Humpty Dumpty is here!!


In spite of the big volume of the order, in spite of the customs; I am over the moon to announce that Humpty Dumpty ( and their little pet friends) are here!


On this bright sunny morning the deliverer rang at my portal and how amazed I have been to discover that it was an asian parcel! well in fact two parcels cause we also have our Mr Sluggy Doggie here ^^


As usually, I am now checking every doll, putting the head, putting the eyes… then I am starting packing! I am also starting to paint those with a required face up and it will take a little while for my face up list simply exploded this time! it makes me extremely proud that you so enjoyed my humpty’s face up and I have been really awestruck to see how many of you asked for an Atomic Candy or a Birdie!
I am asking a little patience, you all know that I will do my utmost to satisfy everyone of you the fastest I can, but I cannot ship every doll within a day! lol
The shipping will start on Monday.
The painting will start tomorrow; I already sprayed the dolls so I can start my airbrushing work right away!
I will of course, keep everyone personally posted about the shipping and/or painting, through a personal email ^^

To answer a few questions I received : Yes, I do have a few extra Humpty, but just a very few because many extra dolls I had have been sold already. So if you ever are interested, please contact me through email asap! ^^
And YES, Suzy’s preorder is still open for a little while as some of you required a little longer delay ^^ so you can order your Suzy and Mr Morphoblob HERE. You can select your layaway; but if you ever require more than one doll, please contact me through email so I can sort a special plan for you ^^

Now, here are the photos of Humpty’s arrival! Hope you enjoy the moment as I did!


  1. Aw Nefer, I am so very excited about Humpty’s arrival~You can do my face-up last though, since my last layaway payment is not until 7-9~~Cannot wait to add Humpty to my dollhouse~~The dollies have been so anxious for Humpty to arrive, they can hardly contain themselves~~Alright, it might have been me that was overly excited~`What can I say~~LOL Love you Big Nefer, Dolly Hugs, JoAnn Cayce

  2. Miss Humpty Dumpty Soooooooo glad to see her Neffie!!!! YAY!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
    Little miss humpty sat on a wall but now she's arrived we will all have a ball!!…..hehe….. hmmm… my poetry is a little lame, but I am very tired lol XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX 😉

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