours are works of art, therfore their “art doll rejection”. Embrace It!

  29. Wow, never knew that about DOA. I’m about to order my first doll, who is very much an “anime style” doll (what can I say, still an “otaku” at heart) and the maker is in china. It’s from Doll-Love and as soon as I started poking my head around the internet community about bjds I noticed that there seems to be some sort of “I paid $900 for my doll so it’s better then yours.” feeling. I thought that was all I had to worry about. I then heard that DOA is “the place to be”. So I looked into joining and came across your blog. Why, in gods name would they reject any of those dolls? If they’re bjd’s, then why does it matter? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a variety of artists and collectors to come together for inspiration and a sharing of thoughts and ideas? I think I’ll just keep to myself when it comes to my doll. BJD’s sure are pretty, it’s such a shame that the social aspect of their world is so ugly.

  30. The DOA sucks dear, don’t worry about it, that forum is full of obssesed by resin, and eventually isn’t good u.u
    I don’t understand how people can continue on this concentration camp called Den of Angels… Den of Elitists is a better name… their rules are unfair, I hate that forum. Your dolls are so much for that forum.

  31. Yep….DOA keep deleting my posts on all my dolls because they are off topic dolls. I have Layla by Kaye Wiggs and her dolls are not allowed there either. That Irks me. I don’t understand why all bjd’s are not welcome there. I am on Resin Cafe now and spend a LOT more time there!

    Love your new Suzy Nefer! Cannot wait to see more dolls!!!!

  32. DOA is a very pretentious and vicious group of harpies, not a forum of doll collectors and lovers. THey claim to love the asian asthetic, but ban dolls like the leekeworld ariana ( who looks like a chibi character). They claim they don’t want dolls that are not human, but dolls like the DC Alberta (who I love) are allowed while certain ‘elves’ are not. Then there are the faceups that some of them cheer on…… I gave up on wanting to join when I was looking at the forum post for 90 cm dolls and saw this not being called awful. That’s supposed to be a zombie faceup, by the way.

  33. Nakhoda, that attitude is EXACTLY why people don’t like DOA. Just because you think that face up is ‘not getting made fun of’ and you think it should be mocked makes me wonder why you’d think you don’t fit in there.

  34. Suzy is adorable. Love her smiling little elfin face! So cute!

    It’s a shame about DOA’s bias. Definitely their loss. I mostly keep my account there for marketplace access, and any discussion I tend to do is in places like the sewing forum where people are more friendly and helpful. Most of the place is nothing but whining about being stigmatized for collecting dolls and looking for affirmation in the one million or so “Is it wrong to…” topics.

  35. Wow, I feel so angry at the hypocrisy on DoA and will now think twice about logging in as artists need cradling like precious baby birds in order to spread their beautiful wings..Your wings are flying high and your dolls are full of wonder and beauty s who needs such cold fronts anyway? xo

  36. I had been part of DOA since it was a yahoo group, but I deliberately got myself banned after people from there were haunting a friend’s doll blog and trolling her dolls. And then there was the attitude that everyone had to think that ‘girly boys’ were ‘hot’. First off, I’m way too freaking old to be looking at boys. Second, I don’t think anybody is ‘hot’. I got sick of it, listed my own dolls on the doll list thing, regardless of what they were (I only own a Bobobbie Lu and a few Obitsus of the BJD type of doll, and I don’t collect, but play with them till they look pretty ratty) and put in my signature that I didn’t think girly boys were hot, and that got me booted.

    As for weird, I felt sick to my stomach looking at some of the things on that forum.

  37. I missed out on this darling little Suzy originally, but tomorrow she is coming to live with me and be showered with love. Thank you Nefer for daring to be different, a philosophy I strongly adhere to. I’m over the moon and several times round the sun with joy about Suzy’s arrival.

  38. I wonder, if after all the anti-DOA sentiments expressed above, if you would care to know that your dolls (and kay wiggs, etc.) ARE on-topic for DOA now. The esthetic criteria were largely removed (fashion dolls are still off topic) and the primary criteria are now now quality and construction ( only your Biter remains off topic, as it doesnt have the still required number of joints). Dolls have been divided in Asian and Non-asian, based on the location of origin of the sculptor/company.

  39. Ah, sorry! I only saw this one page – it came up on a nonrelated search in google. I’m glad your dolls are on-topic now, they’re so nice – and Humpty makes me smile!

  40. I think what she’s saying is that when splattered on faceups are praised, but art dolls and other dolls that certain individuals do not like, are banned and considered off topic, that you have an issue. If something like that is allowed then why is there a aesthetic ban on really beautiful art dolls?

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