Suzy’s Preorder officially open, Ettie final photos, and tons of news!!!

I am tonight, those whom are friends with me on my facebook know it and why, just a little voice coming out of a very dark corner. I postponed this post, but last night I felt guilty towards everyone awaiting for news to haven’t posted that yet and to focus only on my own feelings.

Also those who know Peter and that special bond we have, know already what he would say ” You’re my Diva, go to spread it through your blog.”

I felt being a diva, but only with him. Now I don’t feel anymore, I just get dizzy looking at the abyss his absence makes by my side.

Oh, and this will be the last personal note on this post but I add it for many of you supported me through what I call the “pea ordeal” : Yes, that damn vegetable thing is still stuck in my son ear, his eardrum still pierced so we planned with the doc a “pea appointment” for next week. the nasty little thing seems to dry so we hope to make it pop up to see the damages being caused by the ER so called doctor. But everyone can stop to worry : it doesn’t prevent my little autistic one to run naked to play on his swing because ” it makes your hair fresh…” Ok. LOL!

ANYWAY! There’s news in my little doll world that I must share with everyone!


Around 40 suzy are adopted so I think the preorder will close soon. You can adopt yours HERE.

The preorder is on my blog again, because I still have a lot of work to do on my secret other place. LOL So let’s the party begin!

About Humpty, YES, I ordered a few extras dolls! So if you want one, please send me an email asap at because they are adopted fast!

And now, a news many of you are longing for since ages : PAGE IN RESIN!
Page will be sold through Jpopdolls as I already announced and we are currently working with sweet Grace to set up her preorder on the site ^^
here are a few photos of her with the factory face up, reproduced following my own face up on the resin sample.

Here comes the special moment for me. Ettie. My swan inspired prototype is done. I KNOW that she is very special, peculiar and from an unknown world. But… But I must say that she is my very favorite prototype so far. Ettie has something that I never could achieve before on a prototype, she has an attitude, she “is someone.” It’s difficult to put words on that but she IS. That, in spite of her deliberate weird proportions, the curved line of her back and hips, her very long neck and half closed eyes.. This doll truly has something that others don’t.
It makes me even more glad to have named her after My P<3, Paulette Goodreau.

Also, making such doll, I took the risk to see no one wanting to adopt her; but it was worthing it and I can say that I am ready to have her made on resin only for My P<3 and I if no one falls in Love with her as I do ^^
I’d love to have your opinion though…


  1. Nefer, I am astounded by Ettie!! She definitely IS someone……..I read somewhere that long ago it was believed that anything made in the human form had a tiny bit of a soul in them…….and you can see this in Ettie……she has an old soul I believe. She will mean different things to many different people………but she speaks very strongly to me and as soon as I saw her I knew I must somehow have her.

    PS………(I never heard back from you???)

  2. Where do you find the time between motherhood and artist to sculpt so much variety……Does someone else aide in the production of your dolls, Nefer? I love them all and just wish I was better established to own one of everything!!<3<3

  3. I sculpt very fast. I have no one helping me for my dolls, I could never stand someone touching my clay! LOL
    sculpting fast, is great but also a torment, cause I constantly have to refrain myself which is VERY frustrating…
    Also I don’t need to be alone and in a quiet environment to work; kids are here, making noise, interrupting me.. they’re used for me to reply ” hold on a second, I adjust my eyelid and I come…” LOL
    But I live with my parents, so if there’s an emergency, my mother is always here to relay me for the kids 🙂 that helps A BIG LOT!
    thank you sweet heart!! XOXOXOXO

  4. What do I say but once again…… am touched and really I want to cry right now for a few different reasons…you my Neffie baby probably know some of the reasons why I feel like this right now…just because you will . ❤ <3<3<3 Now back to these divine dolls :…. you know my thoughts on Suzy xoxoxox
    Page stirs me deep down in my chest <3<3<3<3
    Ettie your are right ' has attitude' and I adore her so very much… I cannot wait till I have all my NK dolls within my reach and here with me… This makes me happy… you know it to be true….. AdOrE YoU so so so so much……….. x <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 your ol zookie baby 🙂

  5. Bravo Nefer ! Tes dolls sont effectivement de plus en plus vivantes….Tu progresse toujours et je suis toujours autant admirative de ton travail …Bises ma fée et continue….Un jour, tu les animera avec tout le coeur que tu y mets….

  6. Aw Nefer~~I too cannot wait to have my Nefer dollies here in my dollhouse~~I have told the other dolls they will be coming & they are also ecstatic about having new Sisters~~LOL You truly are a beautiful soul inside & out Miss Nefer Kane~~I am sooooooooooo very glad that I stumbled upon you & your amazing dollies!!!! Dolly Hugs, JoAnn

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